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31-Jul-2023Youth experience matters: participation in physical activity by young people with physical disability. A protocol for a national participation snapshot and Delphi consensus studyBrady, K; Kiernan, D; McConkey, E; O'Gorman, E; Kerr, C; McDonough, S; Ryan, J; Malone, A
2-Mar-2023Validated respiratory drug deposition predictions from 2D and 3D medical images with statistical shape models and convolutional neural networksWilliams, J; Ahlqvist, H; Cunningham, A; Kirby, A; Katz, I; Fleming, J; Conway, J; Cunningham, S; Ozel, A; Wolfram, U
4-Feb-2021Comparison of droplet spread in standard and laminar flow operating theatres: SPRAY study groupNewsom, RB; Amara, A; Hicks, A; Quint, M; Pattison, C; Bzdek, BR; Burridge, J; Krawczyk, C; Dinsmore, J; Conway, J
24-Jan-2023Exploring the role of advanced clinical practitioners (ACPs) and their contribution to health services in England: A qualitative exploratory studyMann, C; Timmons, S; Evans, C; Pearce, R; Overton, C; Hinsliff-Smith, K; Conway, J
5-Jul-2019Home versus outpatient pulmonary rehabilitation in COPD: A propensity-matched cohort studyNolan, CM; Kaliaraju, D; Jones, SE; Patel, S; Barker, R; Walsh, JA; Wynne, S; Man, W
25-Nov-2023In adults with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, long-term telerehabilitation and unsupervised home-based treadmill training reduced hospitalisations and emergency department presentations compared with usual care [commentary]Nolan, CM
16-Dec-2022Co-designing resources to support the transition from child to adult health services for young people with cerebral palsy: A design thinking approachFortune, J; Burke, J; Dillon, C; Dillon, S; O’Toole, S; Enright, A; Flynn, A; Manikandan, M; Kroll, T; Lavelle, G; Ryan, JM
8-Jul-2021The most important facilitators and barriers to the use of Health Technology Assessment in Canada: a best–worst scaling approachWranik, WD; Székely, R-R; Mayer, S; Hiligsmann, M; Cheung, KL
15-May-2020Towards a better understanding of factors affecting smoking uptake among Saudi male adolescents: A qualitative studyMohammed, M; de Vries, N; Cheung, KL; de Vries, H
14-Jun-2023Preference of young adults for COVID-19 vaccination in the United Kingdom: a discrete choice experimentBöger, S; van Bergen, I; Beaudart, C; Cheung, KL; Hiligsmann, M
6-Jul-2017Prevalence, trajectories, and determinants of television viewing time in an ethnically diverse sample of young children from the UKBarber, SE; Kelly, B; Collings, PJ; Nagy, L; Bywater, T; Wright, J
20-Oct-2018ActivPAL-measured sitting levels and patterns in 9-10 years old children from a UK citySherry, AP; Pearson, N; Ridgers, ND; Barber, SE; Bingham, DD; Nagy, LC; Clemes, SA
18-Aug-2019Factors associated with accelerometer measured movement behaviours among White British and South Asian children aged 6-8 years during school terms and school holidaysNagy, LC; Faisal, M; Horne, M; Collings, P; Barber, S; Mohammed, M
14-Jun-2022The refurbishment and redistribution of disability equipment from the UK to low and middle-income countriesSomerville, L; Nagy, L
14-Jun-2023The quality of life and stigma experienced by children with rare diseases and their families in RomaniaGrunebaum, S; Nagy, L
14-Jun-2022Parental views and perception on the impact of accessing disability equipment on activity participation for children living in LMICsPratt, C; Nagy, L
26-Sep-2020Impacts of a standing desk intervention within an english primary school classroom: A pilot controlled trialSherry, AP; Pearson, N; Ridgers, ND; Johnson, W; Barber, SE; Bingham, DD; Nagy, LC; Clemes, SA
22-Sep-2023Multiorgan MRI findings after hospitalisation with COVID-19 in the UK (C-MORE): a prospective, multicentre, observational cohort studyRaman, B; McCracken, C; Cassar, MP; Moss, AJ; Finnigan, L; Samat, AHA; Ogbole, G; Tunnicliffe, EM; Alfaro-Almagro, F; Menke, R; Xie, C; Gleeson, F; Lukaschuk, E; Lamlum, H; McGlynn, K; Popescu, IA; Sanders, ZB; Saunders, LC; Piechnik, SK; Ferreira, VM; Nikolaidou, C; Rahman, NM; Ho, LP; Harris, VC; Shikotra, A; Singapuri, A; Pfeffer, P; Manisty, C; Kon, OM; Beggs, M; O'Regan, DP; Fuld, J; Weir-McCall, JR; Parekh, D; Steeds, R; Poinasamy, K; Cuthbertson, DJ; Kemp, GJ; Semple, MG; Horsley, A; Miller, CA; O'Brien, C; Shah, AM; Chiribiri, A; Leavy, OC; Richardson, M; Elneima, O; McAuley, HJC; Sereno, M; Saunders, RM; Houchen-Wolloff, L; Greening, NJ; Bolton, CE; Brown, JS; Choudhury, G; Diar Bakerly, N; Easom, N; Echevarria, C; Marks, M; Hurst, JR; Jones, MG; Wootton, DG; Chalder, T; Davies, MJ; De Soyza, A; Geddes, JR; Greenhalf, W; Howard, LS; Jacob, J; Man, WDC; Openshaw, PJM; Porter, JC; Rowland, MJ; Scott, JT; Singh, SJ; Thomas, DC; Toshner, M; Lewis, KE; Heaney, LG; Harrison, EM; Kerr, S; Docherty, AB; Lone, NI; Quint, J; Sheikh, A; Zheng, B; Jenkins, RG; Cox, E; Francis, S; Halling-Brown, M; Chalmers, JD; Greenwood, JP; Plein, S; Hughes, PJC; Thompson, AAR; Rowland-Jones, SL; Wild, JM; Kelly, M; Treibel, TA; Bandula, S
14-Nov-2023Evaluating the effect of a digital health intervention to enhance physical activity in people with chronic kidney disease (Kidney BEAM): a multicentre, randomised controlled trial in the UKGreenwood, SA; Young, HML; Briggs, J; Castle, EM; Walklin, C; Haggis, L; Balkin, C; Asgari, E; Bhandari, S; Burton, JO; Billany, RE; Bishop, NC; Bramham, K; Campbell, J; Chilcot, J; Cooper, NJ; Deelchand, V; Graham-Brown, MMP; Hamilton, A; Jesky, M; Kalra, PA; Koufaki, P; McCafferty, K; Nixon, AC; Noble, H; Saynor, Z; Taal, MW; Tollit, J; Wheeler, DC; Wilkinson, TJ; Worboys, H; Macdonald, JH
15-Nov-2023Safety and efficacy of gene replacement therapy for X-linked myotubular myopathy (ASPIRO): a multinational, open-label, dose-escalation trialShieh, PB; Kuntz, NL; Dowling, JJ; Müller-Felber, W; Bönnemann, CG; Seferian, AM; Servais, L; Smith, BK; Muntoni, F; Blaschek, A; Foley, AR; Saade, DN; Neuhaus, S; Alfano, LN; Beggs, AH; Buj-Bello, A; Childers, MK; Duong, T; Graham, RJ; Jain, M; Coats, J; MacBean, V; James, ES; Lee, J; Mavilio, F; Miller, W; Varfaj, F; Murtagh, M; Han, C; Noursalehi, M; Lawlor, MW; Prasad, S; Rico, S
8-Nov-2023British Thoracic Society Clinical Statement on pulmonary rehabilitationMan, W; Chaplin, E; Daynes, E; Drummond, A; Evans, RA; Greening, NJ; Nolan, C; Pavitt, MJ; Roberts, NJ; Vogiatzis, I; Singh, SJ
17-Oct-2023Five-Repetition Sit-to-Stand Test: Responsiveness and Minimal Important Difference in Idiopathic Pulmonary FibrosisTrivedi, P; Patel, S; Edwards, G; Jenkins, T; Man, WD-C; Nolan, CM
4-Nov-2023Confidence of practitioners to support self-management of pain: A multidisciplinary surveyPenlington, C; Pornsukjantra, P; Chazot, P; Cole, F; Denneny, D
19-Aug-2021Sensor-based gait retraining lowers knee adduction moment and improves symptoms in patients with knee osteoarthritis: A randomized controlled trialWang, S; Chan, PPK; Lam, BMF; Chan, ZYS; Zhang, JHW; Wang, C; Lam, WK; Ho, KKW; Chan, RHM; Cheung, RTH
3-Jul-2023Use of focus groups to explore service users’experiences and inform future service development needs in an outpatient serviceSeary, C; Ben, B; Hunt, S; Richie, J; Juckes, F; Stevenson, V; Beare, B
3-Jun-2022Dosage of joint mobilisation for the management of rotator cuff-related shoulder pain: protocol for a scoping reviewWang, S; Chapple, CM; Quinn, D; Tumilty, S; Ribeiro, DC
5-Dec-2022Conducting evaluations of evidence that are transparent, timely and can lead to health‑protective actionsChartres, N; Sass, JB; Gee, D; Bălan, SA; Birnbaum, L; Cogliano, VJ; Cooper, C; Fedinick, KP; Harrison, RM; Kolossa‑Gehring, M; Mandrioli, D; Mitchell, MA; Norris, SL; Portier, CJ; Straif, K; Vermeire, T
17-Oct-2023Factors associated with retention of health workers in remote public health centers in Northern Uganda: a cross-sectional studyTwineamatsiko, A; Mugenyi, N; Kuteesa, YN; Livingstone, ED
23-Mar-2021Determinants of COVID-19 outcomes: A systematic reviewCrankson, S; Pokhrel, S; Anokye, NK
30-Sep-2021Co-Benefits of Physical Activity in LMICAnokye, N; Ramirez, A; Salvo, D; Mukherjee, P
10-Feb-2023Impact of the Health Gym Program on hospital admissions for stroke in the state of Pernambuco, Brazilda Guarda, FRB; Silvestre Rodrigues, BL; Niels da Silva, R; Martins de Faria, SJ; Costa Silva, PB; da Silva Júnior, RE; da Silva Feitosa, DK; Anokye, NK; Coyte, PC
25-Aug-2023Interrelationship between arterial hypertension, health service costs, therapeutic treatment and physical activityLima dos Santos, L; Codogno, JS; Camilo Turi-Lynch, B; Araujo, MYC; Fernandes, RA; de Oliveira Gomes, GA; Crankson, S; Anokye, N
1-Dec-2022Specific subsystems of the inferior parietal lobule are associated with hand dysfunction following stroke: A cross-sectional resting-state fMRI studyLiu, FW; Chen, CC; Bai, ZF; Hong, WJ; Wang, SZ; Tang, CZ
16-Oct-2023Navigating Ultra-Orthodox Jewish motherhood in the United Kingdom: The perspectives on the understanding and challenges of social work support through the Haredi mothers’ lensPhillips, N; Hakak, Y
15-May-2015Individual and Social Predictors of Prosocial Behavior among Chinese Adolescents in Hong KongLai, FHY; Siu, AMH; Shek, DTL
12-Oct-2020Measuring the occupational balance of people with insomnia in a Chinese population: Preliminary psychometric evidence on the Chinese version of the Occupational Balance QuestionnaireHo, ECM; Dür, M; Stamm, T; Siu, AMH
17-Jul-2018Outcome evaluation of a short-term hospitalization and community support program for people who abuse ketamineSiu, AMH; Ko, FSL; Mak, SK
26-Jul-2006Evaluation of the chronic disease self-management program in a Chinese populationSiu, AMH; Chan, CCH; Poon, PKK; Chui, DYY; Chan, SCC
10-Jan-2018Assessing social cognition of persons with schizophrenia in a Chinese population: A pilot studyLo, PMT; Siu, AMH
22-Jan-2019Corrigendum: Outcome Evaluation of a Short-Term Hospitalization and Community Support Program for People Who Abuse KetamineSiu, AMH; Ko, FSL; Mak, SK
19-May-2023The Metabolic Cost of Inspiratory Muscle Training in Mechanically Ventilated PatientsJenkins, T; Poulsen, MK; Karbing, DS; Rees, SE; Hall, D; Patel, BV; Polkey, MI; MacBean, V
24-May-2021Problematic Use of Internet-Related Activities and Perceived Weight Stigma in Schoolchildren: A Longitudinal Study Across Different Epidemic Periods of COVID-19 in ChinaFung, XCC; Siu, AMH; Potenza, MN; O'Brien, KS; Latner, JD; Chen, CY; Chen, IH; Lin, CY
9-Aug-2023Initial effect of high-volume mobilisation with movement on shoulder range of motion and pain in patients with rotator cuff-related shoulder pain: Protocol for a randomised controlled trial (Evolution Trial)Wang, S; Zeng, J; Chapple, CM; Mani, R; Ribeiro, DC
12-Apr-2021Effective Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Parameters for the Modulation of Eating Behavior: A Systematic Literature Review and Meta-AnalysisBeaumont, JD; Smith, NC; Starr, D; Davis, D; Dalton, M; Nowicky, A; Russell, M; Barwood, MJ
11-Aug-2023No effect of prefrontal transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) on food craving, food reward and subjective appetite in females displaying mild-to-moderate binge-type behaviourBeaumont, JD; Dalton, M; Davis, D; Finlayson, G; Nowicky, A; Russell, M; Barwood, MJ
10-Jan-2022Selectively disrupted sensorimotor circuits in chronic stroke with hand dysfunctionLiu, F; Chen, C; Hong, W; Bai, Z; Wang, S; Lu, H; Lin, Q; Zhao, Z; Tang, C
4-Feb-2019Ethnic differences in sedentary behaviour in 6-8-year-old children during school terms and school holidays: A mixed methods studyNagy, LC; Horne, M; Faisal, M; Mohammed, MA; Barber, SE
16-May-2023Primary care-based models of care for osteoarthritis; a scoping reviewCunningham, J; Doyle, F; Ryan, JM; Clyne, B; Cadogan, C; Cottrell, E; Murphy, P; Smith, SM; French, HP
11-Aug-2023Test-retest reliability of movement-evoked pain and sensitivity to movement-evoked pain in patients with rotator cuff-related shoulder painWang, S; Mani, R; Zeng, J; Chapple, CM; Ribeiro, DC
29-Dec-2022Understanding how patients' pain beliefs influence chronic low back pain management in Ghana: A grounded theory approachAmpiah, JA; Moffatt, F; Diver, C; Ampiah, PK
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 1419