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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Psychological and Psychophysiological Effects of Recuperative Music PostexerciseKarageorghis, CI; Bruce, AC; Pottratz, ST; Stevens, RC; Bigliassi, M; Hamer, M
2018The Lacanian School as an Organizational StructureNobus, DM; Moncayo, R
2016Memory and Belief in the Transmission of Counterintuitive ContentWillard, AK; Henrich, J; Norenzayan, A
2017Longer-term impact of high and low temperature on mortality: An international study to clarify length of mortality displacementArmstrong, B; Bell, ML; Coelho, MDSZS; Guo, YLL; Guo, Y; Goodman, P; Hashizume, M; Honda, Y; Kim, H; Lavigne, E; Michelozzi, P; Saldiva, PHN; Schwartz, J; Scortichini, M; Sera, F; Tobias, A; Tong, S; Wu, CF; Zanobetti, A; Zeka, A; Gasparrini, A
2018Amaze: a double-blind, multicentre randomised controlled trial to investigate the clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of adding an ablation device-based maze procedure as an adjunct to routine cardiac surgery for patients with pre-existing atrial fibrillationSingh, J; Sharples, L; Everett, C; Mills, C; Spyt, T; Abu-Omar, Y; Fynn, S; Thorpe, B; Stoneman, V; Goddard, H; Fox-Rushby, J; Nashef, S
2018Identification of novel cancer biomarkers of prognostic value using specific gene regulatory networks (GRN): a novel role of RAD51AP1 for ovarian and lung cancersKarteris, E
2011The Cultural Transmission Of Faith: Why innate intuitions are necessary, but insufficient, to explain religious beliefGervais, WM; Willard, AK; Norenzayan, A; Henrich, J
2018Investigation of fullerenol-induced changes in poroelasticity of human hepatocellular carcinoma by AFM-based creep testsZhu, X; Cirovic, S; Shaheen, A; Xu, W
2018Etiology of hormone receptor positive breast cancer differs by levels of histologic grade and proliferation.Abubakar, M; Chang-Claude, J; Ali, HR; Chatterjee, N; Coulson, P; Daley, F; Blows, F; Benitez, J; Milne, RL; Brenner, H; Stegmaier, C; Mannermaa, A; Rudolph, A; Sinn, P; Couch, FJ; Devilee, P; Tollenaar, RAEM; Seynaeve, C; Figueroa, J; Lissowska, J; Hewitt, S; Hooning, MJ; Hollestelle, A; Foekens, R; Koppert, LB; Investigators, K; Bolla, MK; Wang, Q; Jones, ME; Schoemaker, MJ; Keeman, R; Easton, DF; Swerdlow, AJ; Sherman, ME; Schmidt, MK; Pharoah, PD; Garcia-Closas, M
2018A comparative study of far-field tsunami amplitudes and ocean-wide propagation properties: Insight from major trans-Pacific tsunamis of 2010-2015Heidarzadeh, M; Satake, K; Takagawa, T; Rabinovich, A; Kusumoto, S
2018Intellectual, narcissistic, or Machiavellian? How Twitter users differ from Facebook-only users, why they use Twitter, and what they tweet aboutMarshall, TC; Ferenczi, N; Lefringhausen, K; Hill, S; Deng, J
2018Electro catalytic Oxidation of Reactive Orange 122 in Wastewater by Using Three-Dimensional Electrochemical Reactor (3DER)Uğurlu, M; Vaizoğullar, AI; Yilmaz, I; Günbeldek, M; Chaudhary, AJ
2018"Could you sit down please?" A qualitative analysis of employees experiences of standing in normally seated workplace meetingsMansfield, L; Hall, J; Rasch, M; Reeves, E; Dewitt, S; Gardner, B
2018Amaze: a randomized controlled trial of adjunct surgery for atrial fibrillationNashef, SAM; Fynn, S; Abu-Omar, Y; Spyt, TJ; Mills, C; Everett, CC; Fox-Rushby, J; Singh, J; Sharples, LC
2017The rare nonsense mutation in p53 triggers alternative splicing to produce a protein capable of inducing apoptosis.Makarov, E
2018Entry inhibition and modulation of pro-inflammatory immune response against Influenza A Virus by a recombinant truncated surfactant protein DAl-Ahdal, MN; Murugaiah, V; Mathews, P; Abozaid, SM; Saba, I; Al-Qahtani, AA; Pathan, AA; Kouser, L; Nal, B; Kishore, U
2018Electrocatalytic Oxidation of Orange 122 in Wastewater by Using Three-Dimensional Electrochemical Reactor (3DER)Uğurlu, , M; Vaizoğullar, AI; Yilmaz, SI; Günbeldek, M; Chaudhary, AJ
2018Harm to self outweighs benefit to others in moral decision makingVolz, LJ; Welborn, BL; Gobel, MS; Gazzaniga, MS; Grafton, ST
2018Sex differences in emotion recognition and working memory tasksSaylik, R; Raman, E; Szameitat, AJ
2018The Association Between Negative Attributional Style and Working Memory PerformanceSaylik, R; Szameitat, AJ
2017Removal of priority hazardous pollutants in municipal sewage effluent to meet environmental quality standards of the European Water Framework Directive using TAML ActivatorsKanda, R
2018The Feasibility of a Novel School Peer-led Mentoring Model to Improve the Physical Activity Levels and Sedentary Time of Adolescent Girls: The Girls’ Peer Activity (G-PACT) ProjectOwen, MB; Kerner, C; Taylor, SL; Noonan, RJ; Newson, L; Kosteli, C; Curry, WB; Fairclough, SJ
2018Editorial: Macromolecular Structure Underlying Recognition in Innate ImmunityKishore, U
2015The dual function of social gazeGobel, MS; Kim, HS; Richardson, DC
2017Social Beliefs and Visual Attention: How the Social Relevance of a Cue Influences Spatial OrientingGobel, MS; Tufft, MRA; Richardson, DC
2017Predicting the Formation of Haloacetonitriles and Haloacetamides by Simulated Distribution System TestsSfynia, C; Bond, T; Ganidi, N; Kanda, R; Templeton, MR
201836th International Conference on Biomechanics in SportsLinthorne, NP
2018Chromosomal over-replication in Escherichia coli recG cells is triggered by replication fork fusion and amplified if replichore symmetry is disturbedMidgley-Smith, SL; Dimude, JU; Taylor, T; Forrester, NM; Upton, AL; Lloyd, RG; Rudolph, CJ
2018Approach and avoidance during routine behavior and during surprise in a non-evaluative task: Surprise matters and so does the valence of the surprising eventSchutzwohl, A
2013The movement advantage in famous and unfamiliar faces: A comparison of point-light displays and shape-normalised avatar stimuliBennetts, RJ; Kim, J; Burke, D; Brooks, KR; Lucey, S; Saragih, J; Robbins, RA
2015Processing deficits for familiar and novel faces in patients with left posterior fusiform lesionsRoberts, DJ; Lambon Ralph, MA; Kim, E; Tainturier, M-J; Beeson, PM; Rapcsak, SZ; Woollams, AM
2018Europe’s Culture(s): Negotiating Cultural Meanings, Values, and Identities in the European ContextGobel, M; Benet-Martinez, V; Mesquita, B; Uskul, A
2018Leaders in Interdependent Contexts Suppress Nonverbal Assertiveness: A Multilevel Analysis of Japanese University Club Leaders' and Members' Rank SignalingIto, A; Gobel, M; Uchida, Y
2010Colour detection thresholds as a function of chromatic adaptation and light levelJennings, BJ; Barbur, JL
2015Detection of chromatic and luminance distortions in natural scenesJennings, BJ; Wang, K; Menzies, S; Kingdom, FAA
-Detection of between-eye differences in color: Interactions with luminanceJennings, BJ; Kingdom, FAA
2016Combining S-cone and luminance signals adversely affects discrimination of objects within backgroundsJennings, BJ; Tsattalios, K; Chakravarthi, R; Martinovic, J
2015Chromatic contrast in luminance-defined images affects performance and neural activity during a shape classification taskJennings, BJ; Martinovic, J
2015Shape recognition: convexities, concavities and things in betweenSchmidtmann, G; Jennings, BJ; Kingdom, FAA
2015Probability, not linear summation, mediates the detection of concentric orientation-defined texturesSchmidtmann, G; Jennings, BJ; Bell, J; Kingdom, FAA
2014Luminance and color inputs to mid-level and high-level visionJennings, BJ; Martinovic, J
2013Low-level and high-level modulations of fixational saccades and high frequency oscillatory brain activity in a visual object classification taskKosilo, M; Wuerger, SM; Craddock, M; Jennings, BJ; Hunt, AR; Martinovic, J
2014What lies beneath: A comparison of reading aloud in pure alexia and semantic dementiaWoollams, AM; Hoffman, P; Roberts, DJ; Lambon Ralph, MA; Patterson, KE
2013Impaired integration of object knowledge and visual input in a case of ventral simultanagnosia with bilateral damage to area V4Leek, EC; d'Avossa, G; Tainturier, MJ; Roberts, DJ; Yuen, SL; Hu, M; Rafal, R
2018When does less yield more? The impact of severity upon implicit recognition in pure alexiaRoberts, DJ; Lambon Ralph, MA; Woollams, AM
2015Does long-term passive stretching alter muscle-tendon unit mechanics in children with spastic cerebral palsy?Mohagheghi, AA; Theis, N; Korff, T
2017Chromatic blur perception in the presence of luminance contrastJennings, BJ; Kingdom, FAA
2017Searching for Radial SymmetryJennings, BJ; Kingdom, FAA
2017Common contextual influences in ambiguous and rivalrous figuresOuhnana, M; Jennings, BJ; Kingdom, FAA
2018Adaptation to interocular differenceJennings, B; Kingdom, FAA; Georgeson, MA
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 1418