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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017An assessment of body weight perceptions, ‘Fluffy’ and the impact on psychological wellbeing and physical activity in JamaicaPearce, Venecia Ordell
2008Beyond-brand effect of television food advertisements on food choice in children: The effects of weight statusHalford, JCG; Boyland, EJ; Hughes, GM; Stacey, L; McKean, S; Dovey, TM
-Body weight perceptions, obesity and health behaviours in JamaicaPearce, V; Dibb, B; Gaines, SO
2014Experiences of obesity among Saudi Arabian women contemplating bariatric surgery: An interpretative phenomenological analysisAlqout, O; Reynolds, F
2016Exploring how young consumers preocessing snack packaging cues from a phenomenological perspectivePunjaisri, K; Harness, D
2012A genome-wide association meta-analysis identifies new childhood obesity lociBradfield, JP; Taal, HR; Timpson, NJ; Scherag, A; Lecoeur, C; Warrington, NM; Hypponen, E; Holst, C; Valcarcel, B; Thiering, E; Salem, RM; Schumacher, FR; Cousminer, DL; Sleiman, PMA; Zhao, J; Berkowitz, RI; Vimaleswaran, KS; Jarick, I; Pennell, CE; Evans, DM; St Pourcain, B; Berry, DJ; Mook-Kanamori, DO; Hofman, A; Rivadeneira, F; Uitterlinden, AG; van Duijn, CM; van der Valk, RJP; de Jongste, JC; Postma, DS; Boomsma, DI; Gauderman, WJ; Hassanein, MT; Lindgren, CM; Magi, R; Boreham, CAG; Neville, CE; Moreno, LA; Elliott, P; Pouta, A; Hartikainen, A-L; Li, M; Raitakari, O; Lehtimaki, T; Eriksson, JG; Palotie, A; Dallongeville, J; Das, S; Deloukas, P; McMahon, G; Ring, SM; Kemp, JP; Buxton, JL; Blakemore, AIF; Bustamante, M; Guxens, M; Hirschhorn, JN; Gillman, MW; Kreiner-Moller, E; Bisgaard, H; Gilliland, FD; Heinrich, J; Wheeler, E; Barroso, I; O'Rahilly, S; Meirhaeghe, A; Sorensen, TIA; Power, C; Palmer, LJ; Hinney, A; Widen, E; Farooqi, IS; McCarthy, MI; Froguel, P; Meyre, D; Hebebrand, J; Jarvelin, M-R; Jaddoe, VWV; Smith, GD; Hakonarson, H; Grant, SFA
2018Investigating weight-related behaviours in Bahraini adolescents’ friendship networksAlsayed, Noor Mustafa
2011An investigation into the impact of a sport intervention in three London secondary schoolsBrown, Joanna FM
2015Parma consensus statement on metabolic disruptorsHeindel, JJ; Vom Saal, FS; Blumberg, B; Bovolin, P; Calamandrei, G; Ceresini, G; Cohn, BA; Fabbri, E; Gioiosa, L; Kassotis, C; Legler, J; La Merrill, M; Rizzir, L; Machtinger, R; Mantovani, A; Mendez, MA; Montanini, L; Molteni, L; Nagel, SC; Parmigiani, S; Panzica, G; Paterlini, S; Pomatto, V; Ruzzin, J; Sartor, G; Schug, TT; Street, ME; Suvorov, A; Volpi, R; Zoeller, RT; Palanza, P
2016Preliminary fMRI findings concerning the influence of 5-HTP on food selectionIoannou, S; Williams, AL
2016Statistical methods for body mass index: a selective reviewYu, K; Liu, X; Alhamzawi, R; Becker, F; Lord, J
2015Statistical methods for body mass index: A selective reviewYu, K; Alhamzawi, R; Becker, F; Lord, Joanne
2017Systematic review and meta-analysis of early life exposure to di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate and obesity related outcomes in rodentsWassenaar, PNH; Legler, J
2004The use of IT to increase nutritional awareness in young childrenPatel, N; Kent, S; Rai, SS
2016Weight management among Maltese mothersDutton, Elaine
2015Zebrafish as a model to study the role of Peroxisome Proliferating-Activated Receptors in adipogenesis and obesityDen Broeder, MJ; Kopylova, VA; Kamminga, LM; Legler, J