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Title: The vocalization of the drum kit: An evolutive approach to a dynamic drumming style driven by sound phrases and evolving gestures
Authors: Fellay, Christophe
Advisors: Wiegold, P
Riley, C
Keywords: Improvisation;Exploration and serendipity;Live composing from sound material through evolving and expanding sonorities;Live electronics;Navigation through form;spatial interactions
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Brunel University London
Abstract: This thesis critically analyses a personal approach to the drum kit, from its sonic properties, the evolving language that emerged from studio and performance practice, and its application to a dynamic drumming driven by sound phrases and gestures. The research process is investigated from three perspectives: the study of the evolution of drumming and sound practices; the exploration and observation of the ‘écriture corporelle’ process through a precise analysis of the results in terms of musical and performance achievements; the careful examination of the integration of evolving gestures within a practice whose goal is the consolidation of a new improvised drumming vocabulary. The study of several studio sessions and live performances includes a detailed analysis of sound qualities and their context of emergence. It proposes a framework for an evolving approach to the drum kit, aiming at the emergence of a new drumming vocabulary. The thesis offers a creative approach to drumming through an engagement with sonic structures and developmental processes. It proposes a detailed examination of the move from a drumkit-playing mode originating from ‘rudiments’ and traditional rhythms towards sound oriented drumming. The result is a new drumming style made up of sound phrases and using an expanding sonic palette.
Description: This thesis was submitted for the award of Doctor of Philosophy and was awarded by Brunel University London
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11- cymbals frequencies.wav4.4 MBWAVView/Open
12- short phrase 1.wav641.78 kBWAVView/Open
13- vocalization phrase 1.wav486.62 kBWAVView/Open
14- vocalization phrase 2.wav543.61 kBWAVView/Open
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18- cymbals mobile frequencies.wav3.39 MBWAVView/Open
19- wha wha cymbal.wav1.53 MBWAVView/Open
20- prepared cymbals on skins.wav1.44 MBWAVView/Open
21- notes durations.wav2.54 MBWAVView/Open
22- reverberation simple.wav3.71 MBWAVView/Open
23- reverberation long.wav12.69 MBWAVView/Open
24- Ride up.aif23.68 MBAIFFView/Open
25- Joey.aif29.39 MBAIFFView/Open
26- Drum organ.aif37.71 MBAIFFView/Open
27- Rumeurs 53 full version.wav302.13 MBWAVView/Open
28- Rumeurs 53 intro.wav9.24 MBWAVView/Open
29- Rumeurs 53 section 1.wav20.59 MBWAVView/Open
30- Rumeurs 53 section 2.wav22.37 MBWAVView/Open
31- Rumeurs 53 section 3.wav26.78 MBWAVView/Open
32- Rumeurs 53 section 4.wav24.45 MBWAVView/Open
33- Rumeurs 53 section 5.wav32.01 MBWAVView/Open
34- Rumeurs 53 section 6.wav18.28 MBWAVView/Open
35- Rumeurs 53 section 7.wav27.13 MBWAVView/Open
36- Rumeurs 53 section 8.wav40.46 MBWAVView/Open
37- Rumeurs 53 section 9.wav18.34 MBWAVView/Open
38- Rumeurs 53 section 10.wav23.3 MBWAVView/Open
39- Rumeurs 66 full version.wav181.05 MBWAVView/Open
40- Rumeurs 66 intro a.wav9.23 MBWAVView/Open
41- Rumeurs 66 intro b.wav9.02 MBWAVView/Open
42- Rumeurs 66 section 1.wav5.89 MBWAVView/Open
43- Rumeurs 66 section 2.wav4.7 MBWAVView/Open
44- Rumeurs 66 section 3.wav5.33 MBWAVView/Open
45- Rumeurs 66 section 4.wav9.67 MBWAVView/Open
46- Rumeurs 66 section 5.wav8.13 MBWAVView/Open
47- Rumeurs 66 section 6.wav7.53 MBWAVView/Open
48- Rumeurs 66 section 7.wav6.47 MBWAVView/Open
49- Rumeurs 66 section 8.wav6.79 MBWAVView/Open
50- Rumeurs 66 section 9.wav9.61 MBWAVView/Open
51- Rumeurs 66 section 10.wav11.73 MBWAVView/Open
52- Rumeurs 66 section 11.wav33.57 MBWAVView/Open
53- Rumeurs 66 section 12.wav8.66 MBWAVView/Open
54- Rumeurs 66 section 13.wav8.98 MBWAVView/Open
55- Rumeurs 66 section 14.wav13.32 MBWAVView/Open
56- Rumeurs 66 section 15.wav2.92 MBWAVView/Open
57- Rumeurs 66 section 16.wav14.53 MBWAVView/Open
Apendix 1- Mother Africa main theme.wav9.16 MBWAVView/Open
Apendix 2 - Ancien Penitencier.wav175.15 MBWAVView/Open
Apendix 3 - Eglise Martigny.aiff110.18 MBAIFFView/Open
Apendix 4 - Impro 2.wav86.02 MBWAVView/Open
Apendix 5 - Jardins d'equinoxe 2.wav24.87 MBWAVView/Open
Apendix 6 - Notes Inegales 1.wav47.83 MBWAVView/Open
Apendix 7 - Notes Inegales 2.wav21.88 MBWAVView/Open
Apendix 8 - Notes Inegales 5.wav35.83 MBWAVView/Open

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