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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Dec-2017'A Test that Both Fixes and Mobilises' in 'Civic Violence: Grappling with Life in the UK'Mitra, R
17-Dec-2017'Transparently Present' in 'Civic Violence: Grappling with Life in the UK'Peterson, G
27-May-2020Cruzamentos, Rotatórias e Pontes: Fazendo conexões históricas entre práticas de teatro de rua / Intersections, Roundabouts and Bridges: Linking Historical Outdoor Theatre PracticesPeterson, G
21-Nov-2023Environmental factors of food insecurity in adolescents: A scoping review protocolCapitán-Moyano, L; Cañellas-Iniesta, N; Arias-Fernández, M; Bennasar-Veny, M; Yáñez, AM; Castro-Sánchez, E
11-Oct-2023Community Radio: Getting the Sonics RightColeman, J
5-Oct-2023Interventions to reduce peripheral intravenous catheter failure: An international e-Delphi consensus on relevance and feasibility of implementationBlanco-Mavillard, I; Personat-Labrador, C; Castro-Sánchez, E; Rodríguez-Calero, MA; Fernández Fernández, I; Carr, PJ; Armenteros-Yeguas, V; Parra-García, G; de Pedro-Gómez, J
17-Oct-2023Nurses’ roles, views and knowledge regarding vaccines and vaccination: A pan-European surveyde Graaf, Y; Oomen, B; Castro-Sánchez, E; Geelhoed, J; Vrijhoef, HJM
28-Mar-2023Can the government’s immigration bill succeed?Rosina, M; Kadhum, O
9-Nov-2023Tracking the Monstrous Gendered Precarity of Neoliberalisation through Novels and Films of 1980s England and Contemporary IrelandHoulden, K
27-Oct-2023Perinatal Outcomes at Birth in Women Infected and Non-Infected with SARS-CoV-2: A Retrospective StudyVila-Candel, R; Martin-Arribas, A; Castro-Sánchez, E; Escuriet, R; Martin-Moreno, J
16-Oct-2023Ten golden rules for optimal antibiotic use in hospital settings: the WARNING call to actionCastro-Sánchez, E
1-Mar-2023Book review: "The Making of the Goddess Durga in Bengal: Art, Heritage and the Public"Bhagya, CS
2-Feb-2023(In)seguridad alimentaria en adolescentes: del paternalismo a la justicia socialCapitán-Moyano, L; Arias-Fernández, M; Bennasar-Veny, M; Yáñez, AM; Castro-Sánchez, E
21-May-2023Developing a logic model to support creative education and wellbeing in higher educationHavsteen-Franklin, D; Cooper, J; Anas, S
22-Sep-2021Great Greece’s shadow: historicity, historiography, and past futures in CalabriaCarbone, MB
23-Sep-2021Prospettive sul Videogioco in Italia: Storie, Ambiti e Diversità / Videogames perspective in Italy: Histories, Fields and DiversityCarbone, MB; Fassone, R
30-Mar-2017How can multi-professional education support better stewardship?Pereira, NR; Castro-Sanchez, E; Nathwani, D
12-Oct-2016Serious electronic games as behavioural change interventions in healthcare-associated infections and infection prevention and control: A scoping review of the literature and future directionsCastro-Sánchez, E; Kyratsis, Y; Iwami, M; Rawson, TM; Holmes, AH
28-Feb-2017Effect of adding a mobile health intervention to a multimodal antimicrobial stewardship programme across three teaching hospitals: An interrupted time series studyCharani, E; Gharbi, M; Moore, LSP; Castro-Sanchéz, E; Lawson, W; Gilchrist, M; Holmes, AH
15-Dec-2022Innovation for infection prevention and control—revisiting Pasteur's visionBirgand, G; Ahmad, R; Bulabula, ANH; Singh, S; Bearman, G; Castro-Sánchez, E; Holmes, A
4-Mar-2023Strategies for policy competence education for nursesCastro-Sanchez, E; Mena-Tudela, D
2-Feb-2023Adolescent food (in)security: from paternalism to social justiceCapitan-Moyano, L; Arias-Fernandez, M; Bennasar-Veny, M; Yanez, AM; Castro-Sanchez, E
13-Dec-2021On the study of games as mediaCarbone, MB
27-Apr-2023Migrants, Refugees, Invaders: Responses to the Riace Model’s inclusive citizenship projectCarbone, MB
7-Mar-2023A Single Imperial Army? The Development of Australian Army Staff Training in an Imperial Context, 1919-1939.Farquharson, I
17-Aug-2020Reimagining Attachment Traumas: Perspectives on Using Image-Making in Psychoeducation for People with Borderline Personality DisorderHavsteen-Franklin, D; Patsou, M; Somaini, G; Camarena Altamirano, J
8-Dec-2020What makes us the same? What makes us different? Development of a shared model and manual of group therapy practice across art therapy, dance movement therapy and music therapy within community mental health careCarr, C; Feldtkeller, B; French, J; Havsteen-Franklin, D; Huet, V; Karkou, V; Priebe, S; Sandford, S
11-Feb-2023Evaluation of an Arts Therapies Approach to Team Development for Non-Acute Healthcare Teams in Low Control and High-Pressure EnvironmentsHavsteen-Franklin, D; de Knoop, J; Agtarap, T; Hackett, S; Haeyen, S
15-Nov-2018The differences in antibiotic decision-making between acute surgical and acute medical teams: An ethnographic study of culture and team dynamicsCharani, E; Ahmad, R; Rawson, TM; Castro-Sanchèz, E; Tarrant, C; Holmes, AH
27-Nov-2020Code-Sharing in Cost-of-Illness Calculations: An Application to Antibiotic-Resistant Bloodstream InfectionsNaylor, NR; Yamashita, K; Iwami, M; Kunisawa, S; Mizuno, S; Castro-Sánchez, E; Imanaka, Y; Ahmad, R; Holmes, A
20-Nov-2021“What’s Real?”: Digital Technology and Negative Affect in Jennifer Egan’s <i>Look at Me</i> and <i>The Keep</i>Horton, E
1-Dec-2020Are current infection prevention and control expectations fit for purpose? Interim results from an ethnographic study in South IndiaCastro-Sánchez, E; Surendran, S; Nampoothiri, V; Joseph, S; Singh, S; Tarrant, C; Holmes, AH; Charani, E
8-Dec-2020Evaluation of a personal protective equipment support programme for staff during the COVID-19 pandemic in LondonCastro-Sánchez, E; Alexander, CM; Atchison, C; Patel, D; Leung, W; Calamita, ME; Meno Garcia, D; Cimpeanu, C; Mumbwatasai, JM; Ramid, D; Doherty, K; Grewal, HS; Otter, JA; Wells, EM
7-Jan-2021Investigating infection management and antimicrobial stewardship in surgery: a qualitative study from India and South AfricaSingh, S; Mendelson, M; Surendran, S; Bonaconsa, C; Mbamalu, O; Nampoothiri, V; Boutall, A; Hampton, M; Dhar, P; Pennel, T; Tarrant, C; Leather, A; Holmes, A; Charani, E; ASPIRES co-investigators; Ahmad, R; Castro-Sánchez, E; Birgand, G; Ndoli, J; Sassi, F; Sevdalis, N; Moonesinghe, R; Lebcir, R; Ferlie, E
10-Feb-2021What place does nurse-led research have in the COVID-19 pandemic?Castro-Sánchez, E; Russell, AM; Dolman, L; Wells, M
31-Aug-2021Macro level factors influencing strategic responses to emergent pandemics: A scoping reviewZhu, NJ; Ferlie, EB; Castro-Sánchez, E; Birgand, G; Holmes, AH; Atun, RA; Kieltyka, H; Ahmad, R; the COMPASS (COntrol
1-Jul-2021Macro level influences on strategic responses to the COVID-19 pandemic - an international survey and tool for national assessmentsAhmad, R; Atun, RA; Birgand, G; Castro-Sánchez, E; Charani, E; Ferlie, EB; Hussain, I; Kambugu, A; Labarca, J; Hara, GL; McKee, M; Mendelson, M; Singh, S; Varma, J; Zhu, NJ; Zingg, W; Holmes, AH
25-Jan-2021Enhancing engagement beyond the conference walls: analysis of Twitter use at #ICPIC2019 infection prevention and control conferenceMartischang, R; Tartari, E; Kilpatrick, C; Mackenzie, G; Carter, V; Castro-Sánchez, E; Márquez-Villarreal, H; Otter, JA; Perencevich, E; Silber, D; Storr, J; Tetro, J; Voss, A; Pittet, D
8-Apr-2021The potential impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on global antimicrobial and biocide resistance: An AMR Insights global perspectiveAnsari, S; Hays, JP; Kemp, A; Okechukwu, R; Murugaiyan, J; Ekwanzala, MD; Ruiz Alvarez, MJ; Paul-Satyaseela, M; Iwu, CD; Balleste-Delpierre, C; Septimus, E; Mugisha, L; Fadare, J; Chaudhuri, S; Chibabhai, V; Wadanamby, JMRWW; Daoud, Z; Xiao, Y; Parkunan, T; Khalaf, Y; M'Ikanatha, NM; Van Dongen, MBM; Global AMR Insights Ambassador Network; Barkema, HW; Strathdee, S; Benyeogor, E; Ighodalo, UL; Prasad, KP; Carlos, M; Gu, Y; Essack, S; De Silva, D; Vellinga, A; Mommtaz Ghannam, W; Tsoho, NA; Sakeena, MHF; Ilenwabor, R; Shetty, D; Ayebare, A; Traore, ZI; Henry, O; Kiran, A; Ilanwabor, R; Toro, LF; Smail, A; Amulele, A; Founou, LL; Sawant, PS; Buregyeya, E; Castro-Sánchez, E; Moreno-Morales, J; Izadjoo, M; Gori, A; Goff, D; Blocker, A; Forte, G; Tahir, MF; Diggle, M; Chakraborty, D; Asamoah, AE; Aberi, H
9-Jul-2021Health literacy of patients on oral anticoagulation treatment- individual and social determinants and effect on health and treatment outcomesCabellos-García, AC; Martínez-Sabater, A; Díaz-Herrera, MÁ; Gea-Caballero, V; Castro-Sánchez, E
1-Sep-2021Multimodal intervention for preventing peripheral intravenous catheter failure in adults (PREBACP): a multicentre, cluster-randomised, controlled trialBlanco-Mavillard, I; de Pedro-Gómez, JE; Rodríguez-Calero, MÁ; Bennasar-Veny, M; Parra-García, G; Fernández-Fernández, I; Bujalance-Hoyos, J; Moya-Suárez, AB; Cobo-Sánchez, JL; Ferrer-Cruz, F; Castro-Sánchez, E
29-Jun-2021Optimising antimicrobial use in humans – review of current evidence and an interdisciplinary consensus on key priorities for researchCharani, E; McKee, M; Ahmad, R; Balasegaram, M; Bonaconsa, C; Merrett, GB; Busse, R; Carter, V; Castro-Sanchez, E; Franklin, BD; Georgiou, P; Hill-Cawthorne, K; Hope, W; Imanaka, Y; Kambugu, A; Leather, AJ; Mbamalu, O; McLeod, M; Mendelson, M; Mpundu, M; Rawson, TM; Ricciardi, W; Rodriguez-Manzano, J; Singh, S; Tsioutis, C; Uchea, C; Zhu, N; Holmes, AH
24-Nov-2021Delivery of antimicrobial stewardship competencies in UK pre-registration nurse education programmes: a national cross-sectional surveyCourtenay, M; Castro-Sánchez, E; Gallagher, R; Gould, D; Hawker, C; Hennefer, D; Liptrott, C; Cooper, D; Smith, EJ; Craig, R; Halewood-Muse, G; Aires, P; Hinkin, J; Holmes, A; Ness, V; Merriman, C; Whatley, L; Beresford, S; Bate, J; Jones, T; Morrow, K; Evans, P; McLeod, S; Sevenoaks, JC; Manning, S; Cooper, R; O'Reilly, S; Ellis, E; Nichols, A; Fallon, D; Okeah, BO; Huws, J; Hale, A; Underhill, L; Buckley, A; Codona, F; Turner, J; Monks, S; Nurse Antimicrobial Stewardship Group
28-Dec-2021What does antimicrobial stewardship look like where you are? Global narratives from participants in a massive open online courseBonaconsa, C; Surendran, S; Mbamalu, O; Nambatya, W; Ahabwe Babigumira, P; Ahmad, R; Castro-Sánchez, E; Broom, A; Szymczak, J; Zingg, W; Gilchrist, M; Holmes, A; Mendelson, M; Singh, S; McLeod, M; Charani, E
27-Nov-2021Necessary political competences for nurses from the perception of the student body: Cross-sectional study in SpainCervera-Gasch, Á; Mena-Tudela, D; Castro-Sánchez, E; Santillan-Garcia, A; Andreu-Pejó, L; González-Chordá, VM
24-Mar-2022COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy in Diverse Groups in the UK—Is the Driver Economic or Cultural in Student PopulationsDrobniewski, F; Kusuma, D; Broda, A; Castro-Sánchez, E; Ahmad, R
29-Apr-2022Influence of Health Literacy on Maintenance of Exclusive Breastfeeding at 6 Months Postpartum: A Multicentre StudyValero-Chillerón, MJ; Mena-Tudela, D; Cervera-Gasch, Á; González-Chordá, VM; Soriano-Vidal, FJ; Quesada, JA; Castro-Sánchez, E; Vila-Candel, R
30-Apr-2022Obstetric–Neonatal Care during Birth and Postpartum in Symptomatic and Asymptomatic Women Infected with SARS-CoV-2: A Retrospective Multicenter StudyVila-Candel, R; González-Chordá, VM; Soriano-Vidal, FJ; Castro-Sánchez, E; Rodríguez-Blanco, N; Gómez-Seguí, A; Andreu-Pejó, L; Martínez-Porcar, C; Gonzálvez, CR; Torrent-Ramos, P; Asensio-Tomás, N; Herraiz-Soler, Y; Escuriet, R; Mena-Tudela, D
19-Aug-2022What fuels suboptimal care of peripheral intravenous catheter-related infections in hospitals? A qualitative study of decision-making among Spanish nursesBlanco-Mavillard, I; Castro-Sánchez, E; Parra-García, G; Rodríguez-Calero, MÁ; Bennasar-Veny, M; Fernández-Fernández, I; Lorente-Neches, H; de Pedro-Gómez, J
19-Aug-2022Indispensable yet invisible: A qualitative study of the roles of carers in infection prevention in a South Indian hospitalSurendran, S; Castro-Sánchez, E; Nampoothiri, V; Joseph, S; Singh, S; Tarrant, C; Holmes, A; Charani, E
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 382