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BCAST is an academic research centre focusing on both fundamental and applied research on advanced solidification processes for metallic materials. Within Brunel University, BCAST is a self-financing special research institute (SRI). Together with 3 other SRIs, BCAST forms an important part of Brunel University’s new research initiative. BCAST is striving for international excellence on both fundamental and applied research on solidification of metallic materials. BCAST sees itself as a reliable source of both new knowledge and new solidification technologies for the metallurgical industry. It’s internationally leading position will be demonstrated in the following 3 areas: Dynamic study of structures of liquid metals and alloys Theory of solidification (including nucleation and crystal growth) under intensive forced convection New solidification processing technologies

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Jan-2015Influence of intensive melt shearing on subsequent hot rolling and the mechanical properties of twin roll cast AZ31 stripsDas, S; Barekar, N; El Fakir, O; Yang, X; Dear, JP; Fan, Z
12-Oct-2020Role of strain reversal in microstructure and texture of pure al during non-monotonic simple shear strainingBagherpour, E; Reihanian, M; Ebrahimi, R; Qods, F; Miyamoto, H
25-Sep-2019On the Production of Severely Deformed Workpieces in Large Scales: A Step Towards IndustrializationBagherpour, E; Mortezaei, S; Ebrahimi, R; Miyamoto, H; Qods, F
11-Aug-2018Circular simple shear extrusion as an alternative for simple shear extrusion technique for producing bulk nanostructured materialsEbrahimi, R; Rezvani, A; Bagherpour, E
31-Aug-2020Fe-Rich Intermetallic Formation and Mechanical Properties of Recycled AA6111 Alloy Strips Produced by Melt Conditioning Twin Roll CastingAl-Helal, K; Patel, JB; Fan, Z
6-Nov-2020On the Role of Dilute Solute Additions on Growth Restriction in Binary Copper AlloysBalart, M; Gao, F; Patel, J; Miani, F
21-Oct-2020Thermomechanical Processing Map in Retaining {100}// ND texture via Strain-Induced Boundary Migration Recrystallization MechanismJi, M; Davis, C; Slater, C
2020Evolution of Non-Metallic Inclusions Through Processing in Ti-V Microalloyed 316L and Al-V Microalloyed 17-4PH Stainless Steels for Hipping ApplicationsBalart, M; Hao, X; Marks, S; West, GD; Walker, M; Davis, CL
13-Oct-2019Automated SEM/EDS Analysis for Assessment of Contamination and Non-Metallic Inclusions of Powders and Additive Manufactured Inconel 718 AlloyBalart, M; Hao, X; Marks, S; West, GD; Davis, CL
12-Aug-2020Numerical Assessment of In-line Rotor-Stator Mixers in High-Shear Melt Conditioning (HSMC) TechnologyLebon, B; Lazaro-Nebrada, J; Patel, J; Fan, Z
2020Structure refinement upon ultrasonic melt treatment in a DC-casting launderSubroto, T; Eskin, DG; Beckwith, C; Skalicky, I; Roberts, D; Tzanakis, I; Pericleous, K
15-May-2020Hot deformation behavior and constitutive modelling of low carbon micro-alloyed steel YQ450NQR1 during isothermal compressionDou, K; Liu, Q
2017Characterization of Cu–Ti powder metallurgical materialsKarakulak, E
6-Jul-2019Assessment of self-piercing riveted joints using the analytic hierarchy processBagherpour, E; Huang, Y; Fan, Z
26-Oct-2018An overview on severe plastic deformation: research status, techniques classification, microstructure evolution, and applicationsBagherpour, E; Pardis, N; Reihanian, M; Ebrahimi, R
26-Jul-2018Microstructure and texture inhomogeneity after large non-monotonic simple shear strains: Achievements of tensile propertiesBagherpour, E; Qods, F; Ebrahimi, R; Miyamoto, H
2018An investigation into the manufacture and mechanical properties of an al-steel hybrid MMCDavenport, Rebecca A.
2018Solidification behaviour of Fe-rich intermetallic compounds in aluminium alloysZhou, Yipeng
2017The effects of Alumina purity, TICUSIL® braze preform thickness and post-grinding heat treatment on the microstructure, mechanical and nanomechanical properties of Alumina-to-Alumina brazed jointsKassam, Tahsin Ali
2016Effects of a Niobium-Boron grain refiner on undercooling and microstructural evolution of aluminium silicon alloysLloyd, Samuel Jordan
2016Understanding and development of high shear technology for liquid metal processingDybalska, Agnieszka
2016Particle dispersion in aluminium and magnesium alloysYang, Xinliang
2014Development of high strength Al-Mg2Si-Mg based alloy for high pressure diecasting processYan, Feng
2016Optimisation of DC cast microstructure of Aluminium alloys containing immiscible elementsCamean Queijo, Paula
2016A new Al-Zr-Ti master alloy for ultrasonic grain refinement of wrought and foundry aluminum alloysEskin, D; Sreekumar, VM
2016Refinement of primary Silicon crystals by novel Al-ZnS master alloy in solidification of Hypereutectic Al-Si AlloysAl-Helal, K; Stone, I; Fan, Z
2016Acetate ligands determine the crystal structure of CdSe nanoplatelets - a density functional theory study.Koster, RS; Fang, C; van Blaaderen, A; Dijkstra, M; van Huis, MA
2016Morphological changes and segregation of β-Al9Fe2Si2 phase: A perspective from better recyclability of cast Al-Si alloysBasak, CB; Babu, NH
2016Morphological changes and segregation of β-Al9Fe2Si2 phase: A perspective from better recyclability of cast Al-Si alloysBasak, CB
2016Melt protection of Mg-Al based alloysBalart, MJ; Patel, JB; Fan, Z
2016Characterizing the cavitation development and acoustic spectrum in various liquidsTzanakis, I; Lebon, GSB; Eskin, DG; Pericleous, KA
2016Optimization of the ultrasonic processing in a melt flowTzanakis, I; Lebon, GSB; Eskin, DG; Pericleous, K
2016Ultrasonic processing of molten and solidifying overview and outlookEskin, D
2016A model of cavitation for the treatment of a moving liquid metal volumeLebon, GSB; Pericleous, K; Tzanakis, I; Eskin, D
2016Grain refinement of an Al-2 wt%Cu Alloy by Al3Ti1B master alloy and ultrasonic treatmentWang, EQ; Wang, G; Dargusch, MS; Qian, M; Eskin, DG; StJohn, DH
2016The effect of post-grinding heat treatment of alumina and Ag-Cu-Ti braze preform thickness on the microstructure and mechanical properties of alumina-to-alumina brazed jointsKassam, TA; Nadendla, H; Ludford, N; Buisman, I
2016Heterogeneous Nb-based nuclei for the grain refinement of Al-Si alloysBolzoni, L; Hari Babu, N
2015Controlling the formation of iron-bearing intermetallics in wrought al alloys by melt conditioned dc (MC-Dc) casting technologyLi, HT; Patel, JB; Kotadia, HR; Fan, Z
2016A high strength aluminium alloy for high pressure die castingJi, S; Yang, F; Fan, Z
2016Synchrotron quantification of ultrasound cavitation and bubble dynamics in Al-10Cu meltsXu, WW; Tzanakis, I; Srirangam, P; Mirihanage, WU; Eskin, DG; Bodey, AJ; Lee, PD
2016Calibration and performance assessment of an innovative high-temperature cavitometerTzanakis, I; Hodnett, M; Lebon, GSB; Dezhkunov, N; Eskin, DG
2002Processing of immiscible alloys by a twin-screw rheomixing processFang, X; Ji, S; Fan, Z
2002Twin-screw rheomoulding of AZ91D Mg-alloysJi, S; Fan, Z; Fang, X
2002Solidification microstructures obtained by a novel twin-screw liquidus casting methodJi, S; Das, A; Fan, S
2014Effect of melt conditioning on heat treatment and mechanical properties of AZ31 alloy strips produced by twin roll castingDas, S; Barekar, NS; El Fakir, O; Wang, L; Prasada Rao, AK; Patel, JB; Kotadia, HR; Bhagurkar, A; Dear, JP; Fan, Z
2016Synchrotron radiographic studies of ultrasonic melt processing of metal matrix nano compositesMirihanage, W; Xu, W; Tamayo-Ariztondo, J; Eskin, D; Garcia-Fernandez, M; Srirangam, P; Lee, P
2014Melt Conditioned Direct Chill Casting (MC-DC) Process for Production of High Quality Aluminium Alloy BilletsPatel, JB; Li, H-T; Xia, M; Jones, S; Kumar, S; O'Reilly, K; Fan, Z
2015Ultrasonic melt processing: Achievements and challengesEskin, DG
2015Development of New Oxide Based Master Alloys and their Grain Refinement Potency in Aluminium AlloysSreekumar, VM; Hari Babu, N; Eskin, DG; Fan, Z
2016Nb-based heterogeneous nuclei for enhanced α-Mg nucleation in Mg(-Al) alloysNadendla, H; Bolzoni, L; Joshi, U
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 199