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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Feb-2019Protecting the environment from psychoactive drugs: Problems for regulators illustrated by the possible effects of tramadol on fish behaviourTanoue, R; Margiotta-Casaluci, L; Huerta, B; Runnalls, TJ; Eguchi, A; Nomiyama, K; Kunisue, T; Tanabe, S; Sumpter, JP
20-Dec-2018Improving the management of musculoskeletal conditions: Can an alternative approach to referral management underpinned by quality improvement and behavioural change theories offer a solution and a better patient experience? A mixed-methods studyTzortziou Brown, V; Underwood, M; Westwood, OM; Morrissey, D
22-Dec-2018Heat, Hydration and the Human Brain, Heart and Skeletal MusclesTrangmar, SJ; González-Alonso, J
14-Mar-2019Direct removal of RNA polymerase barriers to replication by accessory replicative helicasesHawkins, M; Dimude, JU; Howard, JAL; Smith, AJ; Dillingham, MS; Savery, NJ; Rudolph, CJ; McGlynn, P
7-Mar-2019Liquid biopsies in lung cancer: Four emerging technologies and potential clinical applicationsChudasama, D; Katopodis, P; Stone, N; Haskell, J; Sheridan, H; Gardner, B; Urnovitz, H; Schuetz, E; Beck, J; Hall, M; Barr, J; Sisu, C; Rice, A; Polychronis, A; Anikin, V; Karteris, E
25-Jul-2018Quality of resources: A typology for supporting transitions towards resource efficiency using the single-use plastic bottle as an exampleIacovidou, E; Velenturf, APM; Purnell, P
15-Sep-2017Human Parahippocampal Cortex Supports Spatial Binding in Visual Working MemoryRoberts, D
21-Jul-2018An FDA-Approved Drug Screen for Compounds Influencing Craniofacial Skeletal Development and CraniosynostosisHernandez, V
3-May-2018Narratives of Chronic Pain in SportHunt, ER; Day, MC
4-Dec-2017Fission yeast Ccq1 is a modulator of telomerase activity-
8-Feb-2018LARP7 family proteins have conserved function in telomerase assembly-
7-Nov-2017The telomere bouquet facilitates meiotic prophase progression and exit in fission yeastMoiseeva, V; Amelina, H; Collopy, LC; Armstrong, CA; Pearson, SR; Tomita, K
30-Jun-2017Emotional labor and professional practice in sports medicine and scienceHings, RF; Wagstaff, CRD; Thelwell, RC; Gilmore, S; Anderson, V
16-Mar-2017COLEC10 is mutated in 3MC patients and regulates early craniofacial developmentMunye, MM; Diaz-Font, A; Ocaka, L; Henriksen, ML; Lees, M; Brady, A; Jenkins, D; Morton, J; Hansen, SW; Bacchelli, C; Beales, PL; Hernandez-Hernandez, V
8-Nov-2016Sequential and counter-selectable cassettes for fission yeast-
2019Modern carbonate ooids preserve ambient aqueous REE signaturesLi, F; Webb, G; Algeo, T; Kershaw, S; Lu, C; Oehlert, A; Gong, Q; Pourmand, A; Tan, X
28-Aug-2018Current EU research activities on combined exposure to multiple chemicalsBopp, SK; Barouki, R; Brack, W; Dalla Costa, S; Dorne, JLCM; Drakvik, PE; Faust, M; Karjalainen, TK; Kephalopoulos, S; van Klaveren, J; Kolossa-Gehring, M; Kortenkamp, A; Lebret, E; Lettieri, T; Nørager, S; Rüegg, J; Tarazona, JV; Trier, X; van de Water, B; van Gils, J; Bergman, Å
2019Community sport and the politics of ageing: co-design and partnership approaches to understanding the embodied experiences of low-income older people.Mansfield, L; Kay, T; Anokye, N; Fox-Rushby, J
16-Jan-2019Termination of DNA Replication in ProkaryotesRudolph, C; Corocher, T-A; Grainge, I; Duggin, IG
9-Aug-2018The snail Biomphalaria glabrata as a model to interrogate the molecular basis of complex human diseasesBridger, JM; Brindley, PJ; Knight, M
2017Corrigendum: Whole genome analysis of a schistosomiasis-transmitting freshwater snailAdema, CM; Hillier, LDW; Jones, CS; Loker, ES; Knight, M; Minx, P; Oliveira, G; Raghavan, N; Shedlock, A; do Amaral, LR; Arican-Goktas, HD; Assis, JG; Baba, EH; Baron, OL; Bayne, CJ; Bickham-Wright, U; Biggar, KK; Blouin, M; Bonning, BC; Botka, C; Bridger, JM; Buckley, KM; Buddenborg, SK; Lima Caldeira, R; Carleton, J; Carvalho, OS; Castillo, MG; Chalmers, IW; Christensens, M; Clifton, S; Cosseau, C; Coustau, C; Cripps, RM; Cuesta-Astroz, Y; Cummins, SF; Di Stefano, L; Dinguirard, N; Duval, D; Emrich, S; Feschotte, C; Feyereisen, R; FitzGerald, P; Fronick, C; Fulton, L; Galinier, R; Gava, SG; Geusz, M; Geyer, KK; Giraldo-Calderón, GI; de Souza Gomes, M; Gordy, MA; Gourbal, B; Grunau, C; Hanington, PC; Hoffmann, KF; Hughes, D; Humphries, J; Jackson, DJ; Jannotti-Passos, LK; de Jesus Jeremias, W; Jobling, S; Kamel, B; Kapusta, A; Kaur, S; Koene, JM; Kohn, AB; Lawson, D; Lawton, SP; Liang, D; Limpanont, Y; Liu, S; Lockyer, AE; Lovato, TAL; Ludolf, F; Magrini, V; McManus, DP; Medina, M; Misra, M; Mitta, G; Mkoji, GM; Montague, MJ; Montelongo, C; Moroz, LL; Munoz-Torres, MC; Niazi, U; Noble, LR; Oliveira, FS; Pais, FS; Papenfuss, AT; Peace, R; Pena, JJ; Pila, EA; Quelais, T; Raney, BJ; Rast, JP; Rollinson, D; Rosse, IC; Rotgans, B; Routledge, EJ; Ryan, KM
2017Association of Marek's Disease induced immunosuppression with activation of a novel regulatory T cells in chickens.4) Gurung, A; Kamble, N; Kaufer, BB; Pathan, A; Behboudi, S
2018Complement dependent and independent interaction between bovine conglutinin and Mycobacterium bovis BCG: implications in bovine tuberculosisMehamood, A; Kouser, L; Kaur, A; Holmskov, U; A-Ahdal, MN; Sim, RB; Kishore, U; Tsolaki, AG
2018How elite sport helps to foster and maintain a neoliberal culture: The ‘branding’ of Melbourne, Australia.John, A; McDonald, B
Mar-2017Sensory enrichment for people living with dementia: increasing the benefits of multisensory environments in dementia care through designJakob, A; Collier, L
17-Dec-2018Neuroticism related differences in working memory tasks.Saylik, R; Szameitat, AJ; Cheeta, S
2018Intermittent sprint performance in the heat is not altered by augmenting thermal perception via L-Menthol or Capsaicin mouth rinsesGibson, O; Wrightson, J; Hayes, M
2018Editorial: Cross Adaptation and Cross Tolerance in Human Health and DiseaseLee, B; Gibson, O; Thake, C; Tipton, M; Hawley, J; Cotter, J
Nov-2018Dodici Domande su Psicoanalisi e FilosofiaNobus, DM
2018Multi-echo fMRI, resting-state connectivity, and high psychometric schizotypyWaltmann, M; O'Daly, O; Egerton, A; McMullen, K; Kumari, V; Barker, GJ; Williams, SCR; Modinos, G
2018A qualitative investigation of the role of sport coaches in designing and delivering a complex community sport intervention for increasing physical activity and improving healthMansfield, L; Kay, T; Anokye, N; Fox-Rushby, J
2018Functional Cardiac Orexin Receptors: Role of Orexin-B/Orexin 2 Receptor in Myocardial Protection.Karteris, E; Patel, VH; Chen, J; Kyrou, I; Mattu, H; Dimitriadis, G; Rodrigo, G; Antoniades, C; Antonopoulos, A; Tan, B; Hillhouse, E; Ng, A; Randeva, H
2018The ERK and JNK pathways in the regulation of metabolic reprogramming.Papa, S; Choy, PM; Bubici, C
2017Harm to self outweighs benefit to others in moral decision makingVolz, LJ; Welborn, BL; Gobel, MS; Gazzaniga, MS; Grafton, ST
2017The motivational impact of wearable healthy lifestyle technologies: a self-determination perspective on Fitbits with adolescentsKerner, C; Goodyear, VA
2018The Genomic Health of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells: Genomic Instability and the Consequences on Nuclear OrganisationBridger, JM; Henry, M; Hawkins, R; Boyle, J
2018Antibacterial Activity of Mg1-xNixO(x=0.5) Nano-Solid Solution; Experimental and Computational ApproachChaudhary, AJ; M. Qammar, M; Z. Malik, Z; F. Malik, F; T. Baig, T
2018A role for 3’ exonucleases at the final stages of chromosome duplication in Escherichia coliMidgley-Smith, S; Dimude, J; Rudolph, C
2017Oxygenation in carbonate microbialites and associated facies after the end-Permian mass extinction: Problems and potential solutionsKershaw, S; Tang, H; Li, Y; Guo, L
2018The Limits of Super Recognition: An Other-Ethnicity Effect in Individuals with Extraordinary Face Recognition SkillsBate, S; Bennetts, R; Hasshim, N; Portch, E; Murray, E; Burns, E; Dudfield, G
2018Once- and twice-daily heat acclimation confer similar heat adaptations, inflammatory responses and exercise tolerance improvements.Willmott, AGB; Hayes, M; James, C; Dekerle, J; Gibson, O; Maxwell, N
2018Large interruptions of GAA repeat expansiopns mutations in Friedreich ataxia are very rarePook, M; Al-Mahdawi, S; Ging, H; Bayot, A; Cavalcanti, F; La Cognata, V; Cavallaro, S; Giunti, P
2018FAST-1 antisense RNA epigenetically alters FXN expressionPook, M; Mikaeili, H; Sandi, M; Bayot, A; Al-Mahdawi, S
2018The Minds of God(s) and Humans: Differences in Mind Perception in Fiji and North AmericaWillard, AK; McNamara, RA
2018Using fMRI and machine learning to predict symptom improvement following cognitive behavioural therapy for psychosisKumari, V; Tolmeijer, E; Peters, E; Williams, S; Mason, L
2018GENCODE reference annotation for the human and mouse genomesFrankish, A; Diekhans, M; Ferreira, AM; Johnson, R; Jungreis, I; Loveland, J; Mudge, JM; Sisu, C; Wright, C; Armstrong, J; Barnes, I; Berry, A; Bignell, A; Carbonell Sala, S; Chrast, J; Cunningham, F; Di Domenico, T; Donaldson, S; Fiddes, IT; García Girón, C; Gonzalez, JM; Grego, T; Hardy, M; Hourlier, T; Hunt, T; Izuogu, OG; Lagarde, J; Martin, FJ; Martínez, L; Mohanan, S; Muir, P; Navarro, FCP; Parker, A; Pei, B; Pozo, F; Ruffier, M; Schmitt, BM; Stapleton, E; Suner, MM; Sycheva, I; Uszczynska-Ratajczak, B; Xu, J; Yates, A; Zebrino, D; Zhang, Y; Aken, B; Choudhary, JS; Gerstein, MB; Guigó, R; Hubbard, TJP; Kellis, M; Paten, B; Reymond, A; Tress, ML; Flicek, P
2017Where you look matters for body perception: Preferred gaze location contributes to the body inversion effectArizpe, JM; Mckean, DL; Tsao, JW; Chan, AWY
2016Distractors associated with reward break through the focus of attentionMunneke, J; Belopolsky, AV; Theeuwes, J
2017Fearful Faces do Not Lead to Faster Attentional Deployment in Individuals with Elevated Psychopathic TraitsHoppenbrouwers, SS; Munneke, J; Kooiman, KA; Little, B; Neumann, CS; Theeuwes, J
2016Changes in Neurocognitive Architecture in Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Treated with Continuous Positive Airway PressureRosenzweig, I; Glasser, M; Crum, WR; Kempton, MJ; Milosevic, M; McMillan, A; Leschziner, GD; Kumari, V; Goadsby, P; Simonds, AK; Williams, SCR; Morrell, MJ
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 1518