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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Effects of anterior compartment fasciotomy on intramuscular compartment pressure in patients with chronic exertional compartment syndromeRoscoe, D; Roberts, AJ; Hulse, D; Shaheen, AF; Hughes, MP; Bennet, AN
2018Effects of lighting illuminance levels on stair negotiation performance in individuals with visual impairmentShaheen, AF; Sourlas, A; Horton, K; McLean, C; Ewins, D; Gould, D; Ghoussayni, S
4-Aug-2017Shoulder Bone Geometry Affects the Active and Passive Axial Rotational Range of the Glenohumeral JointHumphries, A; Cirovic, S; Shaheen, AF
16-May-2019Spatio Temporal Parameters and Symmetry Index in Transtibial Amputees Wearing Prosthetic Feet with and without Adaptive AnklesRiveras, M; Ravera, E; Shaheen, AF; Ewins, D; Catalfamo Formento, P