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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Articular human joint modellingEsat, II; Ozada, N
2015Bioinspired Psi Intelligent Control for autonomous dynamic systemsKhoshnoud, F; de Silva, CW; Esat, II
2009Convolution based real-time control strategy for vehicle active suspension systemsSaud, Moudar
1983A curvilinear snake arm robot with gripper-axis fibre-optic image processor feedbackTaylor, W K; Lavie, D; Esat, II
2001A feed forward neural network approach for matrix computationsAl-Mudhaf, Ali F
2005Finite element for the analysis of rotor-dynamic systems that include gyroscopic effectsJones, Simon
1997The introduction of an holistic design approach through a teaching company schemeMiddleton, RH; Saxon, MD; Phillips, G; Frost, M; Griffiths, BJ; Rees, DWA; Esat, II
2005A Novel Modal Analysis Method Based on Fuzzy SetsKhoshnoud, Farbod
2008A novel musculoskeletal joint modelling for orthopaedic applicationsOzada, Neriman
11-Nov-2016Self-Powered and Bio-Inspired Dynamic Systems: Research and EducationKhoshnoud, F; Esat, II; Bonser, RHC; de Silva, CW; McKerns, MM; Owhadi, H