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Title: The Government and the Prime Minister
Authors: Hansen, M
Keywords: Government;Prime minister;Minority;Coalition;Support parties
Issue Date: 28-May-2020
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Citation: Hansen, Martin. (2020) 'The Government and the Prime Minister', in Christiansen, P.M.; Elklit,J.; Nedergaard, P. (ed.) The Oxford Handbook of Danish Politics. Oxford: Oxford University Press
Abstract: The formation of Danish governments and their governance continues to be of interest both on their own and comparatively. Minority coalition governments are the norm in Denmark, increasing the importance of support parties for the government to pass its policies. Danish politics can increasingly be seen as two blocs: the ‘red’ bloc led by the Social Democrats and the ‘blue’ bloc led by the Liberals (although it was the Conservatives in the 1980s). This division may have increased the tendency of the presidentialization of Danish politics, not least with the prime minister’s increasing engagement in the day-to-day running of the government, especially with regard to foreign policy. Similarly, the Minister of Finance is ever more important as well for the day-to-day running of other departments. Ministerial turnover through reshuffles happens during the tenure of most governments, but portfolio redesign mostly occurs when governments are formed. The distribution of portfolios is proportional, but there is much variation in which portfolios parties prefer, with some valuing importance over number of portfolios. Overall, the Danish government and the prime minister is a well-researched area, although there is still significant scope for research innovation.
ISBN: 0198833598
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