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Title: Novel cylinder movement modeling method based on aerodynamics
Authors: Kang, J
Feng Xiong
Ning Zeng
Keywords: Areodynamics;Thermodynamics;Cylinder characteristic;Combined simulation
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering
Citation: Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 2017, 30 (5), pp. 1193 - 1202
Abstract: The cylinder movement is affected by multiple factors and it is difficult to establish the accurate movement model of the cylinder. In order to improve the reliability of the production line design and to speed up the production line debugging, a novel cylinder movement modeling method based on aerodynamics is proposed. The kinetic theory, thermodynamic theory and kinematics knowledge are applied and integrated various factors which affect the movement characteristics of the cylinder are considered. According to the proposed mathematical model of cylinder movement, thecombined simulation software of cylinder movement based on Visual Studio and Visual Component (3D Create) is developed to calculate thevelocity, acceleration and movement time of the cylinders during the running of the assembly line. Comparison results of cylinder’s movement time under different intake air and displacement show that the mathematical model of cylinder movement based on aerodynamic is more accurate and the degree of fittingis 0.9846, which proves the effectiveness of the combined simulation software of cylinder movement. By the cylinder movement modeling method based on aerodynamic, accurate value of takt and the debug parameters can be calculated as a reference for the designers and debuggers of the cylinder-driven assembly lines.
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