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Title: Measuring What’s Valued Or Valuing What’s Measured? Knowledge Production and the Research Assessment Exercise
Authors: Alldred, P
Miller, T
Keywords: academia;research outputs;values;power relations;hierarchies;knowledge production
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Palgrave
Citation: Alldred, P. and Miller, T. (2007) Measuring What’s Valued Or Valuing What’s Measured? Knowledge Production and the Research Assessment Exercise, in Gillies, V. and Lucey, H. (eds) Power, Knowledge and the Academy: The Institutional Is Political, Palgrave.
Abstract: Power is everywhere. But what is it and how does it infuse personal and institutional relationships in higher education? Power, Knowledge and the Academy: The Institutional is Political takes a close-up and critical look at both the elusive and blatant workings and consequences of power in a range of everyday sites in universities. Authors work with multi-layered conceptions of power to disturb the idea of the academy as a haven of detached reason and instead reveal the ways in which power shapes personal and institutional relationships, the production of knowledge and the construction of academic careers. Chapters focus on, among other areas, student-supervisor relationships, personal PhD journeys, power in research teams, networking, the Research Assessment Exercise in the UK, and the power to construct knowledge in literature reviews. This chapter does not address which mechanism of research assessment provides a more truthful account of the value of a set of ‘research outputs’. Instead, it focuses on the power of any such mechanism to reinforce particular values and to inscribe hierarchies regarding knowledge. Regardless of what replaces it, the UK's RAE will have been productive, not just reflective of academic values. Some of the negative consequences of the RAE for UK academic life are considered, focusing on the operation of power through processes of knowledge production.
ISBN: 9781403998170
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