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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024A novel feed-forward neural network for flow boiling pattern predictionWidgington, JJ; Wang, F; Ivanov, A; Karayiannis, TG
30-Apr-2024PublicVR: a virtual reality exposure therapy intervention for adults with speech anxietySpyridonis, F; Daylamani-Zad, D; Nightingale, J
21-Mar-2024Applying Graph Partitioning-Based Seeding Strategies to Software ModularisationMann, A; Swift, S; Arzoky, M
16-Mar-2024Fluid Antenna Array Enhanced Over-the-Air ComputationZhang, D; Ye, S; Xiao, M; Wang, K; Renzo, MD; Skoglund, M
13-Oct-2023A non-fragile approach to fault estimation for a class of multi-rate systems under binary encoding schemesHou, N; Wang, Z; Shen, Y; Liu, H; Dong, H
21-Dec-2023ELTS-Net: An enhanced liver tumor segmentation network with augmented receptive field and global contextual informationGuo, X; Wang, Z; Wu, P; Li, Y; Alsaadi, FE; Zeng, N
27-Dec-2023EEGProgress: A fast and lightweight progressive convolution architecture for EEG classificationChen, Z; Yang, R; Huang, M; Li, F; Lu, G; Wang, Z
2024'We’re not that Gullible!’ — Revealing Dark Pattern Mental Models of 11-12 Year-Old Scottish ChildrenRenaud, K; Sengul, C; Coopamootoo, K; Clift, B; Taylor, J; Springett, M; Morrison, B
13-Feb-2024Physiological Data for User Experience and Quality of Experience: A Systematic Review (2018–2022)da Silveira, AC; Lima de Souza, M; Ghinea, G; Saibel Santos, CA
11-Jan-2024A novel framework for motor bearing fault diagnosis based on multi-transformation domain and multi-source dataXue, Y; Wen, C; Wang, Z; Liu, W; Chen, G
8-Sep-2023An Automated Precision Spraying Evaluation SystemRogers, H; Zebin, T; De La Iglesia, B; Cielniak, G; Magri, B
25-Sep-2023Quadratic filtering for discrete time-varying non-Gaussian systems under binary encoding schemesWang, S; Wang, Z; Dong, H; Shen, B; Chen, Y
4-Sep-2023A Novel Ensemble-Learning-Based Convolution Neural Network for Handling Imbalanced DataWu, X; Wen, C; Wang, Z; Liu, W; Yang, J
30-Sep-2023Advanced Architectural Variations of nnUNetMcConnell, N; Ndipenoch, N; Cao, Y; Miron, A; Li, Y
24-Nov-2021Learning Nonstationary Time-Series With Dynamic Pattern ExtractionsWang, X; Zhang, H; Zhang, Y; Wang, M; Song, J; Lai, T; Khushi, M
1-Aug-2023Inclusive Privacy Control at Home for Smart HealthManohar, A; Sengul, C; Chen, J
18-Sep-2023MiSAR:The MicroService Architecture Recovery ToolsetAli, N; Alshuqayran, N; Faqeeh, R; Rohman, T; Solis, C
27-Jun-2023Decomposing Synthesized Strategies for Reactive Multi-agent Reinforcement LearningZhu, C; Zhu, J; Cai, Y; Wang, F
2-May-2023Decentralized dynamic state estimation for multi-machine power systems with non-Gaussian noises: Outlier detection and localizationQu, B; Wang, Z; Shen, B; Dong, H
29-Mar-2023A novel contrastive adversarial network for minor-class data augmentation: Applications to pipeline fault diagnosisWang, C; Wang, Z; Ma, L; Dong, H; Sheng, W
8-Mar-2023A novel sequential switching quadratic particle swarm optimization scheme with applications to fast tuning of PID controllersLuo, Y; Wang, Z; Dong, H; Mao, J; Alsaadi, FE
20-Mar-2023A component-based coding–decoding approach to set-membership filtering for time-varying systems under constrained bit rateLi, J-Y; Wang, Z; Lu, R; Xu, Y
24-Mar-2023Low-Carbon Behaviour in Older Chinese Migrants: Theoretical ModelsNi, Q; Kaniadakis, A; Dong, H
2023Skin Lesion Diagnosis Using Convolutional Neural NetworksNunez, D; Li, Y
2023Device Scheduling for Over-the-Air Federated Learning with Differential PrivacyYan, N; Wang, K; Cunhua, P; Kok Keong, C
14-Feb-2023Understanding the Technology Agora in Banking and Financial ServicesKaniadakis, A
2023Smart contract metrics: a first studyTonelli, R; Pierro, GA; Ortu, M; Destefanis, G
21-Sep-2022Zonotopic distributed fusion for nonlinear networked systems with bit rate constraintZhao, Z; Wang, Z; Zou, L; Chen, Y; Sheng, W
10-Oct-2022Recursive filtering for complex networks with time-correlated fading channels: An outlier-resistant approachLi, Q; Wang, Z; Dong, H; Sheng, W
19-Oct-2022A two-stage integrated method for early prediction of remaining useful life of lithium-ion batteriesMa, G; Wang, Z; Liu, W; Fang, J; Zhang, Y; Ding, H; Yuan, Y
8-Nov-2022Distributed Recursive Filtering for Time-Varying Systems with Dynamic Bias over Sensor Networks: Tackling Packet DisordersLiu, D; Wang, Z; Liu, Y; Xue, C; Alsaadi, FE
21-Dec-2022AGGN: Attention-based glioma grading network with multi-scale feature extraction and multi-modal information fusionWu, P; Wang, Z; Zheng, B; Li, H; Alsaadi, FE; Zeng, N
5-Dec-2022Recursive locally minimum-variance filtering for two-dimensional systems: When dynamic quantization effect meets random sensor failureWang, F; Wang, Z; Liang, J; Silvestre, C
12-Dec-2022SVTON: Simplified Virtual Try-OnIslam, T; Miron, A; Liu, X; Li, Y
23-Aug-2021Development and deployment of a generative model-based framework for text to photorealistic image generationPande, S; Chouhan, S; Sonavane, R; Walambe, R; Ghinea, G; Kotecha, K
2022Co-designing a Platform for Documenting African Indigenous Knowledge: Participatory Citizen Science and Data Science ApproachesSam, S; Schmidt Rivera, X; Dickinson, H; Jensen, J
23-Nov-2021Dynamic output-feedback H<inf>∞</inf> control for discrete time-delayed systems with actuator saturations under round-robin communication protocolChen, Y; Wang, Z; Alsaadi, FE; Liu, H
6-Apr-2022Recursive state estimation for multi-rate time-varying systems with multiplicative noises: Dealing with sensor resolutionsShen, Y; Wang, Z; Liu, H; Dong, H; Yi, X
12-Feb-2022A particle swarm optimizer with multi-level population sampling and dynamic p-learning mechanisms for large-scale optimizationSheng, M; Wang, Z; Liu, W; Wang, X; Chen, S; Liu, X
14-Feb-2022H<inf>∞</inf> observer design for networked Hamiltonian systems with sensor saturations and missing measurementsSun, W; Wang, Z; Lv, X; Alsaadi, FE; Liu, H
1-Jan-2022Multi-sensor multi-rate fusion estimation for networked systems: Advances and perspectivesShen, Y; Wang, Z; Dong, H; Liu, H
1-May-2022Recursive Filtering for Time-Varying Systems with Random Access ProtocolZou, L; Wang, Z; Liang, J
10-Feb-2022Unknown-input-observer-based approach to dynamic event-triggered fault estimation for Markovian jump systems with time-varying delaysDu, X; Zou, L; Zhao, Z; Wang, Y; Zhong, M
1-Apr-2022Estimator design for complex networks with encoding decoding mechanism and buffer-aided strategy: A partial-nodes accessible caseZhang, Y; Zou, L; Wang, Y; Wang, YA
14-Oct-2021Endec-decoder-based N-step model predictive control: Detectability, stability and optimizationSong, Y; Wang, Z; Zou, L; Liu, S
16-Feb-2022Deterministic policy optimization with clipped value expansion and long-horizon planningGao, S; Shi, H; Wang, F; Wang, Z; Zhang, S; Li, Y; Sun, Y
16-Mar-2022On technical trading and social media indicators for cryptocurrency price classification through deep learningOrtu, M; Uras, N; Conversano, C; Bartolucci, S; Destefanis, G
26-Jan-2022The Role of Mindfulness in Mitigating the Negative Consequences of TechnostressIoannou, A; Lycett, M; Marshan, A
2021An adaptive and opposite K-means operation based memetic algorithm for data clusteringWang, X; Wang, Z; Sheng, M; Li, Q; Sheng, W
28-Oct-2020Event-triggered state estimation for Markovian jumping neural networks: On mode-dependent delays and uncertain transition probabilitiesYang, H; Wang, Z; Shen, Y; Alsaadi, FE; Alsaadi, FE
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 91