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Title: Bioinspired Psi Intelligent Control for autonomous dynamic systems
Authors: Khoshnoud, F
de Silva, CW
Esat, II
Keywords: bio-inspired systems;Psi precognition;control of dynamic systems;multi-agent robots;swarm robotics;connected vehicles
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: ACTA Press
Citation: Control and Intelligent Systems
Abstract: Psi Intelligent Control aims to provide a framework for controlling autonomous dynamic systems with prediction capabilities inspired by Psi precognition. Psi in nature relates to an event or state not yet experienced. Although Psi phenomenon is unexplained, it is an inspiration for the present study. The research intends to define and develop frameworks and systems capable of providing information for predicting future events (e.g., for motion control of an autonomous vehicle) and use that information in control of autonomous dynamic systems. A generalized approach inspired by Psi precognition is proposed, and the effect of this technique in the response of dynamic systems is explored. The corresponding parameters and constraints to develop and analyze Psi Intelligent Control for dynamic systems are discussed. Obtaining optimized solutions while considering uncertainties in the system and input parameters are investigated. Optimal Uncertainty Quantification is used to obtain optimized solutions for the control of the autonomous dynamic system, with imperfectly known response functions, input probability measures and parameters.
ISSN: 1480-1752
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