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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Jun-2020Economic burden of road traffic injuries in NepalBanstola, A; Kigozi, J; Barton, P; Mytton, J
8-Jan-2020Burden of injury along the development spectrum: Associations between the Socio-demographic Index and disability-adjusted life year estimates from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017Haagsma, JA; James, SL; Castle, CD; Dingels, ZV; Fox, JT; Hamilton, EB; Liu, Z; Lucchesi, LR; Roberts, NLS; Sylte, DO; Adebayo, OM; Ahmadi, A; Ahmed, MB; Aichour, MTE; Alahdab, F; Alghnam, SA; Aljunid, SM; Al-Raddadi, RM; Alsharif, U; Altirkawi, K; Anjomshoa, M; Antonio, CAT; Appiah, SCY; Aremu, O; Arora, A; Asayesh, H; Assadi, R; Awasthi, A; Ayala Quintanilla, BP; Balalla, S; Banstola, A; Barker-Collo, SL; Bärnighausen, TW; Bazargan-Hejazi, S; Bedi, N; Behzadifar, M; Behzadifar, M; Benjet, C; Bennett, DA; Bensenor, IM; Bhaumik, S; Bhutta, ZA; Bijani, A; Borges, G; Borschmann, R; Bose, D; Boufous, S; Brazinova, A; Campuzano Rincon, JC; Cárdenas, R; Carrero, JJ; Carvalho, F; Castañeda-Orjuela, CA; Catalá-López, F; Choi, JYJ; Christopher, DJ; Crowe, CS; Dalal, K; Daryani, A; Davitoiu, DV; Degenhardt, L; De Leo, D; De Neve, JW; Deribe, K; Dessie, GA; Deveber, GA; Dharmaratne, SD; Doan, LP; Dolan, KA; Driscoll, TR; Dubey, M; El-Khatib, Z; Ellingsen, CL; El Sayed Zaki, M; Endries, AY; Eskandarieh, S; Faro, A; Fereshtehnejad, SM; Fernandes, E; Filip, I; Fischer, F; Franklin, RC; Fukumoto, T; Gezae, KE; Gill, TK; Goulart, AC; Grada, A; Guo, Y; Gupta, R; Haghparast Bidgoli, H; Haj-Mirzaian, A; Haj-Mirzaian, A; Hamadeh, RR; Hamidi, S; Haro, JM; Hassankhani, H; Hassen, HY; Havmoeller, R; Hendrie, D; Henok, A
8-Jan-2020Burden of injuries in Nepal, 1990-2017: Findings from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017Pant, PR; Banstola, A; Bhatta, S; Mytton, JA; Acharya, D; Bhattarai, S; Bisignano, C; Castle, CD; Prasad Dhungana, G; Dingels, ZV; Fox, JT; Kumar Hamal, P; Liu, Z; Bahadur Mahotra, N; Paudel, D; Narayan Pokhrel, K; Lal Ranabhat, C; Roberts, NLS; Sylte, DO; James, SL
8-Apr-2021Assessment of COVID-19 Pandemic in Nepal: A Lockdown Scenario AnalysisSharma, K; Banstola, A; Parajuli, RR
26-Nov-2020Mixed methods evaluation of the impact of the COVID-19 ICU Remote-Learning Rehabilitation Course (CIRLC-rehab) for frontline health professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic in the UKCorner, E; Zhang, X; Van Willigan, Z; Tatam, K; Camilleri, M; Monkhouse, A; Bear, D; Hemsley, A; Puthucheary, Z; Rosenberg, A; McRae, J; Harvey, A; Ford, D; Firschman, P; Norris, M
12-Jun-2021Knowledge and perceptions of Alzheimer’s disease in three ethnic groups of younger adults in the United KingdomKafadar, AH; Barrett, C; Cheung, KL
2001Practice Improvement Projects in an Interdisciplinary Palliative Care Training ProgramAnsari, A; Baron, A; Nelson-Becker, H; Deamant, C; Fitchett, G; Fister, E; O'Mahony, S; Levine, S
2021Exploring the interplay of theory and the lived experience to re-consider physical activity in community dwelling people with Multiple SclerosisNorris, M; Stennett, A; De Souza, LH
12-Aug-2021The covid-19 pandemic and care homes for older people in Europe - deaths, damage and violations of human rightsAnand, JC; Donnelly, S; Milne, A; Nelson-Becker, H; Vingare, E-L; Deusdad, B; Cellini, G; Kinni, R-L; Pregno, C
4-Aug-2021Book Review: Mothers accused and abused: Addressing complex psychological needs by Angela FosterHakak, Y
16-Dec-2020Sprituality and Sexuality: Not Necessarily a Binary Choice for LGBTQ+ PeopleThomas, M
16-Dec-2020Religion, Spirituality, and Well-being: an Underexplored Aspect of Growing Older in the United Kingdom?Victor, C; Lamont, R; Rippon, I; Clare, L
16-Dec-2020Older Adults Walking the Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage: motivations, transformations, and spiritual perspectivesNelson-Becker, H; Pickard, J; Aitch, G; Buettner, A
16-Dec-2020Bane or boon? The role of spirituality, religion and well-being in later life across diverse older populationsNelson-Becker, H
19-Jul-2021A qualitative evaluation of Southwark Council’s public health response to mitigating the mental health impact of the 2017 London bridge and borough market terror attackJumbe, S; Milner, A; Clinch, M; Kennedy, J; Pinder, RJ; Sharpe, CA; Fenton, K
27-May-2020Interventions for improving adherence to airway clearance treatment and exercise in people with cystic fibrosisJones, M; Moffatt, F; Harvey, A; Ryan, JM
12-May-2021Hippocampal and striatal responses during motor learning are modulated by prefrontal cortex stimulationGann, MA; King, BR; Dolfen, N; Veldman, MP; Chan, KL; Puts, NAJ; Edden, RAE; Davare, M; Swinnen, SP; Mantini, D; Robertson, EM; Albouy, G
27-May-2021Physiological demands of singing for lung health compared with treadmill walkingPhilip, KEJ; Lewis, A; Buttery, SC; McCabe, C; Manivannan, B; Fancourt, D; Orton, CM; Polkey, MI; Hopkinson, NS
7-Jun-2021Rehabilitation after critical illness—don’t overlook technological and social factorsCoughlan, C; Ranisz, W; Leon-Villapolas, C; Newey, V; Boynton, C; Corner, E; Sturmey, G; Wiltshire, M; Brett, S
16-Jun-2021Sonification of Combined Action Observation and Motor Imagery: Effects on Corticospinal ExcitabilityCastro, F; Bryjka, PA; Di Pino, G; Vuckovic, A; Nowicky, A; Bishop, D
13-Feb-2021The effect of lifestyle and risk factor modification on occlusive peripheral arterial disease outcomes: standard healthcare vs structured programme—for a randomised controlled trial protocolElfghi, M; Jordan, F; Dunne, D; Gibson, I; Jones, J; Flaherty, G; Sultan, S; Tawfick, W
18-May-2021Health and Wellbeing among Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs): A Participatory ApproachMartin, W
7-Nov-2020Effects of the reform of the Dutch healthcare into managed competition: Results of a Delphi study among expertsde Vries, H; Vahl, J; Muris, J; Evers, S; van der Horst, H; Cheung, KL
6-May-2021Most Important Factors for Deciding Rehabilitation Provision for Severe Stroke Survivors Post Hospital Discharge: A Study Protocol for a Best–Worst Scaling ExperimentMohapatra, S; Cheung, KL; Hiligsmann, M; Anokye, N
12-May-2021Patterns of health service use among young people with cerebral palsy in EnglandRyan, J; Lavelle, G; Theis, N; Kilbride, C; Noorkoiv, M
8-Apr-2021Looking Back to Move Forward: Reflections on the Strengths and Challenges of the COVID-19 UK Mental Health Research ResponseDemkowicz, O; Panayiotou, M; Parsons, S; Feltham, A; Arseneault, L; Ingram, B; Patalay, P; Edge, D; Pierce, M; Creswell, C; Victor, C; O'Connor, RC; Qualter, P
2021Specifying who delivers behaviour change interventions: development of an Intervention Source OntologyNorris, E; Wright, AJ; Hastings, J; West, R; Boyt, N; Michie, S
19-Mar-2021Editorial: Computational Drug Discovery for Targeting of Protein-Protein InterfacesMeli, M; Pandini, A; Morra, G
1-Mar-2021Knowledge, socio-cognitive perceptions and the practice of hand hygiene and social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic: a cross-sectional study of UK university studentsBarrett, C; Cheung, KL
23-Mar-2021Why and how to engage expert stakeholders in ontology development: Insights from social and behavioural sciencesNorris, E; Hastings, J; Marques, MM; Finnerty, AN; Zink, S; Michie, S
2014Determination of regional lung air volume distribution at mid-tidal breathing from computed tomography: A retrospective study of normal variability and reproducibilityFleming, J; Conway, J; Majoral, C; Bennett, M; Caillibotte, G; Montesantos, S; Katz, I
24-Feb-2021Behavioral effects of continuous theta-burst stimulation in macaque parietal cortexMerken, L; Davare, M; Janssen, P; Romero, MC
24-Mar-2021The feasibility of an online platform delivery of pulmonary rehabilitation for individuals with chronic respiratory diseaseLewis, A; Knight, E; Bland, M; Middleton, J; Mitchell, E; McCrum, K; Conway, J; Bevan-Smith, E
23-Dec-2020Combining the integrated-change model with self-determination theory: Application in physical activityCheung, KL; Eggers, SM; de Vries, H
2020Adding web-based behavioural support to exercise referral schemes for inactive adults with chronic health conditions: the e-coachER RCTTaylor, AH; Taylor, RS; Ingram, WM; Anokye, N; Dean, S; Jolly, K; Mutrie, N; Lambert, J; Yardley, L; Greaves, C; King, J; McAdam, C; Steele, M; Price, L; Streeter, A; Charles, N; Terry, R; Webb, D; Campbell, J; Hughes, L; Ainsworth, B; Jones, B; Jane, B; Erwin, J; Little, P; Woolf, A; Cavanagh, C
27-Nov-2020Randomised controlled trial of an augmented exercise referral scheme using web-based behavioural support for inactive adults with chronic health conditions: The e-coachER trialTaylor, A; Taylor, RS; Ingram, W; Dean, SG; Jolly, K; Mutrie, N; Lambert, J; Yardley, L; Streeter, A; Greaves, C; McAdam, C; Price, L; Anokye, NK; Campbell, J
9-Dec-2020The physiological demands of Singing for Lung Health compared to treadmill walkingPhilip, KEJ; Lewis, A; Buttery, SC; McCabe, C; Manivannan, B; Fancourt, D; Orton, C; Polkey, MI; Hopkinson, NS
1-Feb-2021Aerosol transmission of SARS-CoV-2: inhalation as well as exhalation mattersPhilip, KEJ; Lewis, A; Buttery, S; McCabe, C; Fancourt, D; Orton, C; Polkey, MI; Hopkinson, NS
23-Jan-2018Understanding Organisational Ability and Self-Regulation in Children with Developmental Coordination DisorderGreen, D; Payne, S
22-Jan-2019International clinical practice recommendations on the definition, diagnosis, assessment, intervention, and psychosocial aspects of developmental coordination disorderBlank, R; Barnett, AL; Cairney, J; Green, D; Kirby, A; Polatajko, H; Rosenblum, S; Smits-Engelsman, B; Sugden, D; Wilson, P; Vinçon, S
15-Jan-2021Assessing Markers of Reproducibility and Transparency in Smoking Behaviour Change Intervention EvaluationsNorris, E; He, Y; Loh, R; West, R; Michie, S
24-Nov-2020Living Alone with Mild-To-Moderate Dementia: Findings from the IDEAL CohortClare, L; Martyr, A; Henderson, C; Gamble, L; Matthews, FE; Quinn, C; Nelis, SM; Rusted, J; Thom, J; Knapp, M; Hart, N; Victor, C
18-Feb-2021Is loneliness a cause or consequence of dementia? A public health analysis of the literatureVictor, C
23-Jan-2021Perceived and objective availability of green and blue spaces and quality of life in people with dementia: results from the IDEAL programmeWu, Y-T; Clare, L; Jones, IR; Nelis, S; Quinn, C; Martyr, A; Victor, C; Lamont, R; Rippon, I; Matthews, F
25-Jan-2021The risk of dementia in adults with cerebral palsy: A matched cohort study using general practice dataSmith, K; Petersen, M; Victor, C; Ryan, J
13-Aug-2020Evaluating the validity, reliability and clinical utility of the Music therapy Sensory Instrument for Cognition, Consciousness and Awareness (MuSICCA): protocol of a validation studyPool, JW; Siegert, RJ; Taylor, S; Dunford, C; Magee, WL
12-Dec-2020What (if any) behaviour change techniques do government-led cybersecurity awareness campaigns use?van Steen, T; Norris, E; Atha, K; Joinson, A
2020Lung volume reduction eligibility in patients with COPD completing pulmonary rehabilitation: results from the UK National Asthma and COPD Audit ProgrammeButtery, SC; Lewis, A; Kemp, SV; Banya, W; Quint, JK; Steiner, MC; Hopkinson, NS
2020Moving singing for lung health online in response to COVID-19: experience from a randomised controlled trialPhilip, KEJ; Lewis, A; Jeffery, E; Buttery, S; Cave, P; Cristiano, D; Lound, A; Taylor, K; Man, WD-C; Fancourt, D; Polkey, MI; Hopkinson, NS
19-Oct-2020Pertussis vaccination in pregnancy in Canada: a cost-utility analysisAbu-Raya, B; Coyle, D; Bettinger, JA; Vaudry, W; Halperin, SA; Sadarangani, M
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 1036