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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Mar-2020Advancing global health through environmental and public health trackingLauriola, P; Crabbe, H; Behbod, B; Yip, F; Medina, S; Semenza, JC; Vardoulakis, S; Kass, D; Zeka, A; Khonelidze, I; Ashworth, M; de Hoogh, K; Shi, X; Staatsen, B; Knudsen, LE; Fletcher, T; Houthuijs, D; Leonardi, GS
2013Air pollution and health indicators in a rapidly developing industrial port in the Sultanate of OmanAl-Wahaibi, A; Zeka, A
2011The APHEKOM Project: A literature review of air pollution interventions and their impact of public healthHenschel, S; Goodman, P; Atkinson, RW; Zeka, A; Analitis, A; Katsouyanni, K; Pascal, M; Chanel, O; Medina, S; Forsberg, B
2011The assessment of the implementation of fuel related legislations and their impact on air quality and public healthHenschel, S; Goodman, P; Atkinson, RW; Zeka, A; Analitis, A; Katsouyanni, K; Le Tertre, A; Chanel, O; Medina, S
2014The association of cold weather and all-cause and cause-specific mortality in the island of Ireland between 1984 and 2007Zeka, A; Browne, S; McAvoy, H; Goodman, P
2020Carbon monoxide poisonings: exploring new approaches for quantification and evaluating measurement errors from an analytical and epidemiological point of viewOliverio, Stefania
2011Developing methodology for exposure assessment of air pollutants in schoolsAnopa, Yulia
2014Economic valuation of the mortality benefits of a regulation on SO2 in 20 European citiesChanel, OD; Henschel, S; Goodman, PG; Analitis, A; Atkinson, RW; Le Tertre, A; Zeka, A; Medina, S
2009Effect of air pollution controls on black smoke and sulfur dioxide concentrations across IrelandGoodman, PG; Rich, DQ; Zeka, A; Clancy, L; Dockery, DW
2008The effects of socioeconomic status and indices of physical environment on reduced birth weight and preterm births in Eastern MassachusettsZeka, A; Melly, SJ; Schwartz, J
2004Estimating the independent effects of multiple pollutants in the presence of measurement error: An application of a measurement-error-resistant techniqueZeka, A; Schwartz, J
2011Examining the mortality effects of the Irish National Smoking Ban.Stallings-Smith, S; Zeka, A; Goodman, P; Clancy, L
2009Excess mortality during heat waves in IrelandPascal, M; Goodman, P; Clancy, L; Zeka, A; Schwartz, J
2011Exposure variability and behaviour of indoor and outdoor air pollutants in primary schools in the United KingdomZeka, A; Jones, BJ; Anopa, Y; Koulkova, A
2011Fuel poverty, older people and cold weather: An all-island analysisGoodman, PG; McAvoy, H; Cotter, N; Monahan, E; Barrett, E; Browne, E; Zeka, A
2015Health and industrial development in Oman: epidemiological analysis of the health effects in a population living near a major industrial park in OmanAl-Wahaibi, Adil Said
2015Health impacts from living near a major industrial park in OmanAl-Wahaibi, A; Zeka, A
2017Heat wave and mortality: A multicountry, multicommunity studyGuo, Y; Gasparrini, A; Armstrong, BG; Tawatsupa, B; Tobias, A; Lavigne, E; De Sousa Zanotti Stagliorio Coelho, M; Pan, X; Kim, H; Hashizume, M; Honda, Y; Leon Guo, YL; Wu, CF; Zanobetti, A; Schwartz, JD; Bell, ML; Scortichini, M; Michelozzi, P; Punnasiri, K; Li, S; Tian, L; Garcia, SDO; Seposo, X; Overcenco, A; Zeka, A; Goodman, P; Dang, TN; Van Dung, D; Mayvaneh, F; Saldiva, PHN; Williams, G; Tong, S
Oct-2019Hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome and climate variability in ChinaZeka, A; Cao, L; Liu, Q; Leonardi, G; Nichols, G; Hajat, S; Grundy, C; Gillingham, E; Crabbe, H; Jia, C
2006Inflammatory markers and particulate air pollution: characterizing the pathway to diseaseZeka, A; Sullivan, JR; Vokonas, PS; Sparrow, D; Schwartz, J