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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Oct-2014Behaviour-based control approach for the trajectory tracking of an underactuated planar capsule robotHuda, MN; Yu, H; Cang, S
11-Aug-2021Centralised and decentralised sensor fusion‐based emergency brake assistDeo, A; Palade, V; Huda, MN
2019Determining optimum generator for south-east coast of Bangladesh: Hybrid, solar-only or wind-only?Debnath, A; Huda, MN; Saha, C; Roy, S
17-Jul-2019Development and evaluation of a novel robotic system for search and rescueCachia, A; Huda, MN; Liu, P; Saha, C; Tickle, A; Arvanitakis, J; Aziz, SM
8-Sep-2023Evaluation of SLAM Algorithms for Search and Rescue ApplicationsYang, Z; Naz, N; Liu, P; Huda, MN
19-Mar-2020Modelling and Motion Analysis of a Pill-Sized Hybrid Capsule RobotHuda, MN; Liu, P; Saha, C; Yu, H
13-Apr-2023Multi-scale pedestrian intent prediction using 3D joint information as spatio-temporal representationAhmed, S; Bazi, AA; Saha, C; Rajbhandari, S; Huda, MN
6-Jun-2019Pedestrian and cyclist detection and intent estimation for autonomous vehicles: A surveyAhmed, S; Huda, MN; Rajbhandari, S; Saha, C; Elshaw, M; Kanarachos, S
12-Oct-2023Pedestrian and vehicle behaviour prediction in autonomous vehicle system — A reviewGalvão, LG; Huda, MN
31-Oct-2021Pedestrian and Vehicle Detection in Autonomous Vehicle Perception Systems—A ReviewGalvao, LG; Abbod, M; Kalganova, T; Palade, V; Huda, MN
31-Jul-2019Performance improvement of perturb and observe maximum power point tracking technique for solar PV applicationsAnya, IF; Saha, C; Ahmed, H; Huda, MN; Rajbhandari, S
23-Dec-2019Photovoltaic (PV) and thermo-electric energy harvesters for charging applicationsSaha, CR; Huda, MN; Mumtaz, A; Debnath, A; Thomas, S; Jinks, R
2-Dec-2022Rapid Localization and Mapping Method Based on Adaptive Particle FiltersCharroud, A; El Moutaouakil, K; Yahyaouy, A; Onyekpe, U; Palade, V; Huda, MN
6-Apr-2016Robots for minimally invasive diagnosis and interventionHuda, MN; Yu, H; Cang, S
26-Feb-2019A self-propelled robotic system with a visco-elastic joint: dynamics and motion analysisLiu, P; Huda, MN; Tang, Z; Sun, L
7-Jan-2022Self-Protected Virtual Sensor Network for Microcontroller Fault DetectionSternharz, G; Skackauskas, J; Elhalwagy, A; Grichnik, AJ; Kalganova, T; Huda, MN
10-Nov-2020A survey on underactuated robotic systems: Bio-inspiration, trajectory planning and controlLiu, P; Huda, MN; Sun, L; Yu, H
2018Towards real-time robotic motion planning for grasping in cluttered and uncertain environmentsLiu, P; Elgeneidy, K; Pearson, S; Huda, MN; Neumann, G
17-Jul-2019Visual and thermal data for pedestrian and cyclist detectionAhmed, S; Huda, MN; Rajbhandari, S; Saha, C; Elshaw, M; Kanarachos, S