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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Sep-2022A Mutual-Coupling-Suppressed Dual-Band Dual-Polarized Base Station Antenna Using Multiple Folded-Dipole AntennaLiu, X; Gao, S; Sanz-Izquierdo, B; Zhang, H; Wen, L; Hu, W; Luo, Q; Sumantyo, HTS; Yang, X-X
28-Mar-2022A Compact Dual-Polarized Filtering Antenna With Steep Cut-Off for Base-Station ApplicationsLiu, X; Gao, S; Hu, W; Wen, L; Luo, Q; Sanz-Izquierdo, B; Chen, X; Qian, L; Sumantyo, JTS; Yang, X-X
1-Dec-2021Data augmentation and shadow image classification for shadow detectionLi, G; Wen, L; Huang, Z; Xia, R; Pang, Y
26-Jul-2021Highly integrated transmitting and receiving phased array with multi-channels and high efficiency in K/Ka-band SatCom applicationZhang, Q; Shi, X; Gao, S; Li, Y; Luo, Q; Wan, J; Xue, Z; Wen, L
17-Apr-2024Light-Weight Low-Cost Tightly Coupled Dipole Array Antenna for Wireless Power TransferWen, L; Sanz-Izquierdo, B; Hu, W; Lin, C; Wang, C
11-Apr-2022Low-Profile Wideband Circularly Polarized Array Antennas Using Integrated Half-Power Quadrature Power DividerWen, L; Gao, S; Luo, Q; Hu, W; Sanz-Izquierdo, B; Yang, X-X
30-Nov-2023Spoof Surface Plasmon Polariton-Based Antenna and Array by Exciting Both Even- and Odd-Mode ResonancesWen, L; Hu, W; Pang, B; Luo, Q; Gao, S
9-Feb-2024Tri-arm MIMO array antenna pair for mobile phone applicationsZhang, M; Wen, L; Xiao, W
4-Apr-2024Ultra-Wideband High-Efficiency Dual-Polarized Conformal Phase Array for Wireless Power TransferChen, Z; Hu, W; Wang, X; Gao, Y; Wen, L
28-Jan-2022Wideband Back-Cover Antenna Design Using Dual Characteristic Modes With High Isolation for 5G MIMO SmartphoneHu, W; Chen, Z; Qian, L; Wen, L; Luo, Q; Xu, R; Jiang, W; Gao, S
28-Feb-2023Wideband Circularly Polarized Reflectarray Antenna Using Rotational Symmetrical Crossed DipolesWen, L; Gao, S; Luo, Q; Hu, W; Sanz-Izquierdo, B; Yang, X-X
28-Jan-2022Wideband Differentially-Fed Slot Antenna and Array With Circularly Polarized Radiation for Millimeter-Wave ApplicationsWen, L; Gao, S; Hu, W; Luo, Q; Yang, X-X; Sanz-Izquierdo, B
9-Feb-2024Wideband Dual-Polarized Filtering Antenna for Base Station ApplicationsLiu, X; Sanz-Izquierdo, B; Gao, S; Wen, L; Yang, X-X
14-May-2023Wideband Metamaterial Crossed-Arm Unit Cell for the Design of Beam-Scanning Circularly Polarized Reflectarray AntennaWen, L; Sanz-Izquierdo, B; Gao, S; Wong, K-K; Tong, K-F
10-Jul-2023Wideband Transmitarray Antenna Using Compact 2-bit Filtering Unit CellsWen, L; Gao, S; Luo, Q; Hu, W; Sanz-Izquierdo, B; Wang, C; Yang, X-X
21-Apr-2021A Wideband Triple-Mode Differentially Fed Microstrip Patch AntennaLiu, X; Hu, W; Gao, S; Wen, L; Luo, Q; Xu, R; Liu, Y