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Title: An Integrated Simulation, Inference and Optimization Approach for Groundwater Remediation with Two-Stage Health-Risk Assessment
Authors: Yang, A
Yang, Q
Fan, Y
Suo, M
Fu, H
Liu, J
Lin, X
Keywords: groundwater remediation;petroleum contaminants;optimization;health-risk assessment
Issue Date: 26-May-2018
Publisher: MDPI
Citation: Water, 2018, 10 (6): 694 (25)
Abstract: © 2018 by the authors. In this study, an integrated simulation, inference and optimization approach with two-stage health risk assessment (i.e., ISIO-THRA) is developed for supporting groundwater remediation for a petroleum-contaminated site in western Canada. Both environmental standards and health risk are considered as the constraints in the ISIO-THRA model. The health risk includes two parts: (1) the health risk during the remediation process and (2) the health risk in the natural attenuation period after remediation. In the ISIO-THRA framework, the relationship between contaminant concentrations and time is expressed through first-order decay models. The results demonstrate that: (1) stricter environmental standards and health risk would require larger pumping rates for the same remediation duration; (2) higher health risk may happen in the period of the remediation process; (3) for the same environmental standard and acceptable health-risk level, the remediation techniques that take the shortest time would be chosen. ISIO-THRA can help to systematically analyze interaction among contaminant transport, remediation duration, and environmental and health concerns, and further provide useful supportive information for decision makers
ISSN: 2073-4441
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