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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Aug-2019O "Escritos" de Lacan revisitado: sobre a escrita como objeto de desejoNobus, D
1-Oct-2021O cavaleiro negro em Tropa de Elite: arquétipos, dispositivos e imagináriosDe Matos, MVAB
2013‘O effeminacy! Effeminacy!’ War, masculinity and the myth of liberal peaceNeocleous, M
2017O ensino de Comunicação Visual nos anos 1960: estudo de caso da FAU USP / Teaching of Visual Communication in the 1960s: FAU USP case studySouza Dias, D; Braga, MDC
3-Jul-2018O Que Pode Falhar? Reflexão Sobre As Dificuldades De Alunos Do Ensino Secundário No Relatório Tipo “V De Gowin” Para A Melhoria Da Formação Inicial De ProfessoresWatts, DM; Lopes, B; Abrantes, I; Magalhaes, P
1989An O(h6) cubic spline interpolating procedure for harmonic functionsPapamichael, N; Soares, M J
1984O.R.,Statistics,A.I.- the potential for interdisciplinary progressPhelps, R I
22-Jul-2018O4-08-04: A COMPREHENSIVE MODEL OF FACTORS ASSOCIATED WITH SUBJECTIVE PERCEPTIONS OF LIVING WELL WITH DEMENTIA: FINDINGS FROM THE IDEAL STUDYClare, L; Wu, Y-T; Jones, IR; Victor, C; Nelis, SM; Martyr, A; Quinn, C; Litherland, R; Pickett, J; Hindle, JV; Jones, RW; Knapp, MRJ; Kopelman, M; Morris, RG; Rusted, JM; Thom, JM; Lamont, RA; Henderson, C; Rippon, I; Hillman, A; Matthews, F; IDEAL Study Team
10-Nov-2021Oakeshott and Parekh: The Influence of British Idealism on British MulticulturalismUberoi, V
20-Jan-2021Obesity and Brain Vulnerability in Normal and Abnormal Aging: A Multimodal MRI StudyDake, MD; De Marco, M; Blackburn, DJ; Wilkinson, ID; Remes, A; Liu, Y; Pikkarainen, M; Hallikainen, M; Soininen, H; Venneri, A
2005Object-oriented cohesion as a surrogate of software comprehension: An empirical studyCounsell, S; Swift, S; Tucker, A; Mendes, E
1998An object-oriented model of measurement systemsYang, QP; Butler, C
2009Objective assessment of region of interest-aware adaptive multimedia streaming qualityCiubotariu, B; Muntean, GM; Ghinea, G
6-Jun-2019Objective Patterns of Face Recognition Deficits in 165 Adults with Self-Reported Developmental ProsopagnosiaBate, S; Bennetts, R; Gregory, N; Tree, J; Murray, E; Adams, A; Bobak, A; Penton, T; Yang, T; Banissy, MJ
22-Jan-2016Objective predictors of outcome in forensic mental health services-A systematic reviewSedgwick, O; Young, S; Das, M; Kumari, V
2016The ‘objectives’ and ‘principles’ of the WTO TRIPS agreement: A detailed anatomySlade, A
2018Objects of Desire and of Disgust: Analysis and Design of Assistive TechnologiesSpinelli, G; Massimo, M; Martin, W
2005Objects of Desire: Consumer Behaviour in Shopping Centre ChoicesDennis, C
27-Dec-2019Objectum sexuality: A sexual orientation linked with autism and synaesthesiaSimner, J; Hughes, JEA; Sagiv, N
2018The obligation of host states to accord the standard of “full protection and security” to foreign investments under international investment lawOnyeani, Onyema Awa