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Title: Air pollution and health indicators in a rapidly developing industrial port in the Sultanate of Oman
Authors: Al-Wahaibi, A
Zeka, A
Keywords: Air pollution;Health indicators;Oman
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: 2013
Abstract: Background and Aims: Sohar Industrial Port (Sultanate of Oman), started to operate in 2006, containing many industries that may adversely contribute to the air quality and hence to the health status of the residents in its proximity. The study aim is to assess the health effects of air quality of the population living in the residential area around the industrial port. Methods: Health data for the area were obtained between January 1st 2006 and December 31st 2011 from the Ministry of Health, Oman. Exposure to air pollution was classified into exposure zones according to mixture methods such as, proximity, dispersion models and wind roses. Four exposure zones were developed, from High, Intermediate, Sohar city and Control zones. Age and gender standardized rates were calculated for respiratory, cardiovascular and allergic diseases in each exposure zone. Results: The crude rate ratios of respiratory diseases in the high, the intermediate and Sohar city were (1.91, 95% CI, 1.87, 1.95), (1.18, 95% CI, 1.15, 1.21) and (0.18, 95% CI, 0.18,0.19), respectively. For dermatitis, these rates were (2.16, 95% CI, 1.91,2.45) for the high exposure zone, (1.05, 95% CI, 0.91, 1.23) for the intermediate zone and (0.20, 95% CI, 0.17,0.23) for Sohar city. In addition, the high exposure zone showed an increasing yearly trend of the incidence rate from 2007 to 2009 in both respiratory diseases and dermatitis. Conclusion: Evidence of adverse health effects was found in the high and intermediate exposure zones. More rigorous modeling is underway, which will involve other diseases and confounders.
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