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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020‘I go to school to survive’: Facing physical, moral and economic uncertainties in rural LesothoAnsell, N; Dungey, C
21-Jul-2020Lawrence of Arabia on war: the campaign in the desert, 1916–18Hughes, M
2019To ‘make a good Mistress to my servants’: unmasking the meaning of maternalism in colonial South Carolina.Dornan, I
16-Sep-2019Beautyscapes: Mapping Cosmetic Surgery TourismHolliday, R; Jones, M; Bell, D
2020Rule of nature or rule of capital? Physiocracy, ecological economics, and ideologyDale, G
2020Karl Polanyi, the New Deal, and the Green New DealDale, G
2020Situating journalistic coverage: The value of applying a practice theory framework for researching local community radio productionColeman, JF
2011Field surveys of tsunami heights from the 2011 off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku, Japan EarthquakeTsuji, Y; Satake, K; Ishibe, T; Kusumoto, S; Harada, T; Nishiyama, A; Heidarzadeh, M
-Capitalising on faith? An intergenerational study of social and religious capital among Baby Boomers and Millennials in BritainFox, S; Muddiman, E; Hampton, J; Kolpinskaya, E; Evans, C
17-Apr-2020The ‘ethnographic life’ of Max GluckmanNiehaus, I
13-May-2020The Paradox of Creative Constraints—7 September 2019—The Mosaic Rooms, LondonOzduzen, O
2020June Givanni’s Pan-African Cinema Archive: a diasporic feminist dwelling spaceJaganathan, A; Malik, S
18-Jan-2019Spaces of hope in authoritarian Turkey: Istanbul's interconnected geographies of post-Occupy activismOzduzen, O
2020Enmeshing the mundane and the political: Twitter, LGBTI+ outing and macro-political polarisation in TurkeyOzduzen, O; Korkut, U
2020Ritual Sacrifice in the Music and Noise of a Metal FestivalCoggins, O
1-Mar-2016Learning Knowledge about Rattan (Calamoideae arecaceae) and Its Uses Amongst Ngaju Dayak in Indonesian BorneoSchreer, V
2006Clifford GeertzBeatty, Andrew
1-Feb-2021Provenance and Film Historiography: 1910s Films at the George Eastman MuseumIngravalle, G
28-May-2020The Government and the Prime MinisterHansen, M
13-Jun-2018Introducing the 'we' in and of anthropologyChua, L; Mathur, N
23-Oct-2019Leading Protests in the Digital Age Youth Activism in Egypt and SyriaOzgul, Billur Aslan
15-Dec-2018AIDS in the Shadow of Biomedicine Inside South Africa's EpidemicNiehaus, I
4-Jul-2018Boom and bust: extractive industries and African states in the twenty-first centurySchubert, J; Engel, U; Macamo, E
-‘Cinema as a Common Activity’: Film Audiences, Social Inclusion, and Heterogeneity in Istanbul during the Occupy GeziOzduzen, O
2020Decolonising Disability Studies? Developing South Asia-Specific Approaches to Understanding DisabilityStaples, J
2020Unearthed: The Wartime Archive of Amin al-HusayniWagner, S
20-Jan-2020Making sense of microplastics? Public understandings of plastic pollutionHenderson, L; Green, C
2020Securitati perpetuae: fear, death and the history of insecurityNeocleous, M
2020Secret Wars: Covert Conflicts in International PoliticsHughes, M
2019Walking methodologies in a more-than-human world: Walking labPeyrefitte, M
2013Diaspora et Suburbanisation à NottinghamPeyrefitte, M
1-Jun-2017The Commander: Fawzi al-Qawuqji and the Fight for Arab Independence, 1914-1948Hughes, M
2019Britishness outsourced: State conduits, brokers, and the British citizenship testTuckett, A
2019Blurring Bovine Boundaries: Cow Politics and the Everyday in South IndiaStaples, J
11-Jun-2019The persistence of intervention: changing circumstances, forms and perspectivesMacmillan, J
2019Voicing Lived-experience and Anti-racism: Podcasting as a space at the margins for subaltern counterpublicsVrikki, P; Malik, S
2019Digital activism and the political culture of trade unionismWilkin, P; Dencik, L
2019Rape Jokes Aren’t Funny: The Mainstreaming of Rape Jokes in Contemporary Newspaper DiscourseLockyer, S; Savigny, H
2018Intelligence and Military Doctrine: Paradox or OxymoronDavies, PHJ; Gustafson, K
2018'Book don't feed our children': Nonconformist missionaries and the British and Foreign School Society in the development of elementary education in the British West Indies before and after emancipation.Dornan, I
10-Jun-2019Brexit Tricksters and the Reconstruction of Taboo. Populism, Irony and Satire in Post-Referendum BritainWeaver, S
2017An enduring influence on imperial defence and grand strategy: British perceptions of the Italian Navy, 1935–1943Hammond, R
2018Das Verhältnis von Oppositionsgruppen und Massenbewegung während der Revolution 1989Dale, G
2014'Kill a kid and get a house': rationality versus retribution in the case of Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, 1993-2001.Petley, J
2018Laughter without borders: embodied memory and pan-humanism in a post-traumatic ageArgenti, N
2018What role for conservation in culture? A response to SchneiderChua, L
2018[AAM REQ publisher permission LKR 28/06/2018] Calais and its Border Politics From Control to DemolitionIbrahim, Y; Howarth, A
2016Watching One Born Every Minute: Negotiating the terms of the 'good birth'De Benedictis, S
2018[AAM REQ publication rights LKR 26/06/2018] The Crime of Nationalism: Britain, Palestine, and Nation-Building on the Fringe of EmpireHughes, M
2018The New Deal: A Global HistoryDale, G
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 69