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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Nov-2020Practitioners’ perceptions, attitudes, and challenges around bullying and cyberbullyingSamara, M; Da Silva Nascimento, B; El Asam, A; Smith, P; Hammuda, S; Morsi, H; Al-Muhannadi, H
29-Apr-2021A short version of the big five inventory (Bfi-20): Evidence on construct validityVeloso Gouveia, V; Rodrigues Araújo, RDC; Vasconcelos de Oliveira, IC; Pereira Gonçalves, M; Milfont, T; Lins de Holanda Coelho, G; Santos, W; de Medeiros, ED; Silva Soares, AK; Pereira Monteiro, R; Moura de Andrade, J; Medeiros Cavalcanti, T; da Silva Nascimento, B; Gouveia, R
22-Jul-2021Editorial: Nanocellulose: A Multipurpose Advanced Functional MaterialUllah, MW; Rojas, OJ; McCarthy, RR; Yang, G
2021Psychometric evaluation of the posttrauma risky behaviors questionnaire: item response theory analysesNatesan Batley, P; Contractor, A; Weiss, N; Compton, S; Price, M
2021Serial Recall Order and Semantic Features of Category Fluency Words to Study Semantic Memory in Normal AgeingDe Marco, M; Blackburn, D; Venneri, A
4-Mar-2021Sustainability in a multi-level cultural evolutionary frameworkKline, MA
23-Sep-2020Navigating cross-cultural research: methodological and ethical considerationsBroesch, T; Crittenden, AN; Beheim, BA; Blackwell, AD; Bunce, JA; Colleran, H; Hagel, K; Kline, M; McElreath, R; Nelson, RG; Pisor, AC; Prall, S; Pretelli, I; Purzycki, B; Quinn, EA; Ross, C; Scelza, B; Starkweather, K; Stieglitz, J; Mulder, MB
9-Jul-2021A pancancer overview of FBN1, asprosin and its cognate receptor OR4M1 with detailed expression profiling in ovarian cancerRachel, K; Marcia, H; Paola, V; Jeyarroban, J; Harpal, R; George, P; Ioannis, K; Karteris, E
23-Jun-2021A comprehensive aquatic risk assessment of the beta-blocker propranolol, based on the results of over 600 research papersSumpter, JP; Runnalls, TJ; Donnachie, RL; Owen, SF
3-Jun-2020Preferences and constraints: the value of economic games for studying human behaviourPisor, AC; Gervais, MM; Purzycki, BG; Ross, CT
30-May-2021Seeing sadness: Comorbid effects of loneliness and depression on emotional face processingCheeta, S; Beevers, J; Chambers, S; Szameitat, A; Chandler, C
3-Jun-2021Heterogeneity in Regional Damage Detected by Neuroimaging and Neuropathological Studies in Older Adults With COVID-19: A Cognitive-Neuroscience Systematic Review to Inform the Long-Term Impact of the Virus on Neurocognitive TrajectoriesManca, R; De Marco, M; Ince, PG; Venneri, A
4-Jun-2021Development and validation of the Health Promoting Behaviour for Bloating (HPBBloat) scaleAbdullah, N; Kueh, YC; Kuan, G; Wong, MS; Yahaya, FH; Abd Samat, NA; Zulkifli, KK; Lee, YY
6-Jul-2021The challenges of Covid-19 pandemic on improving plastic waste recycling ratesEbner, N; Iacovidou, E
2020Quantitative in Vitro to in Vivo Extrapolation (QIVIVE) for Predicting Reduced Anogenital Distance Produced by Anti-Androgenic Pesticides in a Rodent Model for Male Reproductive DisordersScholze, M; Taxvig, C; Kortenkamp, A; Boberg, J; Christiansen, S; Svingen, T; Lauschke, K; Frandsen, H; Ermler, S; Hermann, SS; Pedersen, M; Lykkeberg, AK; Axelstad, M; Vinggaard, AM
17-May-2021Long-lived lanthanide emission via a pH-sensitive and switchable LRET complexBoltersdorf, T; Gavins, FNE; Long, NJ
24-May-2021Editorial: Returning to Mechanisms in Psychological Therapies: Understand the Engine Before Steaming inMason, L; Mansell, W; Linden, DEJ; Kumari, V
20-May-2021The Effect of COVID-19 and Related Lockdown Phases on Young Peoples' Worries and Emotions: Novel Data From IndiaShukla, M; Pandey, R; Singh, T; Riddleston, L; Hutchinson, T; Kumari, V; Lau, JYF
18-Jun-2021Evaluation of Lesions and Viral Antigen Distribution in Domestic Pigs Inoculated Intranasally with African Swine Fever Virus Ken05/Tk1 (Genotype X)Sánchez-Cordón, PJ; Floyd, T; Hicks, D; Crooke, HR; McCleary, S; McCarthy, RR; Strong, R; Dixon, LK; Neimanis, A; Wikström-Lassa, E; Gavier-Widén, D; Núñez, A
16-Jun-2021Steroid hormones in the aquatic environmentOjoghoro, JO; Scrimshaw, MD; Sumpter, JP
28-May-2021Phosphorylation and stabilization of PIN1 by JNK promote intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma growthLepore, A; Choy, PM; Lee, NCW; Carella, MA; Favicchio, R; Briones‐Orta, MA; Glaser, SS; Alpini, G; D’Santos, C; Tooze, RM; Lorger, M; Syn, W; Papakyriakou, A; Giamas, G; Bubici, C; Papa, S
24-May-2021An Investigation into the Biological Effects of Indirect Potable Reuse Water Using Zebrafish EmbryosLawton, E; Antczak, P; Walker, S; Germain-Cripps, E; Falciani, F; Routledge, EJ
2021Diurnal preference and depressive symptomatology: A meta-analysisNorbury, R
2021Early specialization and critical periods in acquiring expertise: A comparison of Traditional vs. Detection Talent Identification in Team GB Cycling at London 2012Staff, T; Gobet, F; Parton, A
12-Jul-2021A graph theory approach to clarifying aging and disease related changes in cognitive networksWright, LM; De Marco, M; Venneri, A
27-May-2021A quantitative study of race and gender representation within London medical school leadershipHoque, S; Baker, EH; Milner, A
12-Apr-2021Testing for heterotopia formation in rats after developmental exposure to selected in vitro inhibitors of thyroperoxidaseRamhøj, L; Frädrich, C; Svingen, T; Scholze, M; Wirth, EK; Rijntjes, E; Köhrle, J; Kortenkamp, A; Axelstad, M
3-Sep-2019Genes responsive to rapamycin and serum deprivation are clustered on chromosomes and undergo re-organization within local chromatin environments.Belak, ZR; Pickering, JA; Gillespie, ZE; Audette, G; Eramian, M; Mitchell, JA; Bridger, JM; Kusalik, A; Eskiw, CH
23-Apr-2021Human-relevant concentrations of the antifungal drug clotrimazole disrupt maternal and fetal steroid hormone profiles in ratsDraskau, MK; Rosenmai, AK; Scholze, M; Pedersen, M; Boberg, J; Christiansen, S; Svingen, T
5-May-2021Identification of Potential Bisphenol A (BPA) Exposure Biomarkers in Ovarian CancerZahra, A; Dong, Q; Hall, M; Jeyaneethi, J; Silva, E; Karteris, E; Sisu, C
20-May-2021The roles of local, complementary and community economies and currencies as sustainable alternatives to the systemic challenge of older adults’ careSpinelli, G; Weaver, P
17-May-2021Misalignment Between Perceptual Boundaries and Weight Categories Reflects a New Normal for Body Size PerceptionChan, AWY; Noles, DL; Utkov, N; Akbilgic, O; Smith, W
13-May-2021The Life History of Learning Subsistence Skills among Hadza and BaYaka Foragers from Tanzania and the Republic of CongoLew-Levy, S; Ringen, EJ; Crittenden, AN; Mabulla, IA; Broesch, T; Kline, MA
5-Apr-2016The Relationship between Speed of Processing and White Matter Integrity in Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis: A VBM and TBSS StudyManca, R; Stabile, M; Bevilacqua, F; Sharrack, B; Venneri, A
22-Sep-2020Targeting mechanisms in cognitive training for neurodegenerative diseasesVenneri, A; Manca, R; Fernandes, L; Bandmann, O; De Marco, M
27-Nov-2020A network-based cognitive training induces cognitive improvements and neuroplastic changes in patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis: an exploratory case-control studyManca, R; Mitolo, M; Wilkinson, ID; Paling, D; Sharrack, B; Venneri, A
3-Aug-2017White Matter Hyperintensity Load Modulates Brain Morphometry and Brain Connectivity in Healthy Adults: A Neuroplastic Mechanism?De Marco, M; Manca, R; Mitolo, M; Venneri, A
1-May-2021Adolescents’ dietary habits and meal patterns influence school performance in the Northern Finland Birth Cohort 1986: mendelian randomisation studyZagkos, L; Drenos, F; Emmett, P; Blakemore, AI; Nordstrom, T; Hurtig, T; Jarvelin, M-R; Dovey, TM
21-Apr-2021A framework to guide planetary health educationGuzmán, CAF; Aguirre, AA; Astle, B; Barros, E; Bayles, B; Chimbari, M; El-Abbadi, N; Evert, J; Hackett, F; Howard, C; Jennings, J; Krzyzek, A; LeClair, J; Maric, F; Martin, O; Osano, O; Patz, J; Potter, T; Redvers, N; Trienekens, N; Walpole, S; Wilson, L; Xu, C; Zylstra, M
29-Apr-2021Complement’s C1 complex, Factor H and the X factor: A personal tribute to Prof. Robert B. SimKishore, U
17-Apr-2021Detoxification of oil refining effluents by oxidation of naphthenic acids using TAML catalystsPinzón-Espinosa, A; Collins, TJ; Kanda, R
2-Feb-2021Complement proteins as soluble pattern recognition receptors for pathogenic virusesMurugaiah, V; Varghese, P; Beirag, N; DeCardova, S; Sim, R; Kishore, U
2021Back to the new beginning: Mitotic exit in space and timeVagnarelli, P
2021Phenome-wide and genome-wide analyses of quality of life in schizophrenia – ERRATUMPazoki, R; Lin, BD; van Eijk, KR; Schijven, D; de Zwarte, S; Guloksuz, S; Luykx, JJ
22-Oct-2020The Impact of COVID-19 Infection and Enforced Prolonged Social Isolation on Neuropsychiatric Symptoms in Older Adults With and Without Dementia: A ReviewManca, R; De Marco, M; Venneri, A
2021The Impact of Thrombo‐inflammation on the Cerebral MicrocirculationAnsari, J; Gavins, FNE
2021The origins of religious disbelief: A dual inheritance approachGervais, W; Najle, M; Caluori, N
2013Advancing the defensive explanation for anxiety disorders: Lorazepam effects on human defense are systematically modulated by personality and threat-typePerkins, AM; Ettinger, U; Weaver, K; Schmechtig, A; Schrantee, A; Morrison, PD; Sapara, A; Kumari, V; Williams, SCR; Corr, PJ
2019Towards a neuroscience-based theory of personality: within-subjects dissociation of human brain activity during pursuit and goal conflictPerkins, AM; Strawbridge, R; Arnone, D; Williams, SCR; Gasston, D; Cleare, AJ; O’Daly, O; Kumari, V; Ettinger, U; Corr, PJ
2013Risk-taking behavior in juvenile myoclonic epilepsyWandschneider, B; Centeno, M; Vollmar, C; Stretton, J; O'Muircheartaigh, J; Thompson, PJ; Kumari, V; Symms, M; Barker, GJ; Duncan, JS; Richardson, MP; Koepp, MJ
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 2135