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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017An ACA Accelerated isogeometric boundary element analysis of potential problems with non-uniform boundary conditionsCampos, LS; Albuquerque, EL; Wrobel, LC
18-Jun-2019Application of the dual reciprocity method for the buckling analysis of plates with shear deformationSoares, RA; Palermo, L; Wrobel, LC
3-Jul-2020Application of the radial integration method for the buckling analysis of plates with shear deformationSoares, RA; Palermo, L; Wrobel, LC
2020Applications of Computational Modelling in NeonatologyWrobel, LC
2012Boundary element formulations for the numerical solution of two-dimensional diffusion problems with variable coefficientsAl-Jawary, MA; Ravnik, J; Wrobel, LC; Škerget, L
1-Mar-2000A boundary element model for underwater acoustics in shallow waterSantiago, JAF; Wrobel, LC
10-Sep-2019Buckling of perforated plates using the dual reciprocity boundary element methodSoares, RA; Palermo, L; Wrobel, LC
2015CFD modelling of a two-phase closed thermosyphon charged with R134a and R404aFadhl, B; Wrobel, LC; Jouhara, H
2018Characterization of the Use of Low Frequency Ultrasonic Guided Waves to Detect Fouling Deposition in PipelinesLais, H; Lowe, PS; Gan, T-H; Wrobel, LC; Kanfoud, J
2007A combined study of heat and mass transfer in an infant incubator with an overhead screenGinalski, MK; Nowak, AJ; Wrobel, LC
2009Comparison of flow and dispersion properties of free and wall turbulent jets for source dynamics characterisationAloysius, SS; Wrobel, LC
2008A Computational Model for Continuous Cooling of Injection Moulding ProcessesSmith, AG; Wrobel, LC; McCalla, BA; Allan, PS; Hornsby, PR
2017A coupled BEM/FEM formulation for drop interaction in stokes flows with flexible and slip confining boundariesSoares Jr, D; Wrobel, LC
29-Jan-2021Design of constant temperature cooling device for melanoma screening by dynamic thermographyGomboc, T; Iljaž, J; Wrobel, LC; Hriberšek, M; Marn, J
2009Direct numerical simulation of the near-field dynamics of annular gas-liquid two-phase jetsSiamas, GA; Jiang, X; Wrobel, LC
2016DRBEM formulation for transient Stokes flow with slip boundary conditionGumgum, S; Wrobel, LC
2009Drop deformation in stokes flow through converging channelsWrobel, LC; Soares, D; Das Bhaumik, CL
2002Dual boundary element method for axisymmetric crack analysisLacerda, LA; Wrobel, LC
2018The dual reciprocity boundary element formulation for convection-diffusion-reaction problems with variable velocity field using different radial basis functionsAL-Bayati, SA; Wrobel, LC
2-Aug-2022Effect of curvatures in the buckling analysis of perforated plates using the boundary element methodSoares, RA; Gomes, VC; Palermo, L; Wrobel, LC