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Title: On approximation of ultraspherical polynomials in the oscillatory region
Authors: Krasikov, I
Keywords: orthogonal polynomials;ultraspherical polynomials;Gegenbauer polynomials;uniform approximation
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Journal of Approximation Theory
Abstract: For k 2 even, and −(2k + 1)/4, we provide a uniform approximation of the ultraspherical polynomials P( , ) k (x) in the oscillatory region with a very explicit error term. In fact, our result covers all for which the expression “oscillatory region” makes sense. To that end, we construct the almost equioscillating function g(x) = cpb(x) (1−x2)( +1)/2P( , ) k (x) = cos B(x) + r(x). Here the constant c = c(k, ) is defined by the normalization of P( , ) k (x), B(x) = R x 0 b(x)dx, and the functions b(x) and B(x), as well as bounds on the error term r(x), are given by some rather simple elementary functions.
ISSN: 0021-9045
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