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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Surfactant protein D regulates murine testicular immune milieu and sperm functionsRokade, S; Kishore, U; Madan, T
2016Mesenchymal stem cells: a promising tool for targeted gene therapy of EndometriosisGopalakrishnan, ARK; Kishore, U; Madan, T
5-Feb-2018Fungal melanin stimulates surfactant protein D-mediated opsonization of and host immune response to Aspergillus fumigatus sporesWah Wong, SS; Rani, M; Dodagatta-Marri, E; Ibrahim-Granet, O; Kishore, U; Bayry, J; Latgé, JP; Sahu, A; Madan, T; Aimanianda, V
2020Odyssey of Surfactant Proteins, SP-A and SP-D: Innate Immune Surveillance MoleculesKishore, U; Bulla, R; Madan, T
2020Serum levels of collectins are sustained during pregnancy: Surfactant protein D levels are dysregulated prior to missed abortionKale, K; Vishwekar, P; Balsarkar, G; Jassawalla, M; Alkahtani, S; Kishore, U; Sawant, G; Madan, T
19-Aug-2020Host-pathogen interaction in COVID-19: Pathogenesis, potential therapeutics and vaccination strategiesVarghese, PM; Tsolaki, AG; Yasmin, H; Shastri, A; Ferluga, J; Vatish, M; Madan, T; Kishore, U
2020Interplay between C-type lectin receptors and microRNAs in cellular homeostasis and immune responseGanguly, K; Kishore, U; Madan, T