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Title: Vocational evaluation and vocational guidance for young people with a history of drug abuse
Authors: Siu, AMH
Fung, MSM
Cheung, PPP
Shea, CK
Lau, BWM
Keywords: Substance abuse;Assessment;Guidance;Chinese;Vocational
Issue Date: 27-Feb-2019
Publisher: IOS Press
Citation: Siu, Andrew M.H. et al. ‘Vocational Evaluation and Vocational Guidance for Young People with a History of Drug Abuse’. 1 Jan. 2019 : 327 – 336.
Abstract: BACKGROUND: Young people recovering from drug addiction often face challenges in returning to the job market and in maintaining their jobs. Many of them feel they have no choice but to do entry-level work, and they are often unsure about their work ability and vocational choice. OBJECTIVE: In collaboration with a youth outreach service, this study aims to provide a package of vocational assessment, guidance, and support for these clients. METHODS: Using a strength-based case management framework, we conducted a comprehensive vocational evaluation for each participant (N=17), which covered self-perception of abilities, work and occupational interests, work readiness, work-related self-efficacy, and work aptitudes. We presented assessment results to each client and provided guidance on their education, training, or vocational choice. RESULTS: The results of aptitude tests indicate that most participants can cope with an entry-level job. Many participants are strong in jobs that require quick decision-making, sorting, assembly, and clerical tasks, but many are weak in fine manual dexterity and eye-hand-foot coordination. Many participants preferred jobs that are creative, indefinite, and autonomous in nature. CONCLUSION: Longer-term vocational counseling and coaching is needed to help clients make vocational choices and extend their job tenure. Many clients will also need training in job seeking and job maintenance skills.
ISSN: 1051-9815
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