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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Oct-2021Bridging gaps: Connecting Climate Change Risk Assessments with Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation AgendasPaterson, S; Guida, K
19-Apr-2021Catching a Wave: the Ripple Effect of TransdisciplinarityPaterson, S; Whyte, H
15-Jun-2020Circles of coastal sustainability: a framework for coastal managementde Alencar, NMP; Le Tissier, M; Paterson, S; Newton, A
15-Nov-2018Climate Change and Adaptive Capacity in the City of SantosMoreira, FA; Paterson, S; Nunes, LH; Pelling, M
2019The Definition of Urban Resilience: A Transformation Path Towards Collaborative Urban Risk Governance.Normandin, J-M; Therrien, M-C; Pelling, M; Paterson, S
22-Dec-2016Developing Frameworks to Understand Disaster Causation: From Forensic Disaster Investigation to Risk Root Cause AnalysisFraser, A; Paterson, S; Pelling, M
15-Sep-2020The ESKE Project : a South-North educational and knowledge exchange framework to enhance food security and livelihoodsRichards, M; Schmidt, X; Paterson, S; Martin, O; Sam, S; Syampungani, S; Victor, K; Mimba, M; Munyaka, J
2020Examining the Potential of Art-Science Collaborations in the Anthropocene: A Case Study of Catching a WavePaterson, S; Le Tissier, M; Whyte, H; Robinson, LB; Thielking, K; Ingram, M; McCord, J
Dec-2017Framing marine spatial planning: future orientation and innovation as steps to success for global cooperation and sustainabilityPaterson, S; Politi, E; Onwona Ansong, J; Le Tissier, M
30-Mar-2020Heat-Health Vulnerability in Temperate Climates: Lessons and Response Options from IrelandPaterson, S; Godsmark, C
28-Jun-2017An Integrated Framework to Analyze Local Decision Making and Adaptation to Sea Level Rise in Coastal Regions in Selsey (UK), Broward County (USA), and Santos (Brazil)Marengo, J; Muller-Karger, F; Pelling, M; Reynolds, CJ; Merrill, SB; Nunes, LH; Paterson, S; Gray, AJ; Lockman, JT; Kartez, J; Moreira, FA; Greco, R; Harari, J; Souza, CRG; Alves, LM; Hosokawa, EK; Tabuchi, EK
14-Dec-2021Perspectives on tipping points in integrated models of the natural and human earth system: cascading effects and telecouplingFranzke, CLE; Ciullo, A; Gilmore, E; Matias, D; Nagabhatla, N; Orlov, A; Paterson, S; Scheffran, J; Sillmann, J
2012Resource Attributes That Contribute to Nonresident Diver Satisfaction in the Florida Keys, UsaPaterson, S; Young, S; Loomis, DK; Obenour, W