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Title: Two-phase flow patterns in turbulent flow through a dose diffusion pipe
Authors: Tang, H
Wrobel, LC
Barton, IE
Keywords: Two-phase flows;stochastic particle tracking;turbulence;dose diffusion pipe
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Nuclear Engineering and Design, Volume 235, Pages 1001-1014.
Abstract: A numerical investigation is carried out for turbulent particle-laden flow through a dose diffusion pipe for a model reactor system. A Lagrangian Stochastic Monte-Carlo particle-tracking approach and the averaged Reynolds equations with a k-e turbulence model, with a two-layer zonal method in the boundary layer, are used for the disperse and continuous phases. The flow patterns coupled with the particle dynamics are predicted. It is observed that the coupling of the continuous phase with the particle dynamics is important in this case. It was found that the geometry of the throat significantly influences the particle distribution, flow patterns and length of the recirculation region. The accuracy of the simulations depends on the numerical prediction and correction of the fluid phase velocity during a characteristic time interval of the particles. A numerical solution strategy for the computation of two-way momentum coupled flow is discussed. The three test cases show different flow features in the formation of a recirculation region behind the throat. The method will be useful for the qualitative analysis of conceptual designs and their optimisation.
ISSN: 0029-5493
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