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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Mar-2023Being good or being known: International reputation of high-speed railway enterprisesNiu, Y; Li, S; Jin, R; Deng, X
6-Sep-2021BIM-based mixed-reality application for bridge inspection and maintenanceNguyen, D-C; Nguyen, TQ; Jin, R; Jeon, C-H; Shim, C-S
29-Sep-2023Comparative Analyses of Circularity Practices in Civil and Construction Engineering Between UK and NigeriaOlonade, KA; Shamass, R; McCann, F; Abiodun, YO; Jin, R; Rossi, F
8-Aug-2021Compressive performance of fiber reinforced polymer encased recycled concrete with nanoparticlesGao, C; Huang, L; Yan, L; Kasal, B; Li, W; Jin, R; Wang, Y; Li, Y; Deng, P
3-May-2022Digital entrepreneurship: global maps and trends of researchZhai, Y; Yang, K; Chen, L; Lin, H; Yu, M; Jin, R
2007A flexible mandatory access control policy for XML databasesZhu, H; Jin, R; Lü, K
18-May-2022Grounded Theory and Social Psychology Approach to Investigating the Formation of Construction Workers' Unsafe BehaviourHan, Y; Li, X; Feng, Z; Jin, R; Kangwa, J; Ebohon, OJ
29-Nov-2022Identifying Critical Dispute Causes in the Construction Industry: A Cross-Regional Comparative Study between China and the UKWang, J; Zhang, S; Jin, R; Fenn, P; Yu, D; Zhao, L
11-Sep-2023Identifying Unsafe Behavior of Construction Workers: A Dynamic Approach Combining Skeleton Information and Spatiotemporal FeaturesWu, H; Han, Y; Zhang, M; Abebe, BD; Legesse, MB; Jin, R
12-Dec-2023Infrastructure Model Development to Enhance Resilience Against Future Changes Using InfraWorks and GISKhan, UA; Chen, Y; Jin, R; Seidu, R; Tran, D-H
12-Dec-2023An Investigation into Augmented Reality’s Ability to Assist the Preconstruction Phase of Building ProjectsTran, D-H; Pham, D-T; Devi, M; Jin, R; Adamu, Z; Ebohon, OJ
12-Dec-2023An Investigation of the Effect of BIM Implementation on Improving the Relationship Between Architects and Quantity SurveyorsTran, D-H; Gill, HS; Jin, R; Adamu, Z; Ebohon, OJ
19-Sep-2022Mechanical properties of PVC concrete and mortar modified with silane coupling agentsPan, Z; Chen, J; Zhan, Q; Wang, S; Jin, R; Shamass, R; Rossi, F
23-Sep-2023Numerical and experimental analyses of methane leakage in shield tunnelHe, J; Zhu, H; Wei, X; Jin, R; Jiao, Y; Yin, M
24-Feb-2022Optimization of the preparation process of Fair-Faced concrete incorporating recycled aggregatesLi, W; Jiang, T; Jin, R; Xu, Y
2009A practical mandatory access control model for XML databasesZhu, H; Lü, K; Jin, R
20-May-2022Process and outcome-based evaluation between virtual really-driven and traditional construction safety trainingHan, Y; Yang, J; Diao, Y; Jin, R; Guo, B; Adamu, Z
20-Mar-2024Research on Self-adaptive Reinforcement Plug-in of Prefabricated Concrete Component Based on BIMZhang, F; Shen, Y; Tan, L; Jin, R; Han, Y
31-May-2022Scientometric review of construction conflict from 1991 to 2020Liu, N; Zhou, R; Jin, R; Xiao, Q; Hu, Z
20-Feb-2023Space and social distancing in managing and preventing COVID-19 community spread: An overviewCheshmehzangi, A; Su, Z; Jin, R; Dawodu, A; Sedrez, M; Pourroostaei Ardakani, S; Zou, T