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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201612CaO.7Al2O3 ceramic: A review of the electronic and optoelectronic applications in display devicesFeizi, E; Ray, AK
2016AC impedance studies on metal/nanoporous silicon/p-silicon structuresMabrook, MF; Ray, AK
2018Capacitance-voltage characteristics of LB thin films incorporating cds nanoparticlesMalik, SA; Naning, FH; Ray, AK
14-Feb-2017Charge transport in Lead Sulfide Quantum Dots/Phthalocyanines Hybrid NanocompositesPal, C; Sosa-Vargas, L; Ojeda, J; Sharma, AK; Cammidge, AN; Cook, MJ; Ray, AK
2017Compact modeling of organic thin film transistors with solution processed octadecyl substituted tetrabenzotriazaporphyrin as an active layerTejada, JAJ; Varo, PL; Cammidge, AN; Chambrier, I; Cook, MJ; Chaure, NB; Ray, AK
2017Dielectric measurements on sol-gel derived titania filmsCapan, R; Ray, AK
2019Effect of Cd2+ Cations on AC Conductivity of Stearic Acid Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor DiodeMalik, SA; Ray, AK
2018Effect of Plasma Power on Reduction of Printable Graphene Oxide thin films on Flexible Substrates. Mater. Res. Express.Banerjee, I; Mahapatra, SK; Pal, C; Sharma, AK; Ray, AK
2014Effects of annealing on device parameters of organic field effect transistors using liquid-crystalline tetrasubstituted zinc phthalocyanineFaris, T; Basova, T; Chaure, NB; Sharma, AK; Durmuş, M; Ahsen, V; Ray, AK
2000Electron beam stimulated formation of CdS nanoparticles within calixarene Langmuir-Blodgett filmsNabok, AV; Ray, AK; Hassan, AK
18-May-2021Flexible zinc oxide photoelectrode for photo electrochemical energy conversionShiyani, T; Banerjee, I; Mahapatra, SK; Ray, AK
2019Fundamental Optical Properties of Materials IKasap, SO; Tan, WC; Singh, J; Koughia, CK; Ray, AK
16-Dec-2016Graphene films printable on flexible substrates for sensor applicationsBanerjee, I; Faris, T; Stoeva, Z; Harris, PG; Chen, J; Sharma, AK; Ray, AK
2015Graphene oxide thin films for resistive memory switchesHarris, P; Salimian, A; Banerjee, I; Ray, AK
2015High temperature optical absorption investigation into the electronic transitions in sol–gel derived C12A7 thin filmsFeizi, E; Ray, AK
2011High-mobility solution-processed copper phthalocyanine-based organic field-effect transistorsChaure, NB; Cammidge, AN; Chambrier, I; Cook, MJ; Cain, MG; Murphy, CE; Pal, C; Ray, AK
2017Hysteresis-free DC conduction in zinc oxide films with a conducting polymer counter electrodePaul, S; Harris, PG; Sharma, AK; Ray, AK
2019Impedance spectroscopic studies on hybrid nanocomposites of lead sulphide Quantum Dots in Solution Processed Phthalocyanine FilmsKhozaee, Z; Chambrier, I; Sosa Vargas, L; Cammidge, A; Ray, AK
17-Dec-2019Impedance spectroscopic study on hybrid phthalocyanine/lead sulphide nanocomposite filmKhozaee, Z; Chambrier, I; Sosa Vargas, L; Cammidge, AN; Ray, AK
2012In situ chemichromic studies of interactions between a lutetium bis-octaalkyl-substituted phthalocyanine and selected biological cofactorsPal, C; Cammidge, AN; Cook, MJ; Sosa-Sanchez, JL; Sharma, AK; Ray, AK