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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2015[AAM req author manuscript FA 24/07/2018] Measuring arm function early after stroke: is the DASH good enough?Baker, K; Barrett, L; Playford, ED; Aspden, T; Riazi, A; Hobart, J
Nov-2017Neurodevelopmental Impairment in Children after Group B Streptococcal Disease Worldwide: Systematic Review and Meta-analysesKohli-Lynch, M; Russell, NJ; Seale, AC; Dangor, Z; Tann, CJ; Baker, CJ; Bartlett, L; Cutland, C; Gravett, MG; Heath, PT; Ip, M; Le Doare, K; Madhi, SA; Rubens, CE; Saha, SK; Schrag, S; Sobanjo-Ter Meulen, A; Vekemans, J; O'Sullivan, C; Nakwa, F; Ben Hamouda, H; Soua, H; Giorgakoudi, K; Ladhani, S; Lamagni, T; Rattue, H; Trotter, C; Lawn, JE
22-Mar-2019Health services use among children diagnosed with medium-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency through newborn screening: A cohort study in Ontario, CanadaKaraceper, MD; Khangura, SD; Wilson, K; Coyle, D; Brownell, M; Davies, C; Dodds, L; Feigenbaum, A; Fell, DB; Grosse, SD; Guttmann, A; Hawken, S; Hayeems, RZ; Kronick, JB; Laberge, AM; Little, J; Mhanni, A; Mitchell, JJ; Nakhla, M; Potter, M; Prasad, C; Rockman-Greenberg, C; Sparkes, R; Stockler, S; Ueda, K; Vallance, H; Wilson, BJ; Chakraborty, P; Potter, BK
2019Ankle joint position changes reliability of Ultrasound Tissue Characterisation in the Achilles tendon: A pilot studyLawson, A; Noorkoiv, M; Masci, L; Mohagheghi, A
2019Parental views on attending neonatal intensive care ward roundsCaldwell, C; MacBean, V; Hunt, K; Greenough, A
7-Mar-2019Occupational therapy home programmes for children with cerebral palsy: A national survey of United Kingdom paediatric occupational therapy practiceMilton, YM; Dunford, C; Newby, KV
5-Mar-2019Psychological predictors of 'living well' with dementia: findings from the IDEAL study.Lamont, RA; Nelis, SM; Quinn, C; Martyr, A; Rippon, I; Kopelman, MD; Hindle, JV; Jones, RW; Litherland, R; Clare, L
1-Jan-2019A demand-response scheme using multi- agent system for smart DC microgridRwegasira, DS; Ben Dhaou, IS; Kondoro, A; Anagnostou, A; Kelati, A; Naiman, S; Taylor, SJE; Mvungi, N; Tenhunen, H
8-Mar-2019HeART of Stroke: randomised controlled, parallel-arm, feasibility study of a community-based arts and health intervention plus usual care compared with usual care to increase psychological well-being in people following a stroke.Ellis-Hill, C; Thomas, S; Gracey, F; Lamont-Robinson, C; Cant, R; Marques, EMR; Thomas, PW; Grant, M; Nunn, S; Paling, T; Thomas, C; Werson, A; Galvin, KT; Reynolds, F; Jenkinson, D
12-Sep-2018Effect of high dose folic acid supplementation in pregnancy on pre-eclampsia (FACT): Double blind, phase III, randomised controlled, international, multicentre trialWen, SW; White, RR; Rybak, N; Gaudet, LM; Robson, S; Hague, W; Simms-Stewart, D; Carroli, G; Smith, G; Fraser, WD; Wells, G; Davidge, ST; Kingdom, J; Coyle, D; Fergusson, D; Corsi, DJ; Champagne, J; Sabri, E; Ramsay, T; Mol, BWJ; Oudijk, MA; Walker, MC
30-Jan-2018Cost-Effectiveness of Pharmacological Treatments for Osteoporosis Consistent with the Revised Economic Evaluation Guidelines for Canada.Coyle, D
1-Jan-2019A Comprehensive Model of Factors Associated With Subjective Perceptions of "Living Well" With Dementia: Findings From the IDEAL Study.Clare, L; Wu, Y-T; Jones, IR; Victor, CR; Nelis, SM; Martyr, A; Quinn, C; Litherland, R; Pickett, JA; Hindle, JV; Jones, RW; Knapp, M; Kopelman, MD; Morris, RG; Rusted, JM; Thom, JM; Lamont, RA; Henderson, C; Rippon, I; Hillman, A; Matthews, FE; IDEAL Study Team
23-Apr-2018An Efficient Mixed-Model for Screening Differentially Expressed Genes of Breast Cancer Based on LR-RFSun, M; Ding, T; Tang, XQ; Keming, Y
2019How Do General Practitioners (GPs) Engage in Falls Prevention With Older People? A Pilot Survey of GPs in NHS England Suggests a Gap in Routine Practice to Address Falls PreventionMcIntyre, A; Mackenzie, L
29-Jan-2019Effectiveness of intravenous albumin therapy to prevent spontaneous bacterial peritonitis, renal dysfunction and death in adults with cirrhosis: A protocol for a systematic reviewHärmälä, S; Parisinos, C; Ryan, J; O'Brien, A
11-Feb-2019Dysfunctional breathing: what do we know?Vidotto, LS; Carvalho, CRFD; Harvey, A; Jones, M
Jan-2019Health and social care practitioners' understanding of the problems of people with dementia-related visual processing impairmentMcIntyre, A; Harding, E; Yong, KXX; Sullivan, MP; Gilhooly, M; Gilhooly, K; Woodbridge, R; Crutch, S
Jan-2019Standards and core components for cardiovascular disease prevention and rehabilitationCowie, A; Buckley, J; Doherty, P; Furze, G; Hayward, J; Hinton, S; Jones, J; Speck, L; Dalal, H; Mills, J
16-Apr-2018How long does telomerase extend telomeres? Regulation of telomerase release and telomere length homeostasis-
23-Jan-2018Comparison of standing postural control and gait parameters in people with and without chronic low back pain: A cross-sectional case-control studyMacRae, CS; Critchley, D; Lewis, JS; Shortland, A
2018Teenagers, sexualities-education assemblages and sexual citizenship: a new materialist analysisAlldred, P; Fox, NJ
20-Mar-2017Fundamental mechanisms of telomerase action in yeasts and mammals: Understanding telomeres and telomerase in cancer cells-
2-Nov-2016A ′microsimulation′ model for assessing the cost effectiveness of physical activity interventionsAnokye, N; Anagnostou, A; Lord, J; Taylor, S; Vali, Y; Foster, C; Whincup, P; Jefferis, B; Fox-Rushby, J
25-Nov-2016The short-term and long-term cost-effectiveness of a pedometer-based intervention in primary care: a within trial analysis and beyond-trial modellingAnokye, N; Fox-Rushby, J; Sanghera, S; Cook, DG; Kerry, SM; Limb, E; Victor, CR; Iliffe, S; Shah, SM; Ussher, M; Whincup, PH; Ekelund, U; Furness, C; Ibison, J; DeWilde, S; David, L; Howard, E; Dale, R; Smith, J; Harris, TJ
-Developing a Science Gateway for Physical Activity Lifelong Modelling & SimulationAnagnostou, A; Anokye, N; Taylor, S; Barbera, R
22-Jan-2019Measuring change in trials of physical activity interventions: a comparison of self-report questionnaire and accelerometry within the PACE-UP trialLimb, ES; Ahmad, S; Cook, DG; Kerry, SM; Ekelund, U; Whincup, PH; Victor, CR; Iliffe, S; Ussher, M; Fox-Rushby, J; Furness, C; Ibison, J; Dewilde, S; Harris, T
2019A Qualitative, Grounded Theory Exploration of Patients’ Experience of Early Mobilisation, Rehabilitation and Recovery after Critical IllnessCorner, E; Murray, E; Brett, S
2019The influence of posture on parasternal intercostal muscle activity in healthy young adultsWilliams, S; Porter, M; Westbrook, J; Rafferty, GF; MacBean, V
28-Dec-2018British Thoracic Society guideline for bronchiectasis in adults (BMJ Open)Hill, AT; Sullivan, AL; Chalmers, JD; De Soyza, A; Elborn, JS; Floto, RA; Grillo, L; Gruffydd-Jones, K; Harvey, A; Haworth, CS; Hiscocks, E; Hurst, JR; Johnson, C; Kelleher, WP; Bedi, P; Payne, K; Saleh, H; Screaton, NJ; Smith, M; Tunney, M; Whitters, D; Wilson, R; Loebinger, MR
13-Dec-2018British Thoracic Society Guideline for bronchiectasis in adultsT Hill, A; L Sullivan, A; D Chalmers, J; De Soyza, A; Stuart Elborn, J; Andres Floto, R; Grillo, L; Gruffydd-Jones, K; Harvey, A; S Haworth, C; Hiscocks, E; R Hurst, J; Johnson, C; Peter Kelleher, W; Bedi, P; Payne, K; Saleh, H; J Screaton, N; Smith, M; Tunney, M; Whitters, D; Wilson, R; R Loebinger, M
21-Aug-2018The Lived Experience of Codependency: an Interpretative Phenomenological AnalysisBacon, I; McKay, E; Reynolds, F; McIntyre, A
9-Oct-2017Impaired mobility associated with an increased likelihood of death in children: A systematic reviewNissen, S; Purssell, E; Shaw, K; Bailey, C; Efstathiou, N; Dunford, C
2018'Because my brain isn't as active as it should be, my eyes don't always see' - a qualitative exploration of the stress process for those living with posterior cortical atrophyHarding, E; Sullivan, MP; Woodbridge, R; Yong, K; Gilhooly, M; Gilhooly, K; Crutch, S
1-Oct-2017The Multisensory Environment (MSE) in Dementia Care: Examining Its Role and Quality From a User PerspectiveCollier, L; Jakob, A
2018The information gap for children and young people with acquired brain injuryDunford, C; Cobbold, C; Ray, I; Wales, L
2018Assembling citizenship: sexualities education, micropolitics and the becoming-citizenAlldred, P; Fox, NJ
2019Mortality due to cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease and cancer in adults with cerebral palsyRyan, J; Petersen, M; Ryan, N; Smith, K; O'Connell, N; Liverani, S; Anokye, N; Victor, C; Allen, E
2018Revisiting the relationship between internal focus and balance control in young and older adultsEllmers, TJ; Mak, TCT; Young, W; Wong, TWL
2018Is there a correlation in frontal plane in frontal plane knee kinematics between running and performing a single leg squat in runners with patellofemoral pain syndrome and asymptomatic runners?Rees, D; Younis, A; Macrae, CS
21-Sep-2018Multicentred randomised controlled trial of an augmented exercise referral scheme using web-based behavioural support in individuals with metabolic, musculoskeletal and mental health conditions: protocol for the e-coachER trialIngram, W; Webb, D; Taylor, RS; Anokye, N; Yardley, L; Jolly, K; Mutrie, N; Campbell, JL; Dean, SG; Greaves, C; Steele, M; Lambert, JD; McAdam, C; Jane, B; King, J; Jones, RB; Little, P; Woolf, A; Erwin, J; Charles, N; Terry, RH; Taylor, AH
2018Protocol for the IDEAL-2 longitudinal study: Following the experiences of people with dementia and their primary carers to understand what contributes to living well with dementia and enhances active lifeSilarova, B; Nelis, SM; Ashworth, RM; Ballard, C; Bieńkiewicz, M; Henderson, C; Hillman, A; Hindle, JV; Hughes, JC; Lamont, RA; Litherland, R; Jones, IR; Jones, RW; Knapp, M; Kotting, P; Martyr, A; Matthews, FE; Morris, RG; Quinn, C; Regan, J; Rusted, JM; Van Den Heuvel, EA; Victor, CR; Wu, YT; Clare, L
2018The economics of physical activity in low and middle income countries: protocol for a systematic reviewRanasinghe, P; Pokhrel, S; Anokye, N
2018The effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a complex community sport intervention to increase physical activity: An interrupted time series designAnokye, NK; Mansfield, L; Kay, T; Sanghera, S; Lewin, A; Fox-Rushby, J
2018The impact of comorbidity on the quality of life of people with dementia: findings from the IDEAL study.Nelis, SM; Wu, Y-T; Matthews, FE; Martyr, A; Quinn, C; Rippon, I; Rusted, J; Thom, JM; Kopelman, MD; Hindle, JV; Jones, RW; Clare, L
2018Motivational Interviewing training for physiotherapy and occupational therapy students: Effect on confidence, knowledge and skills.Fortune, J; Breckon, J; Norris, M; Eva, G; Frater, T
2018Rehabilitation via HOMe Based gaming exercise for the Upper-limb post Stroke (RHOMBUS): protocol of an intervention feasibility trialKilbride, C; Scott, D; Butcher, T; Norris, M; Ryan, J; Anokye, N; Warland, A; Baker, K; Athanasiou, D; Singla-Buxarrais, G; Nowicky, A
24-Sep-2018Inequalities in living well with dementia—The impact of deprivation on well-being, quality of life and life satisfaction: Results from the improving the experience of dementia and enhancing active life studyWu, YT; Clare, L; Jones, IR; Martyr, A; Nelis, SM; Quinn, C; Victor, CR; Lamont, RA; Rippon, I; Matthews, FE
2016Parasternal intercostal electromyography: A novel tool to assess respiratory load in childrenMacBean, V; Jolley, CJ; Sutton, TG; Deep, A; Greenough, A; Moxham, J; Rafferty, GF
2017Respiratory load perception in overweight and asthmatic childrenMacBean, V; Wheatley, L; Lunt, AC; Rafferty, GF
2014An evaluation of factors associated with completion and benefit from pulmonary rehabilitation in COPDBoutou, AK; Tanner, RJ; Lord, VM; Hogg, L; Nolan, J; Jefford, H; Corner, EJ; Falzon, C; Lee, C; Garrod, R; Polkey, MI; Hopkinson, NS
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 743