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Title: Numerical computations of three dimensional thin panel structures using reissner's variational principle
Authors: Rùžicková, H
Ženísek, A
Issue Date: 1975
Publisher: Brunel University
Citation: Maths Technical Papers (Brunel University). Dec 1975, pp 1-21
Abstract: A finite element model for analysing static problems of three-dimensional thin panel constructions is presented. The potential energy of stretching of each panel is represented by the classical Reissner formulation of two-dimensional elasticity, and in the finite element discretisation piecewise constant stresses and piecewise linear u-, v- displacements are used. The potential energy of bending of each panel is represented in the finite element discretisation by Herrmann's model, i.e. piecewise constant moments and piecewise linear w - displacements. The physical appropriateness of the model is verified for different assemblages of panels, and in all cases good numerical results are obtained.
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