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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Nov-2016Actualizing agency through smart products: Smart materials and metaphors in support of the ageing populationMicocci, M; Spinelli, G; Ajovalasit, M
Feb-2013Ageing Consumers: Lifestyles and Preferences in the current marketplaceShekarriz, M; Spinelli, G
-Behavioral strategies of older adults in the adoption of new technology-based products: the effects of ageing and the promising application of smart materials for the design of future productsSpinelli, G; Micocci, M; Ajovalasit, M
16-May-2017Behaviours: Older adults' behavioural strategies in the adoption of new technology-based products: The effects of ageing and the promising application of smart materials for the design of smart productsSpinelli, G; Micocci, M; Ajovalasit, M
22-Jun-2016Building social capital through creative placemakingKelkar, NP; Spinelli, G
10-Jan-2022Call for papers: “Special Purpose Money for Sustainability”Hornborg, A; Paulsson, A; Spinelli, G; Weaver, PM
11-May-2022Codesigning therapeutic and sterilisable soft toys for Paediatric InpatientsSpinelli, G; Davies, A
2-Sep-2019Consumer Competence Strategies, Spiritually Inspired Core Values and Locus of Control: What Are the Links?Spinelli, G; Nelson-becker, H; Ligossi, R
19-Nov-2019Contemporary themes in the design of AT for the ageing population: materiality, co-design and cultural influencesSpinelli, G; Micocci, M; Tsekleves, E; Wang, Y-H; Martin, W; Lim, Y; Shamim, U
Jun-2020Developing a High Chair to Meet the Needs of Infants with Achondroplasia: A Collaboration Between Evelina London Children's Hospital and Brunel UniversityMassey, J; Phillips, K; Lawrence, J; Davies, A; Harris, L; Cocca, A; Spinelli, G; Garaj, V; Irving, M; Cheung, M
30-Sep-2022Editorial: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): Socio-economic systems in the post-pandemic world: Design thinking, strategic planning, management, and public policyKlimczuk, A; Berde, E; Dovie, DA; Klimczuk-Kochanska, M; Spinelli, G
14Enabling by Voice. Voice Enabled Environmental Control (EC) devices using Interactive Smart Agents (ISAs)Spinelli, G; Shamim, U; Woodcock, A; Nair, A
2022Enabling by voice: An exploratory study on how Interactive Smart Agents (ISA) can change the design of Environmental Control (EC) equipment and serviceShamim, Umber
11-Sep-2019Experimenting with a structured approach to building complementary economies for community resilience and positive social impact using digital social currencies and social valuation of transactionsWeaver, PM; Spinelli, G
5-Nov-2019From Medical Devices to Everyday Products: Exploring cross-cultural perceptions of Assistive TechnologySpinelli, G; Micocci, M; Martin, W; Wang, Y-H
2012Getting to know you: A novel approach in segmenting the ageing consumer marketShekarriz, M; Spinelli, G; Brunel Institute for Ageing Studies (BIAS) Annual Conference 2012
8-Mar-2022Healthcare Innovation: whose job is it anyway?Spinelli, G
1-Oct-2015Innovation is in the eyes of the beholder: The case of the ageing consumersSpinelli, G
2011Issues in public information systems development: The impact of regionalised organisational structureFolkerd, Christopher
2-Apr-2019Making a case for creating living labs for ageing in place: enabling socially innovative models for experimentation and complementary economiesSpinelli, G; Weaver, PW; Marks, M; Victor, C