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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Sep-2020Transition from child-centred to adult-oriented healthcare systems for young people with neurodisability: a scoping review protocolFortune, J; Murphy, P; Merchant, N; Kerr, C; Kroll, T; Walsh, A; Norris, M; Lavelle, G; Ryan, J
29-Jun-2021Associations Between Children’s Physical Activity, Pain and InjuriesRyan, J
15-Oct-2021Primary care-based models of care for osteoarthritis: a scoping review protocolCunningham, J; Doyle, F; Ryan, JM; Clyne, B; Cadogan, C; Cottrell, E; Smith, SM; French, HP
6-Sep-2022Clinimetric analysis of outcome measures for airway clearance in people with cystic fibrosis: a systematic reviewStanford, GE; Jones, M; Charman, SC; Bilton, D; Usmani, OS; Davies, JC; Simmonds, NJ
22-Feb-2022The effect of online and in-person team-based learning (TBL) on undergraduate endocrinology teaching during COVID-19 pandemicAnas, S; Kyrou, I; Rand-Weaver, M; Karteris, E
1-Feb-2019Exploring intergenerational, intra-generational and transnational patterns of family caring in minority ethnic communities: The example of England and WalesVictor, CR; Dobbs, C; Gilhooly, K; Burholt, V
14-Sep-2022Pilot study of physiotherapist-led versus music therapist-led breathing control exercises for young adults living with breathing pattern disorder: a randomised controlled trial protocolLewis, A; Kal, E; Nolan, C; Cave, P; Grillo, L; Conway, J; Jones, M
29-Aug-2022CALMS: Modelling the long-term health and economic impact of Covid-19 using agent-based simulationMintram, K; Anagnostou, A; Anokye, N; Okine, E; Groen, D; Saha, A; Abubakar, N; Islam, T; Daroge, H; Ghorbani, M; Xue, Y; Taylor, SJE
22-Aug-2022Behavioural support and nicotine replacement therapy for smokeless tobacco cessation: protocol for a pilot randomised-controlled multi-country trialSiddiqui, F; Bauld, L; Croucher, R; Jackson, C; Kellar, I; Kanaan, M; Pokhrel, S; Huque, R; Iqbal, R; Khan, JA; Mehrotra, R; Siddiqi, K
18-Aug-2022Unmet health needs among young adults with cerebral palsy in Ireland: A cross-sectional studyRyan, JM; Walsh, M; Owens, M; Byrne, M; Kroll, T; Hensey, O; Kerr, C; Norris, M; Walsh, A; Lavelle, G; Fortune, J
10-Jun-2021The future of placementsHarrison-White, K; McIntosh, B
18-Jun-2022Associations between gait kinematics, gross motor function and physical activity among young people with cerebral palsy: A cross sectional studyRyan, JM; Lavelle, G; Noorkoiv, M; Kiernan, D; Theis, N; Little, Ú; Shortland, A; Malone, A
1-Aug-2022The effects of TMS over the anterior intraparietal area on anticipatory fingertip force scaling and the size-weight illusionvan Polanen, V; Buckingham, G; Davare, M
14-Jul-2022Validating the Breathing Vigilance Questionnaire for use in Dysfunctional BreathingSteinmann, J; Lewis, A; Ellmers, T; Jones, M; MacBean, V; Kal, E
29-Apr-2021Determinants of Obesity in West Africa: A Systematic ReviewAgyemang, K; Pokhrel, S; Victor, C; Anokye, NK
29-Jun-2022Positive experiences in dementia care-giving: findings from the IDEAL programmeQuinn, C; Toms, G; Rippon, I; Nelis, SM; Henderson, C; Morris, RG; Rusted, JM; Thom, JM; van den Heuvel, E; Victor, C; Clare, L
7-Jul-2022‘Living well’ trajectories among family caregivers of people with mild-to-moderate dementia in the IDEAL cohortClare, L; Gamble, LD; Martyr, A; Sabatini, S; Nelis, SM; Quinn, C; Pentecost, C; Victor, C; Jones, RW; Jones, IR; Knapp, M; Litherland, R; Morris, RG; Rusted, JM; Thom, JM; Collins, R; Henderson, C; Matthews, FE
2022Three Steps to Open Science for Qualitative Research in PsychologyBranney, P; Brooks, J; Kilby, L; Newman, KL; Norris, E; Pownall, M; Talbot, CV; Treharne, GJ; Whitaker, C
18-Jun-2022Research can be integrated into public health policy-making: global lessons for and from Spanish economic evaluationsTrapero-Bertran, M; Pokhrel, S; Hanney, S
7-Aug-2020Reducing loneliness among migrant and ethnic minority people: a participatory evidence synthesisSalway, S; Such, E; Preston, L; Booth, A; Zubair, M; Victor, C; Raghavan, R
26-Aug-2021Cognitive function and performance of everyday activities in adults with spina bifidaRiedel, D; Hagman, G; Green, D; Fristedt, S
24-Jun-2022Typology and categorization in developmental coordination disorder: Where does this leave us?Green, D
23-Jun-2022The effects of conscious movement processing on the neuromuscular control of postureJie, L-J; Kal, E; Ellmers, T; Rosier, J; Meijer, K; Boonstra, T
24-Jun-2022Global article collection: essential reads from around the worldJakovljevic, M; Tan, CJ; Chaiyakunapruk, N; Silva Julian, G; Cheung, KL; Hiligsmann, M; Godman, B; Opanga, S; Scuffham, PA; Gregg, M
13-Jun-2022Effects of social restrictions on people with dementia and carers during the pre‐vaccine phase of the <scp>COVID</scp> ‐19 pandemic: Experiences of <scp>IDEAL</scp> cohort participantsPentecost, C; Collins, R; Stapley, S; Victor, C; Quinn, C; Hillman, A; Litherland, R; Allan, L; Clare, L
11-Jul-2022Post-Crash First Response by Traffic Police in Nepal: A Feasibility StudySmart, G; Banstola, A; Raut, R; Ghimire, K; Mytton, J; Joshi, E; Joshi, S
8-Jun-2022Awareness of and engagement with Open Research behaviours: Development of the Brief Open Research Survey (BORS) with the UK Reproducibility NetworkNorris, E; Clark, K; Munafo, MR; Jay, C; Baldwin, J; Lautarescu, A; Pedder, H; Page, M; Rinke, EM; Burn, C; Cawthorn, W; Ballou, N; Glover, S; Evans, S; Rossit, S; Soltanlou, M; Wise, EL; Kelson, M; Soliman, N; Jones, A; Costello, R; Smailes, D; Wilkinson, LL; Piccardi, ES; Partridge, AM; Hulme, C; Schultze, A; Pennington, CR
5-Nov-2019Impact of sports participation on incidence of bone traumatic fractures and health-care costs among adolescents: ABCD–Growth StudyLynch, KR; Anokye, NK; Vlachopoulos, D; Barbieri, FA; Turi-Lynch, BC; Codogno, JS; Agostinete, RR; Fernandes, RA
16-Jun-2022Effectiveness of integrated care interventions for patients with long-term conditions: a review of systematic reviewsMansour, MHH; Pokhrel, S; Anokye, N
7-Jun-2022INCEPTUS Natural History, Run-in Study for Gene Replacement Clinical Trial in X-Linked Myotubular MyopathyDowling, JJ; Müller-Felber, W; Smith, BK; Bönnemann, CG; Kuntz, NL; Muntoni, F; Servais, L; Alfano, LN; Beggs, AH; Bilder, DA; Blaschek, A; Duong, T; Graham, RJ; Jain, M; Lawlor, MW; Lee, J; Coats, J; Lilien, C; Lowes, LP; MacBean, V; Neuhaus, S; Noursalehi, M; Pitts, T; Finlay, C; Christensen, S; Rafferty, G; Seferian, AM; Tsuchiya, E; James, ES; Miller, W; Sepulveda, B; Vila, MC; Prasad, S; Rico, S; Shieh, PB
21-Jul-2020Recovery From a Forward Falling Slip: Measurement of Dynamic Stability and Strength Requirements Using a Split-Belt Instrumented TreadmillDebelle, H; Harkness-Armstrong, C; Hadwin, K; Maganaris, CN; O'Brien, TD
28-Dec-2021Relationships between motor skills and executive functions in developmental coordination disorder (DCD): A systematic reviewFogel, Y; Stuart, N; Joyce, T; Barnett, AL
28-Jun-2022Applying the Non-adoption, Abandonment, Scale-up, Spread and Sustainability (NASSS) Framework to evaluate automated evidence synthesis in health behaviour changeBranney, P; Marques, MM; Norris, E
18-May-2022Transcranial magnetic stimulation of the brain: What is stimulated? – A consensus and critical position paperSiebner, HR; Funke, K; Aberra, AS; Antal, A; Bestmann, S; Chen, R; Classen, J; Davare, M; Di Lazzaro, V; Fox, PT; Hallett, M; Karabanov, AN; Kesselheim, J; Beck, MM; Koch, G; Liebetanz, D; Meunier, S; Miniussi, C; Paulus, W; Peterchev, AV; Popa, T; Ridding, MC; Thielscher, A; Ziemann, U; Rothwell, JC; Ugawa, Y
4-Jul-2022Access, use and satisfaction with physiotherapy services among adults with cerebral palsy living in the United Kingdom and IrelandRyan, J; Manikandan, M; Cassidy, E; Cook, G; Kilbride, C; Kerr, C; Walsh, A; Walsh, M
1-May-2022Improved Respiratory Outcomes for X-Linked Myotubular Myopathy (XLMTM) with Gene Replacement Therapy, Resamirigene Bilparvovec (ASPIRO): Preliminary Results from ASPIRO, a Phase 1/2/3 StudyPerez, GF; Shieh, P; Kuntz, N; Dowling, J; Mueller-Felber, W; Blaschek, A; Bonnemann, C; Foley, A; Saade, D; Seferian, A; Servais, L; Lawlor, M; MacBean, V; Coats, J; Han, C; Lee, J; Noursalehi, M; Prasad, S; Rico, S; Miller, W; Graham, R
1-Sep-2017Dance as a rehabilitative strategy for patients with COPDMacBean, V; Reilly, CC; Rafferty, GF; Kolyra, E
21-Jun-2022Transition to adult services experienced by young people with cerebral palsy: A cross‐sectional studyRyan, JM; Walsh, M; Owens, M; Byrne, M; Kroll, T; Hensey, O; Kerr, C; Norris, M; Walsh, A; Lavelle, G; Fortune, J
16-Jun-2022Representations of Inter-Faith Couples: “Inevitable Violence” and the Israeli Arab ConflictHakak, Yohai
23-May-2022A Comparison of Well-Being of Carers of People with Dementia and Their Ability to Manage Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Findings from the IDEAL StudyGamble, LD; Parker, S; Quinn, C; Bennett, HQ; Martyr, A; Sabatini, S; Pentecost, C; Collins, R; Dawson, E; Hunt, A; Allan, L; Burns, A; Litherland, R; Victor, C; Matthews, FE; Clare, L
30-May-2022Older adults’ experiences of loneliness over the lifecourse: an exploratory study using the BBC loneliness experimentVictor, CR; Rippon, I; Barreto, M; Hammond, C; Qualter, P
28-Jul-2022Occupational and Physical Therapists’ Use of Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Emotion Regulation Strategies During Patient Interactions: A Qualitative StudyHorton, A; Holman, D; Hebson, G
24-May-2022Weighting for the beat: Using a dance cue to facilitate turning in people with Parkinson's Disease and freezing of gaitKal, E; Ellmers, T; Fielding, A; Hardeman, L; Coito, J; Joyce, L; Young, W
16-Sep-2021General estimates of the energy cost of walking in people with different levels and causes of lower limb amputation: a systematic review and meta-analysisEttema, S; Kal, E; Houdijk, H
29-Sep-2020Inhaled therapies for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a systematic review and meta-analysisAxson, EL; Lewis, A; Potts, J; Pang, M; Dickinson, S; Vioix, H; Quint, JK
1-Jun-2022Adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in low SES families: How the experience of motherhood shapes responses to dietary and physical activity public health guidanceMansfield, L; Wittels, P; Kay, T
3-Jun-2022Public and patient involvement in doctoral research during the COVID-19 pandemic: reflections on the process, challenges, impact and experiences from the perspectives of adults with cerebral palsy and the doctoral researcherManikandan, M; Foley, K; Gough, J; Harrington, S; Wall, É; Weldon, F; Ryan, J; Kerr, C; Walsh, A; Fortune, J
10-Dec-2021Assessing Open Science practices in physical activity behaviour change intervention evaluationsNorris, E; Sulevani, I; Finnerty, AN; Castro, O
6-Apr-2022Open Science Research Priorities in Health PsychologyNorris, E; Prescott, A; Noone, C; Green, JA; Reynolds, J; Grant, S; Toomey, E
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 1229