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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000White-collar victimisation: A study exploring the harms which employees may incur as a result of working for organisations in which white-collar violations take placeSpalek, Barbara
2015Whither China? Reform and economic integration among Chinese regionsFidrmuc, J; Huang, S; Fidrmuc, J
2013Whither China? Reform and economic integration among Chinese regionsFidrmuc, J; Fidrmuc, J; Huang, S
2001Who are these youths? Language in the service of policyPiper, CD
2011Who do you think you are? Intimate pasts made publicLynch, C
2010Who doesn't feel British? Divisions over MuslimsUberoi, V; Modood, T
2017Who is chemistry for?Essex, J
1987Who may wage war? A re-examination of an old/new questionMushkat, R
2010Who needs what from a national health research system: Lessons from reforms to the English Department of Health's R&D systemHanney, S; Kuruvilla, S; Soper, B; Mays, N
2010Who were ‘the people’? Classes and movements in East Germany, 1989Dale, G
2018Who's Afraid of Strategic Behavior? Mechanisms for Group PurchasingHezarkhani, B; Sosic, G
2016Whole body hyperthermia, but not skin hyperthermia, accelerates brain and locomotor limb circulatory strain and impairs exercise capacity in humansTrangmar, SJ; Chiesa, ST; Kalsi, KK; Secher, NH; González-Alonso, J
2017Whole genome analysis of a schistosomiasis-transmitting freshwater snailBridger, JM; Arican-Goktas, HD; Jobling, S
2014Whole home exercise intervention for depression in older care home residents (the OPERA study): A process evaluationEllard, DR; Thorogood, M; Underwood, M; Seale, C; Taylor, SJC
2014Whole population management of patients with diabetesClarke, M; Fursse, J; Gokalp, H; Sharma, U; Jones, RW
2017Whole-body heat stress and exercise stimulate the appearance of platelet microvesicles in plasma with limited influence of vascular shear stressGonzález-Alonso, J; Chiesa, ST; Trangmar, SJ; Kalsi, KK; Rakobowchuk, M
2018Wholesale Price Discrimination: Innovation Incentives and Upstream CompetitionAkgun, U; Chioveanu, C
2017‘Whose atlas I use, his song I sing?’ – The impact of anatomical atlases on fiber tract contributions to cognitive deficits after strokeKarnath, H-O
2016Who’s afraid of teaching? Heidegger and the question of education (‘Bildung’/‘Erziehung’)Biesta, G
2009Why are (the Best) women so good at chess? Participation rates and gender differences in intellectual domainsBilalić, M; Smallbone, K; McLeod, P; Gobet, F