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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Dec-2016Clinical use of programmed cell death-1 (PD-1) and its ligand (PD-L1) expression as discriminatory and predictive markers in ovarian cancerChatterjee, J; Dai, W; Abd Aziz, NH; Teo, PY; Wahba, J; Phelps, DL; Maine, CJ; Whilding, L; Dina, R; Trevisan, G; Flower, KJ; George, AJT; Ghaem-Maghami, S
7-Aug-2018Lentivector Producer Cell Lines with Stably Expressed Vesiculovirus EnvelopesTijani, M; Munis, AM; Perry, C; Sanber, K; Ferraresso, M; Mukhopadhyay, T; Themis, M; Nisoli, I; Mattiuzzo, G; Collins, MK; Takeuchi, Y
27-Jul-2017Power in a social exchange: To what extent are decisions about fertility “shared” within intimate relationships?Adair, L; Brase, G
6-Apr-2018The evolution of the shaman's cultural toolkitWillard, AK; Nakawake, Y; Jong, J
24-May-2018The cognitive and cultural foundations of moral behaviorPurzycki, BG; Pisor, AC; Apicella, C; Atkinson, Q; Cohen, E; Henrich, J; McElreath, R; McNamara, RA; Norenzayan, A; Willard, AK; Xygalatas, D
1-Jan-2018EDC IMPACT: Reduced sperm counts in rats exposed to human relevant mixtures of endocrine disruptersAxelstad, M; Hass, U; Scholze, M; Christiansen, S; Kortenkamp, A; Boberg, J
8-Dec-2017Endocrine disruptors: The burden of endocrine-disrupting chemicals in the USAKortenkamp, A
16-Apr-2018Therapeutic Potential of Annexin A1 in Ischemia Reperfusion InjuryAnsari, J; Kaur, G; Gavins, F
8-Jul-2016Sulforaphane induces neurovascular protection against a systemic inflammatory challenge via both Nrf2-dependent and independent pathwaysHolloway, PM; Gillespie, S; Becker, F; Vital, SA; Nguyen, V; Alexander, JS; Evans, PC; Gavins, FNE
2019Prognostic implications of the complement protein C1q in gliomasMangogna, A; Belmonte, B; Agostinis, C; Zacchi, P; Iacopino, DG; Martorana, A; Rodolico, V; Bonazza, D; Zanconati, F; Kishore, U; Bulla, R
16-Mar-2019Potential therapeutic roles of stem cells in ischemia-reperfusion injuryBarzegar, M; Kaur, G; Gavins, FNE; Wang, Y; Boyer, CJ; Alexander, JS
22-Aug-2017Corrigendum: Visual surround suppression in schizophreniaTibber, MS; Anderson, EJ; Bobin, T; Antonova, E; Seabright, A; Wright, B; Carlin, P; Shergill, SS; Dakin, SC
2019Early embryonic exposure of freshwater gastropods to pharmaceutical 5α-reductase inhibitors results in a surprising open-coiled “banana-shaped” shellBaynes, A; Montagut Pino, G; Huong Duong, G; Lockyer, AE; McDougall, C; Jobling, S; Routledge, EJ
2019Competitor derogation in romantic jealousy and friendship rivalrySchutzwohl, A; Joshi, N; Abdur-Razak, F
31-May-2016Formyl-Peptide Receptor 2/3/Lipoxin A 4 Receptor Regulates Neutrophil-Platelet Aggregation and Attenuates Cerebral InflammationVital, SA; Becker, F; Holloway, PM; Russell, J; Perretti, M; Granger, DN; Gavins, FNE
2018Upper Ordovician continuous lithological succession in outer-shelf facies, Yangtze Platform, South China: Facies changes and oceanographic reconstruction up to the Late Ordovician Hirnantian glaciationYu, S; Chen, Q; Kershaw, S; Li, Y; Li, C
2019Sedimentology of reefal buildups of the Xiannüdong Formation (Cambrian Series 2), SW ChinaTang, H; Kershaw, S; Tan, XC; Liu, H; Li, F; Shen, C; Lu, FF; Yang, XF
8-Sep-2011Visual performance fields: Frames of referenceCorbett, JE; Carrasco, M
18-Jun-2014Statistical extraction affects visually guided actionCorbett, JE; Song, JH
11-Sep-2019Quorum sensing signalling alters virulence potential and population dynamics in complex microbiome-host interactomesReen, J; Gutierrez Barranquero, JA; McCarthy, R; Scarciglia, S; Woods, DF; Fog Nielsen, K; Gram, L; O'Gara, F
22-Nov-2016The Whole Warps the Sum of Its Parts: Gestalt-Defined-Group Mean Size Biases Memory for Individual ObjectsCorbett, JE
25-Apr-2012Shifting attention within memory representations involves early visual areas.Munneke, J; Belopolsky, AV; Theeuwes, J
2-Dec-2011Preparatory effects of distractor suppression: Evidence from visual cortexMunneke, J; Heslenfeld, DJ; Usrey, WM; Theeuwes, J; Mangun, GR
20-Aug-2013The influence of scene context on object recognition is independent ofattentional focusMunneke, J; Brentari, V; Peelen, MV
1-Sep-2019Judgement utility modulates the use of explicit contextual priors and visual information during anticipationGredin, NV; Broadbent, DP; Williams, AM; Bishop, DT
4-Aug-2017Shoulder Bone Geometry Affects the Active and Passive Axial Rotational Range of the Glenohumeral JointHumphries, A; Cirovic, S; Shaheen, AF
30-Jun-2016Marginal role for 53 common genetic variants in cardiovascular disease predictionMorris, RW; Cooper, JA; Shah, T; Wong, A; Drenos, F; Engmann, J; McLachlan, S; Jefferis, B; Dale, C; Hardy, R; Kuh, D; Ben-Shlomo, Y; Wannamethee, SG; Whincup, PH; Casas, JP; Kivimaki, M; Kumari, M; Talmud, PJ; Price, JF; Dudbridge, F; Hingorani, AD; Humphries, SE
3-Jul-2019Novel Role for the AnxA1-Fpr2/ALX Signaling Axis as a Key Regulator of Platelet Function to Promote Resolution of InflammationSenchenkova, EY; Ansari, J; Becker, F; Vital, SA; Al-Yafeai, Z; Sparkenbaugh, EM; Pawlinski, R; Stokes, KY; Carroll, JL; Dragoi, AM; Qin, CX; Ritchie, RH; Sun, H; Cuellar-Saenz, HH; Rubinstein, MR; Han, YW; Orr, AW; Perretti, M; Granger, DN; Gavins, FNE
24-Jul-2019Effects of acute aerobic and resistance exercise on executive function: An ERP studyWu, C-H; Karageorghis, CI; Wang, C-C; Chu, C-H; Kao, S-C; Hung, T-M; Chang, Y-K
20-Aug-2019A metabolic profile of all-cause mortality risk identified in an observational study of 44,168 individualsDeelen, J; Kettunen, J; Fischer, K; van der Spek, A; Trompet, S; Kastenmüller, G; Boyd, A; Zierer, J; van den Akker, EB; Ala-Korpela, M; Amin, N; Demirkan, A; Ghanbari, M; van Heemst, D; Ikram, MA; van Klinken, JB; Mooijaart, SP; Peters, A; Salomaa, V; Sattar, N; Spector, TD; Tiemeier, H; Verhoeven, A; Waldenberger, M; Würtz, P; Davey Smith, G; Metspalu, A; Perola, M; Menni, C; Geleijnse, JM; Drenos, F; Beekman, M; Jukema, JW; van Duijn, CM; Slagboom, PE
20-Nov-2017Detecting macroecological patterns in bacterial communities across independent studies of global soilsRamirez, KS; Knight, CG; De Hollander, M; Brearley, FQ; Constantinides, B; Cotton, A; Creer, S; Crowther, TW; Davison, J; Delgado-Baquerizo, M; Dorrepaal, E; Elliott, DR; Fox, G; Griffiths, RI; Hale, C; Hartman, K; Houlden, A; Jones, DL; Krab, EJ; Maestre, FT; McGuire, KL; Monteux, S; Orr, CH; Van Der Putten, WH; Roberts, IS; Robinson, DA; Rocca, JD; Rowntree, J; Schlaeppi, K; Shepherd, M; Singh, BK; Straathof, AL; Bhatnagar, JM; Thion, C; Van Der Heijden, MGA; De Vries, FT
2013Exploring attachment to the "homeland" and its association with heritage culture identificationFerenczi, N; Marshall, T
2019The pupillary response to the unknown: Novelty versus familiarityBeukema, S; Jennings, B; Olson, J; Kingdom, F
31-May-2016Schizotypy and mindfulness: Magical thinking without suspiciousness characterizes mindfulness meditatorsAntonova, E; Amaratunga, K; Wright, B; Ettinger, U; Kumari, V
2019Principles of information processing and natural learning in biological systemsSlijepcevic, P
12-Sep-2016Meta-analysis identifies common and rare variants influencing blood pressure and overlapping with metabolic trait lociLiu, C; Kraja, AT; Smith, JA; Brody, JA; Franceschini, N; Bis, JC; Rice, K; Morrison, AC; Lu, Y; Weiss, S; Guo, X; Palmas, W; Martin, LW; Chen, YDI; Surendran, P; Drenos, F; Cook, JP; Auer, PL; Chu, AY; Giri, A; Zhao, W; Jakobsdottir, J; Lin, LA; Stafford, JM; Amin, N; Mei, H; Yao, J; Voorman, A; Larson, MG; Grove, ML; Smith, AV; Hwang, SJ; Chen, H; Huan, T; Kosova, G; Stitziel, NO; Kathiresan, S; Samani, N; Schunkert, H; Deloukas, P; Li, M; Fuchsberger, C; Pattaro, C; Gorski, M; Kooperberg, C; Papanicolaou, GJ; Rossouw, JE; Faul, JD; Kardia, SLR; Bouchard, C; Raffel, LJ; Uitterlinden, AG; Franco, OH; Vasan, RS; O'Donnell, CJ; Taylor, KD; Liu, K; Bottinger, EP; Gottesman, O; Daw, EW; Giulianini, F; Ganesh, S; Salfati, E; Harris, TB; Launer, LJ; Dörr, M; Felix, SB; Rettig, R; Völzke, H; Kim, E; Lee, WJ; Lee, IT; Sheu, WHH; Tsosie, KS; Edwards, DRV; Liu, Y; Correa, A; Weir, DR; Völker, U; Ridker, PM; Boerwinkle, E; Gudnason, V; Reiner, AP; Van Duijn, CM; Borecki, IB; Edwards, TL; Chakravarti, A; Rotter, JI; Psaty, BM; Loos, RJF; Fornage, M; Ehret, GB; Newton-Cheh, C; Levy, D; Chasman, DI
6-Jun-2016Assessment of the clinical utility of adding common single nucleotide polymorphism genetic scores to classical risk factor algorithms in coronary heart disease risk prediction in UK menBeaney, KE; Cooper, JA; Drenos, F; Humphries, SE
9-Jun-2016Replication and characterization of association between ABO SNPs and red blood cell traits by meta-analysis in EuropeansMcLachlan, S; Giambartolomei, C; White, J; Charoen, P; Wong, A; Finan, C; Engmann, J; Shah, T; Hersch, M; Podmore, C; Cavadino, A; Jefferis, BJ; Dale, CE; Hypponen, E; Morris, RW; Casas, JP; Kumari, M; Ben-Shlomo, Y; Gaunt, TR; Drenos, F; Langenberg, C; Kuh, D; Kivimaki, M; Rueedi, R; Waeber, G; Hingorani, AD; Price, JF; Walker, AP; Cooper, J; Day, IN; De Silva, M; Dudbridge, F; Fatemifar, G; Garfield, V; Humphries, SE; Lawlor, DA; Davies, TL; Plagnol, V; Power, C; Shah, S; Sofat, R; Swerdlow, DI; Talmud, PJ; Whincup, P; Whittaker, JC; Zabaneh, D
1-Nov-2016Proteomics profiling of interactome dynamics by colocalisation analysis (COLA)Mardakheh, FK; Sailem, HZ; Kümper, S; Tape, CJ; McCully, RR; Paul, A; Anjomani-Virmouni, S; Jørgensen, C; Poulogiannis, G; Marshall, CJ; Bakal, C
15-Nov-2016Identifying gene–gene interactions that are highly associated with four quantitative lipid traits across multiple cohortsDe, R; Verma, SS; Holzinger, E; Hall, M; Burt, A; Carrell, DS; Crosslin, DR; Jarvik, GP; Kuivaniemi, H; Kullo, IJ; Lange, LA; Lanktree, MB; Larson, EB; North, KE; Reiner, AP; Tragante, V; Tromp, G; Wilson, JG; Asselbergs, FW; Drenos, F; Moore, JH; Ritchie, MD; Keating, B; Gilbert-Diamond, D
24-Feb-2018Exosomes Transfer p53 between Cells and Can Suppress Growth and Proliferation of p53-Negative CellsBurdakov, VS; Kovalev, RA; Pantina, RA; Varfolomeeva, EY; Makarov, EM; Filatov, MV
7-Nov-2016Perceptual averaging in individuals with autism spectrum disorderCorbett, JE; Venuti, P; Melcher, D
19-May-2017PARK2 loss promotes cancer progression via redox-mediated inactivation of PTENGupta, A; Anjomani-Virmouni, S; Koundouros, N; Poulogiannis, G
7-Aug-2019O "Escritos" de Lacan revisitado: sobre a escrita como objeto de desejoNobus, D
17-Jul-2017Combining two model systems of psychosis: The effects of schizotypy and sleep deprivation on oculomotor control and psychotomimetic statesMeyhöfer, I; Steffens, M; Faiola, E; Kasparbauer, AM; Kumari, V; Ettinger, U
25-Jul-2017Joint action aestheticsVicary, S; Sperling, M; Von Zimmermann, J; Richardson, DC; Orgs, G
11-May-2017Where the psychological adaptations hit the ecological roadJonason, PK; Schmitt, DP
1-Nov-2017What Explains Personality Covariation? A Test of the Socioecological Complexity HypothesisLukaszewski, AW; Gurven, M; von Rueden, CR; Schmitt, DP
1-Apr-2019Supply chain management of biomass for energy generation: a critical analysis of main trendsSilva Martins, LO; Fortuna Carneiro, RA; Andrade Torres, E; Santana Silva, M; Iacovidou, E; Matos Fernades, F; Gaudêncio Mendonça, F
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 1686