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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Aspects of general aviation flight safety researchGratton, GB; Bromfield, MA
2000BCAR section S issue 2 - What is possible and a review of existing designsGratton, GB
2000The Creation Of A Formal Test Flying System Within The British Microlight Aircraft Association And A Discussion Of The Spin Testing Of Microlight AircraftGratton, GB; Porteous, TC
2012Criteria for acceptable stick force gradients of a light aeroplaneBromfield, Michael
2002A dispersed airworthiness management system – the model of the British Microlight Aircraft Association.Gratton, GB
2010Estimating sailplane mass propertiesHoff, RI; Gratton, GB; Gee, AE
2014Evaluating a set of stall recovery actions for single engine light aeroplanesGratton, GB; Hoff, RI; Rahman, A; Harbour, C; Williams, S; Bromfield, M
2010An evaluation of the historical issues associated with achieving non-helicopter V/STOL capability and the search for the flying carSaeed, B; Gratton, GB
2010Exploring the aerodynamic characteristics of a blown-annular wing for V/STOL aircraftSaeed, Burhan
2009Factors affecting loss of control in general aviation aircraftBromfield, MA; Gratton, GB
2009Flight test: Supporting the investigation of factors affecting loss of control of light aircraftBromfield, MA; Gratton, GB
2000Less weight more funGratton, GB
2010Loss of control testing of light aircraft and a cost effective approach to flight testBromfield, MA; Gratton, GB
2006A method for predicting the rate and effect of approach to the stall of a microlight aeroplaneGratton, GB
2007Protecting the flight test programmeGratton, GB; Porteous, TC
1998Pushing the envelopeGratton, GB
1999Safety for non-microlight pilotsGratton, GB
2008Stalling speeds and determination of manoeuver speed for Rogallo-winged microlight airplanesGratton, GB
2008A timed method for the estimation of aeroplane take-off and landing distancesGratton, GB
2006Towards the tumble resistant microlightGratton, GB; Newman, S