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Title: Melt superheating on the microstructure and mechanical properties of diecast Al-Mg-Si-Mn alloy
Authors: Yang, W
Yang, X
Ji, S
Keywords: Alloy;Mechanical properties;Melt superheating;Microstructure;Solidification
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Korean Institute of Metals and Materials
Citation: Metals and Materials International, 21(2): 382 - 390, (March 2015)
Abstract: The application of aluminium alloys in automotive body structure is one of the main developments in recent years. The increase of the mechanical properties of the ductile die-casting is one of the most critical topics for the application. In this work, the effect of melt superheating on the morphology, size and distribution of α-Al phase and Fe-rich intermetallics, and on the mechanical properties of the Al-Mg-Si-Mn diecast alloy was investigated. The results showed that the refined microstructure could be obtained through melt superheating. The volume fraction of dendritic α-Al phase and the Fe-rich intermetallic phase formed in the shot sleeve was significantly reduced, resulting in the refined microstructure. Overall, the melt superheating could improve the mechanical properties of the yield strength, ultimate tensile strength, and elongation of the diecast Al-Mg-Si-Mn alloy. And, the Fe-rich intermetallic phase formed in the shot sleeve with the coarse compact morphology and formed in the die cavity with the fine compact particles were identified as the same α-Al12(Fe,Mn)3Si composition in the present experimental conditions, which was not affected by the melt superheating.
ISSN: 1598-9623
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