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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Condensation flow patterns and heat transfer in horizontal microchannelsKarayiannis, T; Al-Zaidi, AH; Mahmoud, MM
2015Design and optimization of a thermoacoustic heat engine using reinforcement learningMumith, J-A; Karayiannis, T; Makatsoris, C
2017Effect of Hydraulic Diameter and Aspect Ratio on Single Phase Flow and Heat Transfer in a Rectangular MicrochannelKarayiannis, T; Sahara, AM; Wissink, J; Mahmoud, M; Ashrul Ishak, MS
2018Fanno flows in micro-channels: an enhanced quasi-2D laminar numerical model for gas flowKarayiannis, T; Cavazzuti, M; Corticelli, MA
-Flow Boiling Charactrestics of Binary MixtureKarayiannis, T; Sempertegui-Tapia, DF
2018Flow Boiling in Micro-Passages: Developments in Fundamental aspects and ApplicationsKarayiannis, T; Mahmoud, MM
2018Flow Boiling in Mini to Micro Diameter ChannelsKarayiannis, T; Mahmoud, MM
2014Flow boiling in rectangular microchannels: 1-D modelling of the influence of inlet resistance on flow reversalGedupudi, S; Kenning, DBR; Karayiannis, T; 4th Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2014)
2016Flow Boiling of ethanol/water binary mixture in a square microchannelKarayiannis, T; Vasileadou, P; Sefiane, K
2017Flow boiling of ethanol/water mixture in a square mini-channelKarayiannis, T; Vasileiadou, P; Sefiane, K
2014Flow boiling of R245fa in vertical small metallic tubesPike-Wilson, Emily Alexandra
2015A fundamental design study of electrochemical processes for the control of pathogenic bacteriaCossali, Giovanna
2016Single - phase flow and flow boiling of water in rectangular metallic microchannelsĂ–zdemir, Mehmed Rafet
2015Single-phase laminar flow heat transfer from confined electron beam emhanced surfacesFerhati, Arben
2014Wireless audio networking modifying the IEEE 802.11 standard to handle multi-channel real-time wireless audio networksChousidis, Christos