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Title: Technology and Journalism: 'Dissolving' social media content into disaster reporting on three Chinese disasters
Authors: Tong, J
Keywords: Social media technologies;News sourcing;Disaster reporting;Foreign news;Chinese journalism
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: SAGE Publications
Citation: The International Communication Gazette, (2016)
Abstract: This article examines how three Chinese and two British newspapers sourced content from social media in their coverage of the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake, the 2013 Ya'an Earthquake and the 2015 Tianjin Explosion. The media outlets’ citing of social media content present different patterns in line with their political and commercial interests, ideologies and journalistic values. Diverse images of the three disasters as revealed on social media (social media reality) were constructed in the newspapers’ coverage. Journalists gate-keep information from social media and dissolve it into daily disaster reporting, accepting selected aspects of social media reality but rejecting others. Especially in the case of the Chinese newspapers, meeting the needs of domestic political and commercial interest groups, journalists endorse social media content that is favourable to these groups. In so doing, social media technologies are used and tailored to meet the needs of journalism.
ISSN: 1748-0485
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