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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Sep-2022The achievement gap: The impact of between‐class attainment grouping on pupil attainment and educational equity over timeHodgen, J; Taylor, B; Francis, B; Craig, N; Bretscher, N; Tereshchenko, A; Connolly, P; Mazenod, A
1-May-2022Minoritised teachers’ experiences of multiple, intersectional racisms in the school system in England: ‘carrying the weight of racism’Bradbury, A; Tereshchenko, A; Mills, M
30-Jun-2020Rainbows, Teddy Bears and ‘Others’: The Cultural Politics of Children’s Leisure Amidst the COVID-19 PandemicMukherjee, U
12-Jul-2022Ready, set, work? Career preparations of final-year non-traditional university studentsWong, B; Hoskins, K
14-Jun-2022“You see things that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise”: enabling elementary preservice teachers to share different ways of seeing mathematicsAlderton, J; Ineson, G; Donaldson, G; Rowland, T; Voutsina, C; Wilson, K
24-Jul-2022“The great secrets of reading”: Margaret Meek Spencer, reading process and children’s mystery and detective fictionDalrymple, R; Green, A
5-Jun-2022Using coaching techniques to teach information literacy to first year English undergraduatesWolfenden, S
31-May-2022“We are not equal citizens in any respect”: citizenship education and the routinization of violence in the everyday lives of religious minority youth in PakistanAli, Z; Mukherjee, U
4-May-2022Re-imaging everyday routines and educational aspirations under COVID-19 lockdown: Narratives of urban middle-class children in Punjab, IndiaBarn, R; Sandhu, D; Mukherjee, U
14-Apr-2022Access to mathematics learning for lower secondary students in England during school closures: implications for equity and qualityTaylor, B; Hodgen, J; Jacques, L; Tereshchenko, A; Cockerill, M; Kwok, RKW
21-Dec-2021Book review: Policy and Practice: A development education review. Fifteenth anniversary special edition, edited by Antonella Acinapura, Niamh Gaynor, Bernie Grummell, Su-ming Khoo, Mags Liddy, Benjamin Mallon, Gabriela Martínez Sainz, Gerard McCann and Stephen McCloskeyEfthymiou, GS
27-May-2022Intersectionality as personal: the science identity of two young immigrant Muslim womenSalehjee, S; Watts, M
1-Jan-2022Teachers reflecting on teaching global issues: “Because I’m also part of the problem”Efthymiou, G; de Vries, M
2022Live-streaming the goddess in the times of COVID-19: A digital ethnography of diasporic Durga Puja festivals in pandemic BritainMukherjee, U
14-Mar-2022The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house: decolonising intercultural communicationFerri, G
14-Jul-2020Caring, Relating, and Becoming: Child-Horse Relationships in Equestrian LeisureMukherjee, U
17-Feb-2022Unleashing the ‘undergraduate monster’? The second order policy effects of the 1988 Education Reform Act for higher education in EnglandHoskins, K
13-Dec-2021Atividades Organizadas de Lazer / Children’s Organised Leisure ActivitiesMukherjee, U
13-Dec-2021Criança-Soldado / Child SoldiersMukherjee, U
14-Dec-2021Coming of Age in the Diaspora: Bollywood and the Representation of Second Generation British Indian DiasporaMukherjee, U; Pradhan, A; Barn, R
18-Mar-2022The (white) ears of Ofsted: a raciolinguistic perspective on the listening practices of the schools inspectorateCushing, I; Snell, J
19-Dec-2021Loose Can(n)on: Literary Tradition in Daljit Nagra's British MuseumGreen, A
30-Nov-2021Book Review: Let the Children Play: How More Play Will Save Our Schools and Help Children ThriveHoskins, K; Smedley, S
21-Dec-2020Navigating children’s screen-time at home: narratives of childing and parenting within the familial generational structureMukherjee, U
25-Nov-2021Using Young Adult fiction to interrogate raciolinguistic ideologies in schoolsCushing, I; Carter, A
19-Oct-2021Problematização de uma grelha de análise documental de relatórios de estágio produzidos durante a prática supervisionadaSoares, D; Lopes, B; Watts, M; Abrantes, I
29-Nov-2019Global citizenship education in the Greek primary school curriculum: challenges and opportunitiesEfthymiou, G; Papanikolaou, P
25-May-2021Global Learning and Teaching: towards an ideological frameworkEfthymiou, GS
11-Jun-2020Global Learning as an opportunity for teachers' agency: the case of one Greek primary schoolEfthymiou, GS
1-Dec-2014New migration, new challenges: Eastern European migrant pupils in English schoolsTereshchenko, A; Archer, L
31-Jan-2021“Only so that my daughter gets exposure to the culture”: Ethnic leisure practices and intangible cultural heritage in British Indian diasporic familiesMukherjee, U
1-Dec-2019‘Gay Gaze’ and the refashioning of queer imaginaries in digital IndiaMukherjee, U; Pradhan, A
14-Dec-2020Making progress? Employment and retention of BAME teachers in EnglandTereshchenko, A; Mills, M; Bradbury, A
30-Jul-2021Policy actors in a hostile environment: the views of staff in maintained nursery schools in EnglandBradbury, A; Hoskins, K; Fogarty, L
10-May-2021University Students from Military Families: The Same but DifferentInce, C; Chappell, A; McHugh, E
13-May-2021The initial training of science teachers in African countries: a systematic literature reviewSoares, D; Lopes, B; Abrantes, I; Watts, M
5-Jan-2018‘Suddenly, I am part of the poem’: texts as worlds, reader-response and grammar in teaching poetryCushing, I
25-Jan-2021Preservice teachers’ expressed awarenesses: emerging threads of retro-spection of learning and pro-spection of teachingVoutsina, C; Alderton, J; Wilson, K; Ineson, G; Donaldson, G; Rowland, T
18-Mar-2021Exploring primary and secondary students’ experiences of grammar teaching and testing in EnglandCushing, I; Helks, M
13-Feb-2021Friedrich Froebel: interpolation, extrapolationWatts, M
24-Feb-2020Policy mechanisms of the standard language ideology in England’s education systemCushing, I
May-2013Creating Citizenship Communities: Final ReportDavies, I; Hampden-Thompson, G; Jeffes, J; Lord, P; Sundaram, V; Tsouroufli, M
20-Dec-2019Intersectional aspects of school related gender-based violence in EuropeTsouroufli, M; Siller, H; Morgan, A; Redai, D; Guerrini, V
27-Nov-2017Nigerian Teachers’ Understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Comparative Study of Teachers from Urban and Rural areas of Lagos StateOdunsi, R; Preece, D; Garner, P
18-Dec-2020Using ‘off the shelf ideas’ to plan and design a unit of work in STEMKaur, B
12-Dec-2020Grammar tests, de facto policy and pedagogical coercion in England’s primary schoolsCushing, I
2020Questioning the relationship between pre-compulsory education and schoolBamsey, V; Fogarty, L; Encinas, M; Andrews, M
22-Oct-2020The Experiences of Undergraduate Commuter StudentsChappell, A; Wainwright, E; McHugh, E; Gilhooly, K
2-Nov-2020‘Say it like the Queen’: the standard language ideology and language policy making in English primary schoolsCushing, I
1-Oct-2020Leading in the Early Childhood Education and Care Sector in England During a Pandemic: Reality, Relationships and RuminationsFogarty, L
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 329