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Title: Really actually windy: On environments, technologies, and dividual performances
Authors: Birringer, J
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press
Citation: Theatre Journal, 68(4): pp. 633 - 647, (2016)
Abstract: The space is cramped, a small chapel-like venue constructed out of white wooden planks. We sit huddled together. Yet the ceilings are high, giving us breathing room, and a Victorian armchair mysteriously rests up there on one of the cross timbers, a seat for angels to look down upon the crowd of fifty or sixty that have gathered for this evening of improvised dance and music. Our venue, I’Klectik Art-Lab, lies hidden under trees to one side of Archbishop’s Park, on the south bank of the Thames across from Westminster Parliament. In the courtyard we notice that artists-in-residence at this Art-Lab also tend to vegetables and flowers that grow in the yard. When the dance and music begin we are beckoned inside and for the next three hours become enveloped in this green social ecology—an environment of very diverse practitioners and international visitors drawn to experimental contemporary art that ranges across all genres and takes place in a working enclave, where members can rent space to develop projects. During intermissions between performances we are asked to go outside and linger in the garden.
ISSN: 0192-2882
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