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Title: Composing with an expanded instrumental palette
Authors: McGuire, Paul
Advisors: Walshe, J
Keywords: Music;Noise;Timbre;Graphic;Notation
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Brunel University London
Abstract: This thesis is comprised of a portfolio of musical compositions with accompanying media and a written commentary. In each of the seven compositions, the timbral palettes of musical instruments have been expanded through unconventional physical manipulation. The written commentary presents, in detail, specific examples of how this has been achieved. Alongside descriptions of the work in question, select aspects of other composers' music that approach a similar aesthetic are also referred to. In addition, the fundamental role technology has played in the creation or realisation of certain pieces is addressed. Also included are descriptions of the various customised notational systems used throughout the portfolio. It is outlined how each of these systems has been constructed in a clear and practical manner and, where possible, has incorporated elements derived from the lingua franca in order to communicate the required information as efficiently as possible to the performers.
Description: This thesis was submitted for the award of Doctor of Philosophy and was awarded by Brunel University London.
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Paul McGuire - Composing with an Expanded Instrumental Palette (Written Commentary).pdfWritten commentary3.02 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
Paul McGuire - Composing with an Expanded Instrumental Palette (Portfolio of Compositions).pdfPortfolio of compositions5.64 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
1. Marshes (2013).wavAudio recording of composition90.1 MBWAVView/Open
2. Tampered (2014).wavAudio recording of composition152.58 MBWAVView/Open
3. Sleep Spindles (2014).wavAudio recording of composition148.78 MBWAVView/Open
4. Percussion Quartet (2015).wavAudio recording of composition108.38 MBWAVView/Open
5. Gravel (2015) demo recording.wavAudio recording of composition76.49 MBWAVView/Open
6. Panels (2014).wavAudio recording of composition84.62 MBWAVView/Open
7. Garagen (2014) live recording.wavAudio recording of composition137.77 MBWAVView/Open
1. Percussion Quartet (2015) audio track guide.wavReference audio116.06 MBWAVView/Open
2. Panels (excerpt of demo, b72-b101).wavReference audio10.6 MBWAVView/Open
3. Panels (excerpt final recording, b72-b101).wavReference audio10.6 MBWAVView/Open

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