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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1987A C-squared Polygonal Surface PatchGregory, JA; Hahn, JM
24-May-2017C1 Complex: An Adaptable Proteolytic Module for Complement and Non-Complement FunctionsLu, J; Kishore, U
2018C1q classical complement pathway inhibition: A novel strategy to dampen complement activation and inflammation in alzheimer’s diseaseOluwadare, Christianah
2020C1q: A molecular bridge to innate and adaptive immunityKishore, Uday; Ghebrehiwet, Berhane
12-May-2020C1q: A Molecular Bridge to Innate and Adaptive ImmunityGhebrehiwet, , B; Kishore, U
2009The C1XS X-ray spectrometer on Chandrayaan-1Maddison, BJ; Howe, CJ; Kellett, BJ; Sreekumar, P; Huovelin, J; Crawford, IA; Duston, CL; Smith, D; Anand, M; Bhandari, N; Cook, A; Fernandes, V; Foing, B; Gasnaut, O; Goswami, JN; Holland, A; Joy, KH; Kochney, D; Lawrence, D; Maurice, S; Okada, T; Narendranath, S; Pieters, C; Rothery, D; Russell, SS; Shrivastava, A; Swinyard, B; Wilding, M; Wieczorek, M
8-Jan-2021C4b Binding Protein (C4BP) acts as an innate immune effector against Influenza A VirusVarghese, PM; Murugaiah, V; Nazar, B; Temperton, N; Khan, HA; Alrokayan, S; Al-Ahdal, MN; Nal, B; A-Mohanna, F; Sim, RB; Kishore, U
-Cabinets and ministerial turnover in the Scandinavian countriesHansen, ME
28-Jun-2022Caching and UAV Friendly Jamming for Secure Communications With Active Eavesdropping AttacksZhou, Y; Yeoh, PL; Pan, C; Wang, K; Ma, Z; Vucetic, B; Li, Y
14-Jul-2022Cadmium exposures and deteriorations of cognitive abilities: estimation of a reference dose for mixture risk assessments based on a systematic review and confidence ratingChatterjee, M; Kortenkamp, A
2013CAI combustion of gasoline and its mixture with ethanol in a 2-stroke poppet valve DI gasoline engineZhang, Y; Zhao, H; Ojapah, M; Cairns, A
2008CAI combustion with methanol and ethanol in an air-assisted direct injection SI engineLi, Y; Zhao, H; Brouzos, NP
30-Jun-2023The Calabi Problem for Fano ThreefoldsAraujo, C; Castravet, A-M; Cheltsov, I; Fujita, K; Kaloghiros, A-S; Martinez-Garcia, J; Shramov, C; Süß, H; Viswanathan, N
11-Jun-2021The Calabi problem for smooth Fano threefoldsAraujo, C; Castravet, A-M; Cheltsov, I; Fujita, K; Kaloghiros, A-S; Martinez-Garcia, J; Shramov, C; Süss, H; Viswanathan, N
27-Sep-2021Calcilobes wangshenghaii n. gen., n. sp., microbial constructor of Permian-Triassic 2 boundary microbialites of South China, and its place in microbialite classificationKershaw, S; Zhang, T; Li, Y
2013Calculating crack extension resistance of concrete based on a new crack propagation criterionDong, W; Wu, Z; Zhou, X
2016Calendar anomalies in the Russian stock marketCaporale, GM; Zakirova, V
12-Mar-2017Calendar anomalies in the Russian stock marketCaporale, GM; Zakirova, V
2017Calendar anomalies in the Ukrainian stock marketCaporale, GM
2000Calibration and comparison of chlorine decay models for a test water distribution systemMaier, S; Powell, R S; Woodward, C A