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Title: Melt Conditioning of Light Metals by Application of High Shear for Improved Microstructure and Defect Control
Authors: Patel, JB
Yang, X
Mendis, CL
Fan, Z
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Springer Verlag
Citation: JOM Journal of the Minerals, Metals and Materials Society, pp. 1 - 6, (2017)
Abstract: Casting is the first step toward the production of majority of metal products whether the final processing step is casting or other thermomechanical processes such as extrusion or forging. The high shear melt conditioning provides an easily adopted pathway to producing castings with a more uniform fine-grained microstructure along with a more uniform distribution of the chemical composition leading to fewer defects as a result of reduced shrinkage porosities and the presence of large oxide films through the microstructure. The effectiveness of high shear melt conditioning in improving the microstructure of processes used in industry illustrates the versatility of the high shear melt conditioning technology. The application of high shear process to direct chill and twin roll casting process is demonstrated with examples from magnesium melts.
ISSN: 1047-4838
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