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Title: Made 2 Resonate (M2R)
Authors: Riley, C
Faia, C
Riley, CJ
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Composers Edition
Citation: 2018
Abstract: The principal objective of M2R is to make audiences rethink what it means to listen. It approaches music composition and performance in innovative ways, utilising the vibrations and resonance from sympathetic objects and surfaces, the use of spatial sound treatments, and drawing experientially on those with hearing impairments; music not only heard, but also seen and felt. In order to meet these aims the project will address the following research questions. 1. How can more focused and sensitive listening be developed in an audience? 2. In what ways do we ‘see’ music; its material, development and emotions? 3. What is it like to listen with the aid of a cochlear implant? How is music perceived? 4. How can utilizing sonic and visual vibrations (forming a unique performance environment) develop a new form of live musical experience? 5. How might exploring the first-hand responses to points 1, 2, 3 and 4 change the way music is composed?
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