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Title: Cool Roofs: High Tech Low Cost solution for energy efficiency and thermal comfort in low rise low income houses in high solar radiation countries
Authors: Kolokotroni, M
Shittu, E
Santos, T
Ramowski, L
Mollard, A
Rowe, K
Wilson, E
de Brito Filho, J
Novieto, D
Keywords: Cool roof paint;Quality of life;Low cost;Thermal comfort;Energy efficiency;High solar radiation
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Energy and Buildings, 176: pp. 58-70, (2018)
Abstract: Cool roofs are most effective in reducing cooling loads and alleviating overheating in locations with high solar radiation and external air temperature. This paper presents results of an experimental study of a low income house in Jamaica and a computational study in three countries around the equator: Jamaica, Northeast Brazil (Recife) and Ghana. A case-study typical of single storey houses in Jamaica was monitored before and after the installation of a cool paint on the roof; on days with average solar radiation intensity of ∼420 W/m2 and ambient air temperature of ∼28 °C, internal ceiling surface temperature is reduced by an average of 6.8 °C and internal air temperature by 2.3 °C. Monitoring results were used to calibrate successfully an EnergyPlus model; similar models were developed for Ghana and Brazil differing in size and/or construction to reflect country specific practices. Annual simulations indicate that internal ceiling surface temperatures are reduced on average by 3.2–5.5 oC and internal air temperatures by 0.75–1.2 °C. Cooling demand simulations (setpoint 24 °C) indicate similar annual potential savings in the three locations (∼190 kWh/m2/year) although estimated CO2 emissions reduction differ reflecting electricity generation fuels. Aging of the cool roof has an impact reducing load savings by 22–26 kWh/m2/year.
ISSN: 0378-7788
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