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Title: Cross-cultural dataset for the evolution of religion and morality project
Authors: Purzycki, BG
Apicella, C
Atkinson, QD
Cohen, E
McNamara, RA
Willard, AK
Xygalatas, D
Norenzayan, A
Henrich, J
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Nature Research
Citation: Scientific Data, 2016, 3
Abstract: A considerable body of research cross-culturally examines the evolution of religious traditions, beliefs and behaviors. The bulk of this research, however, draws from coded qualitative ethnographies rather than from standardized methods specifically designed to measure religious beliefs and behaviors. Psychological data sets that examine religious thought and behavior in controlled conditions tend to be disproportionately sampled from student populations. Some cross-national databases employ standardized methods at the individual level, but are primarily focused on fully market integrated, state-level societies. The Evolution of Religion and Morality Project sought to generate a data set that systematically probed individual level measures sampling across a wider range of human populations. The set includes data from behavioral economic experiments and detailed surveys of demographics, religious beliefs and practices, material security, and intergroup perceptions. This paper describes the methods and variables, briefly introduces the sites and sampling techniques, notes inconsistencies across sites, and provides some basic reporting for the data set.
ISSN: 2052-4463
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