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Title: Safety for non-microlight pilots
Authors: Gratton, GB
Keywords: Safety;Microlight;GASCo
Issue Date: 1999
Publisher: General Aviation Safety Council
Citation: GASCo Flight Safety Bulletin. Summer 1999, 22-33
Abstract: Microlight aircraft are some of the safest, cheapest and most fun aircraft flying in the UK. The fatal accident rate, at around 1 per 30,000 flying hours is similar to that of General Aviation overall, and rather better than some parts of it in recent years. However, at the BMAA we see several perfectly serviceable aircraft per year written off by very experienced GA pilots, typically with several thousand hours. Why? - well because they are different, not more difficult or more dangerous, just different. The phrase “it’s only a microlight” has as much validity as “it’s only a jet fighter” all aircraft will treat you back as they are treated.
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