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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Large interruptions of GAA repeat expansiopns mutations in Friedreich ataxia are very rarePook, M; Al-Mahdawi, S; Ging, H; Bayot, A; Cavalcanti, F; La Cognata, V; Cavallaro, S; Giunti, P
2018FAST-1 antisense RNA epigenetically alters FXN expressionPook, M; Mikaeili, H; Sandi, M; Bayot, A; Al-Mahdawi, S
2018Using fMRI and machine learning to predict symptom improvement following cognitive behavioural therapy for psychosisKumari, V; Tolmeijer, E; Peters, E; Williams, S; Mason, L
2018GENCODE reference annotation for the human and mouse genomesFrankish, A; Diekhans, M; Ferreira, AM; Johnson, R; Jungreis, I; Loveland, J; Mudge, JM; Sisu, C; Wright, C; Armstrong, J; Barnes, I; Berry, A; Bignell, A; Carbonell Sala, S; Chrast, J; Cunningham, F; Di Domenico, T; Donaldson, S; Fiddes, IT; García Girón, C; Gonzalez, JM; Grego, T; Hardy, M; Hourlier, T; Hunt, T; Izuogu, OG; Lagarde, J; Martin, FJ; Martínez, L; Mohanan, S; Muir, P; Navarro, FCP; Parker, A; Pei, B; Pozo, F; Ruffier, M; Schmitt, BM; Stapleton, E; Suner, MM; Sycheva, I; Uszczynska-Ratajczak, B; Xu, J; Yates, A; Zebrino, D; Zhang, Y; Aken, B; Choudhary, JS; Gerstein, MB; Guigó, R; Hubbard, TJP; Kellis, M; Paten, B; Reymond, A; Tress, ML; Flicek, P
2017Where you look matters for body perception: Preferred gaze location contributes to the body inversion effectArizpe, JM; Mckean, DL; Tsao, JW; Chan, AWY
2016Distractors associated with reward break through the focus of attentionMunneke, J; Belopolsky, AV; Theeuwes, J
2017Fearful Faces do Not Lead to Faster Attentional Deployment in Individuals with Elevated Psychopathic TraitsHoppenbrouwers, SS; Munneke, J; Kooiman, KA; Little, B; Neumann, CS; Theeuwes, J
2016Changes in Neurocognitive Architecture in Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Treated with Continuous Positive Airway PressureRosenzweig, I; Glasser, M; Crum, WR; Kempton, MJ; Milosevic, M; McMillan, A; Leschziner, GD; Kumari, V; Goadsby, P; Simonds, AK; Williams, SCR; Morrell, MJ
2015Cognitive behavioral therapy normalizes functional connectivity for social threat in psychosisMason, L; Peters, ER; Dima, D; Williams, SC; Kumari, V
2015Mapping depression in schizophrenia: A functional magnetic resonance imaging studyKumari, V; Peters, E; Guinn, A; Fannon, D; Russell, T; Sumich, A; Kuipers, E; Williams, SCR; Ffytche, DH
2018Genome-Wide and Abdominal MRI-Imaging Data Provides Evidence that a Genetically Determined Favourable Adiposity Phenotype is Characterized by Lower Ectopic Liver Fat and Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease and HypertensionYiorkas, A; Blakemore, A
2014A new regulator of pathogenicity (bvlR) is required for full virulence and tight microcolony formation in Pseudomonas aeruginosaMcCarthy, RR; Mooij, MJ; Reen, FJ; Lesouhaitier, O; O'Gara, F
2016Metabolic characterization of a rare genetic variation within APOC3 and its lipoprotein lipase-independent effectsDrenos, F; Smith, GD; Ala-Korpela, M; Kettunen, J; Würtz, P; Soininen, P; Kangas, AJ; Dale, C; Lawlor, DA; Gaunt, TR; Casas, JP; Timpson, NJ
2016Variant rs10911021 that associates with coronary heart disease in type 2 diabetes, is associated with lower concentrations of circulating HDL cholesterol and large HDL particles but not with amino acidsBeaney, KE; Cooper, JA; McLachlan, S; Wannamethee, SG; Jefferis, BJ; Whincup, P; Ben-Shlomo, Y; Price, JF; Kumari, M; Wong, A; Ong, K; Hardy, R; Kuh, D; Kivimaki, M; Kangas, AJ; Soininen, P; Ala-Korpela, M; Drenos, F; Humphries, SE
2017Cyclic-di-GMP regulates lipopolysaccharide modification and contributes to Pseudomonas aeruginosa immune evasionMcCarthy, RR; Mazon-Moya, MJ; Moscoso, JA; Hao, Y; Lam, JS; Bordi, C; Mostowy, S; Filloux, A
2016Pulmonary surfactant protein SP-D opsonises carbon nanotubes and augments their phagocytosis and subsequent pro-inflammatory immune responsePondman, KM; Paudyal, B; Sim, RB; Kaur, A; Kouser, L; Tsolaki, AG; Jones, LA; Salvador-Morales, C; Khan, HA; ten Haken, B; Stenbeck, G; Kishore, U
2018Bone marrow transplantation stimulates neural repair in Friedreich's ataxia miceKemp, KC; Hares, K; Redondo, J; Cook, AJ; Haynes, HR; Burton, BR; Pook, MA; Rice, CM; Scolding, NJ; Wilkins, A
2017Disruption of N -acyl-homoserine lactone-specific signalling and virulence in clinical pathogens by marine sponge bacteriaGutiérrez-Barranquero, JA; Reen, FJ; Parages, ML; McCarthy, R; Dobson, ADW; O'Gara, F
2016Brain injury induces specific changes in the caecal microbiota of mice via altered autonomic activity and mucoprotein productionHoulden, A; Goldrick, M; Brough, D; Vizi, ES; Lénárt, N; Martinecz, B; Roberts, IS; Denes, A
2015Direct detection of lipid A on intact Gram-negative bacteria by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometryLarrouy-Maumus, G; Clements, A; Filloux, A; McCarthy, RR; Mostowy, S
2018Three-dimensional cell culture: From evolution to revolutionThemis, M
2018Mate preferences and their behavioral manifestations.Schmitt; Buss, D
2018Sixteen diverse laboratory mouse reference genomes define strain specific haplotypes and novel functional lociLilue, J; Doran, AG; Fiddes, IT; Abrudan, M; Armstrong, J; Bennett, R; Chow, W; Collins, J; Collins, S; Czechanski, A; Danecek, P; Diekhans, M; Dolle, D-D; Dunn, M; Durbin, R; Earl, D; Ferguson-Smith, A; Flicek, P; Flint, J; Frankish, A; Fu, B; Gerstein, M; Gilbert, J; Goodstadt, L; Harrow, J; Howe, K; Ibarra-Soria, X; Kolmogorov, M; Lelliott, C; Logan, DW; Loveland, J; Mathews, CE; Mott, R; Muir, P; Nachtweide, S; Navarro, FCP; Odom, DT; Park, N; Pelan, S; Pham, SK; Quail, M; Reinholdt, L; Romoth, L; Shirley, L; Sisu, C; Sjoberg-Herrera, M; Stanke, M; Steward, C; Thomas, M; Threadgold, G; Thybert, D; Torrance, J; Wong, K; Wood, J; Yalcin, B; Yang, F; Adams, DJ; Paten, B; Keane, TM
2018The Feasibility and Acceptability of The Girls Peer Activity (G-PACT) Peer-led Mentoring InterventionOwen, MB; Kerner, C; Taylor, SL; Noonan, RJ; Newson, L; Kosteli, M-C; Curry, WB; Fairclough, SJ
2018Does perception of drug related harm change with age? A cross-sectional on-line survey of young and older peopleCheeta, S
2018Optimised ARID1A immunohistochemistry is an accurate predictor of ARID1A mutational status in gynaecological cancersKhalique, S; Naidoo, K; Attygalle, AD; Kriplani, D; Daley, F; Lowe, A; Campbell, J; Jones, T; Hubank, M; Fenwick, K; Matthews, N; Rust, AG; Lord, CJ; Banerjee, S; Natrajan, R
2018Association of p16 expression with prognosis varies across ovarian carcinoma histotypes: an Ovarian Tumor Tissue Analysis consortium study.Rambau, PF; Vierkant, RA; Intermaggio, MP; Kelemen, LE; Goodman, MT; Herpel, E; Pharoah, PD; Kommoss, S; Jimenez-Linan, M; Karlan, BY; Gentry-Maharaj, A; Menon, U; Hernando Polo, S; Candido Dos Reis, FJ; Doherty, JA; Gayther, SA; Sharma, R; Larson, MC; Harnett, PR; Hatfield, E; de Andrade, JM; Nelson, GS; Steed, H; Schildkraut, JM; Carney, ME; Høgdall, E; Whittemore, AS; Widschwendter, M; Kennedy, CJ; Wang, F; Wang, Q; Wang, C; Armasu, SM; Daley, F; Coulson, P; Jones, ME; Anglesio, MS; Chow, C; deFazio, A; García-Closas, M; Brucker, SY; Cybulski, C; Harris, HR; Hartkopf, AD; Huzarski, T; Jensen, A; Lubiński, J; Oszurek, O; Benitez, J; Fady, M; Staebler, A; Taran, FA; Pasternak, J; Talhouk, A; Rossing, MA; Hendley, J; AOCS Group; Edwards, RP; Fereday, S; Modugno, F; Ness, RB; Sieh, W; El-Bahrawy, MA; Winham, SJ; Lester, J; Kjaer, SK; Gronwald, J; Sinn, P; Fasching, PA; Chang-Claude, J; Moysich, KB; Bowtell, DD; Hernandez, BY; Luk, H; Behrens, S; Shah, M; Jung, A; Ghatage, P; Alsop, J; Alsop, K; García-Donas, J; Thompson, PJ; Swerdlow, AJ; Karpinskyj, C; Cazorla-Jiménez, A; García, MJ; Deen, S; Wilkens, LR; Palacios, J; Berchuck, A; Koziak, JM; Brenton, JD; Cook, LS; Goode, EL; Huntsman, DG; Ramus, SJ; Köbel, M
2018FFPE breast tumour blocks provide reliable sources of both germline and malignant DNA for investigation of genetic determinants of individual tumour responses to treatmentWilkins, A; Chauhan, R; Rust, A; Pearson, A; Daley, F; Manodoro, F; Fenwick, K; Bliss, J; Yarnold, J; Somaiah, N
2018Ki67 Is an Independent Predictor of Recurrence in the Largest Randomized Trial of 3 Radiation Fractionation Schedules in Localized Prostate CancerWilkins, AC; Gusterson, B; Szijgyarto, Z; Haviland, J; Griffin, C; Stuttle, C; Daley, F; Corbishley, CM; Dearnaley, DP; Hall, E; Somaiah, N
2018Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury Reduces Long Term Renal Graft Survival: Mechanism and BeyondZhao, H; Alam, A; Soo, AP; George, AJT; Ma, D
2018Is the a-chain the engine that drives the diversity of C1q functions? Revisiting its unique structureGhebrehiwet, B; Kandov, E; Kishore, U; Peerschke, EIB
2018Effects of anterior compartment fasciotomy on intramuscular compartment pressure in patients with chronic exertional compartment syndromeRoscoe, D; Roberts, AJ; Hulse, D; Shaheen, AF; Hughes, MP; Bennet, AN
2018Material security, life history, and moralistic religions: A cross-cultural examinationPurzycki, BG; Ross, CT; Apicella, C; Atkinson, QD; Cohen, E; McNamara, RA; Willard, AK; Xygalatas, D; Norenzayan, A; Henrich, J
2018Relationship between BMI and emotion-handling capacity in an adult Finnish population: the Northern Finland Birth Cohort 1966Ramzi, NH; Yiorkas, A; Sebert, S; Keinanen-Kiukaanniemi, S; Ala-Mursulu, L; Jokelainen, J; Veijola, J; Avinen, J; Miettunen, J; Dovey, T; Jarvelin, M-R; Blakemore, A
2018Una deuda irredimible: Sobre la traducción al inglés de los dos primeros seminarios públicos de LacanNobus, DM
2018Defining and Measuring Subjective Wellbeing for Sport PolicyTestoni, S; Mansfield, L; Dolan, P
2018Why is physical education more stimulating for pupils who are more satisfied with their own body?Kerner, C; Kirk, D; De Meester, A; Haerens, L
2018Lifetime study in mice after acute low-dose ionizing radiation: a multifactorial study with special focus on cataract riskDalke, C; Neff, F; Bains, SK; Bright, S; Lord, D; Reitmeir, P; Rößler, U; Samaga, D; Unger, K; Braselmann, H; Wagner, F; Greiter, M; Gomolka, M; Hornhardt, S; Kunze, S; Kempf, SJ; Garrett, L; Hölter, SM; Wurst, W; Rosemann, M; Azimzadeh, O; Tapio, S; Aubele, M; Theis, F; Hoeschen, C; Slijepcevic, P; Kadhim, M; Atkinson, M; Zitzelsberger, H; Kulka, U; Graw, J
2018Increased resting perfusion of the hippocampus in high positive schizotypy: A pseudocontinuous arterial spin labeling studyModinos, G; Egerton, A; McMullen, K; McLaughlin, A; Kumari, V; Barker, GJ; Williams, SCR; Zelaya, F
2018Psychoanalysis and Philosophy: Questions and AnswersNobus, DM
2018Increased Wellbeing from Social Interaction in a Secular CongregationPrice, M; Launay, J
2018Direct Growth Inhibitory Effect of Platelet Activating Factor C-16 and its Structural Analogues on MycobacteriaRiaz, M; Kaur, A; Shwayat, S; Behboudi, S; Kishore, U; Pathan, A
2018Human Surfactant Protein D suppresses epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in pancreatic cancer cells by downregulating TGF-βKaur, A; Riaz, S; Singh, S; Kishore, U
2018Transcription factors early growth response gene (Egr) 2 and 3 control inflammatory responses of tolerant T cellsLi, S; Omodho; Singh; Wang; Symonds; Miao
2018Origins left, right and centre: increasing the number of initiation sites in the Escherichia coli chromosomeDimude, J; Stein, M; Andrzejewska, E; Khalifa, M; Gajdosova, A; Retkute, R; Skovgaard, O; Rudolph, C
2017Testing theories of secularization and religious belief in the Czech Republic and SlovakiaWillard, AK; Cingl, L
2016Evaluation of upper extremity neurorehabilitation using technology: A European Delphi consensus study within the EU COST Action Network on Robotics for NeurorehabilitationHughes, AM; Bouças, SB; Burridge, JH; Alt Murphy, M; Buurke, J; Feys, P; Klamroth-Marganska, V; Lamers, I; Prange-Lasonder, G; Timmermans, A; Keller, T
2013Designing a placebo device: Involving service users in clinical trial designGooberman-Hill, R; Jinks, C; Bouças, SB; Hislop, K; Dziedzic, KS; Rhodes, C; Burston, A; Adams, J
2018Pathological significance and prognostic value of Surfactant Protein D in cancerMangogna, A; Belmonte, B; Agostinis, C; Giuseppe, R; Gulino, A; Ferrara, I; Zanconati, F; Tripodo, C; Romano, F; Kishore, U; Bulla, R
2018Symmetry perception for patterns defined by colour and luminanceMartinovic, J; Jennings, BJ; Makin, ADJ; Bertamini, M; Angelescu, I
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 1476