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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20185G Internet of Radio Light Services for Musée de la Carte à JouerCosmas, JP; Meunier, B; Ali, K; Jawad, N; Meng, H; Goutagneux, F; Legale, E; Satta, M; Jay, P; Zhang, X; Huang, C; Garcia, J; Negru, M; Zhang, Y; Kourtis, A; Koumaras, C; Sakkas, C; Huang, L; Zetik, R; Cabaj, C; Mazurczyk, W; Kapovits, A
2010Accelerated hardware video object segmentation: From foreground detection to connected components labellingAppiah, K; Hunter, A; Dickinson, P; Meng, H
2018Accurate Facial Parts Localization and Deep Learning for 3D Facial Expression RecognitionJan, A; Ding, H; Meng, H; Chen, L; Li, H
8-Apr-2019Adaptive Morphological Reconstruction for Seeded Image SegmentationLei, T; Jia, X; Liu, T; Liu, S; Meng, H; Nandi, AK
2013Affective state level recognition in naturalistic facial and vocal expressionsMeng, H; Bianchi-Berthouze, N
2018Artificial intelligence system for continuous affect estimation from naturalistic human expressionsAbd Gaus, Yona Falinie
2017Artificial intelligent system for automatic depression level analysis through visual and vocal expressionsJan, A; Meng, H; Gaus, Y; Zhang, F
17-Jan-2019Automated Facial Expression and Speech Emotion Recognition App Development on Smart Phones using Cloud ComputingAlshamsi, H; Kepuska, V; Alshamsi, H; Meng, H
2015Automatic 3D facial expression recognition using geometric and textured feature fusionJan, A; Meng, H
2015Automatic affective dimension recognition from naturalistic facial expressions based on wavelet filtering and PLS regressionGaus, YFBA; Meng, H; Jan, A; Zhang, F; Turabzadeh, S
2014Automatic classification of digital communication signal modulationsZhu, Zhechen
2014Automatic depression scale prediction using facial expression dynamics and regressionJan, A; Meng, H; Gaus, YFA; Zhang, F; Turabzadeh, S
2015The automatic detection of chronic pain-related expression: requirements, challenges and a multimodal datasetAung, M; Kaltwang, S; Romera-Paredes, B; Martinez, B; Singh, A; Cella, M; Valstar, M; Meng, H; Kemp, A; Shafizadeh, M; Elkins, A; Kanakam, N; Rothschild, A; Tyler, N; Watson, P; Williams, A; Pantic, M; Bianchi-Berthouze, N
2015Automatic emotional state detection and analysis on embedded devicesTurabzadeh, Saeed
2014Automatic emotional state detection using facial expression dynamic in videosMeng, H; Huang, D
23-Jul-2019Automatic Fuzzy Clustering Framework for Image SegmentationLei, T; Liu, P; Jia, X; Zhang, X; Meng, H; Nandi, AK
2019Automatic recognition of human behaviour in sequential dataQin, Rui
2010Binary histogram based split/merge object detection using FPGAsAppiah, K; Meng, H; Hunter, A; Dickinson, P
2019Brainwave-Based Human Emotion Estimation using Deep Neural Network Models for BiofeedbackLiu, Jingxin
2016Can your smartphone detect your emotion?Dai, D; Liu, Q; Meng, H