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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Oct-2019What is the evidence for efficacy, effectiveness and safety of surgical interventions for plantar fasciopathy? Protocol for a systematic review.Macrae, C; O'Connell, N; Roche, A; Sinnett, T
29-Aug-2019Identification of policy priorities to address the burden of smokeless tobacco in Pakistan: a multi-method analysisSiddiqi, K; Islam, Z; Khan, Z; Siddiqui, MF; Mishu, MP; Dogar, OF; Shah, V; Khan, J; Pokhrel, S; Iqbal, R; Bauld, L; Sheikh, A; Grugel, JB
8-Sep-2017Methodological Issues of using Placebos in Interventions Based on Digital TechnologyFarr, W; Male, I; Green, D; Morris, C; Gage, H; Bailey, S; Speller, S; Colville, V; Jackson, M; Bremner, S; Memon, A
2017Challenges in combining upper limb and lower limb interventions in protocols for children with brain injuryGreen, D
2018Improving meal times for people with dementia in acute hospitals: a mixed methods studyGallant, N; Green, S; Schoonhoven, L; Collier, L
2018Translation and cross-cultural adaptation of the Chelsea Critical Care Physical Assessment Tool into DanishAstrup, K; Corner, E; Godt Hansen, M
28-Oct-2019A multifactorial approach to sleep and its association with health-related quality of life in a multiethnic Asian working population: A cross-sectional analysisDunleavy, G; Tonon, AC; Chua, AP; Zhang, Y; Cheung, KL; Thach, TQ; Rykov, Y; Soh, CK; Christopoulos, G; de Vries, H; Car, J
28-Nov-2019Student perceptions of growth-facilitating and growth-constraining factors of practice placements: A comparison between Japanese and United Kingdom occupational therapy studentsMiyamoto, R; Green, D; Bontje, P; Suyama, N; Ohshima, N; Fever, SSA; Butler, J
27-Sep-2019Economic Evaluation of Azacitidine in Elderly Patients with Acute Myeloid Leukemia with High Blast CountsCoyle, D; Villeneuve, PJA
8-Jun-2019Dynamic Size-Weight Changes After Object Lifting Reduce the Size-Weight Illusionvan Polanen, V; Davare, M
16-Apr-2019An observational cohort study of exercise and education for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease not meeting criteria for formal pulmonary rehabilitation programmesLewis, A; Dullaghan, D; Townes, H; Green, A; Potts, J; Quint, JK
29-Apr-2019Alternative spaces of failure. Disabled ‘bad boys’ in alternative further education provisionJohnston, C; Bradford, S
30-Oct-2019Dynamic size-weight changes after object lifting reduce the size-weight illusionvan Polanen, V; Davare, M
9-Jan-2018A direct effect of perception on action when grasping a cupRounis, E; Van Polanen, V; Davare, M
12-Oct-2016Stimulation of PPC affects the mapping between motion and force signals for stiffness perception but not motion controlLeib, R; Mawase, F; Karniel, A; Donchin, O; Rothwell, J; Nisky, I; Davare, M
19-Oct-2016Physiological and perceptual sensory attenuation have different underlying neurophysiological correlatesPalmer, CE; Davare, M; Kilner, JM
11-Sep-2016Grasp-specific motor resonance is influenced by the visibility of the observed actorBunday, KL; Lemon, RN; Kilner, JM; Davare, M; Orban, GA
2-Nov-2015The Orpington Prognostic Scale: a predictive tool for discharge destination and outcomes in stroke survivors admitted to a hyperacute stroke unitMohapatra, S; Jones, A
2015Brain Plasticity following Intensive Bimanual Therapy in Children with Hemiparesis: Preliminary EvidenceWeinstein, M; Myers, V; Green, D; Schertz, M; Shiran, SI; Geva, R; Artzi, M; Gordon, AM; Fattal-Valevski, A; Ben Bashat, D
17-Feb-2017The Psychometric Properties of a New Measure of Sensory Behaviors in Autistic ChildrenNeil, L; Green, D; Pellicano, E
22-Oct-2019Observation of Both Skilled and Erroneous Object Lifting Can Improve Predictive Force Scaling in the ObserverRens, G; Davare, M
2016Cortical Reorganization following Injury Early in LifeArtzi, M; Shiran, SI; Weinstein, M; Myers, V; Tarrasch, R; Schertz, M; Fattal-Valevski, A; Miller, E; Gordon, AM; Green, D; Ben Bashat, D
2019Uncertainty prior to pulmonary rehabilitation in primary careLewis, A; Bruton, A; Donovan-Hall, M
2013P41 Pulmonary Rehabilitation (PR) endurance shuttle walk test distances: Differences between Interstital Lung Disease (ILD) and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD): Abstract P41 Table 1.Lewis, A; Cornish, L; Dyer, F; Cheema, K; Bott, J
31-Oct-2019Safety, feasibility, acceptability and effects of a behaviour-change intervention to change physical activity behaviour among people with multiple sclerosis: results from the iStep-MS randomised controlled trial.Ryan, JM; Fortune, J; Stennett, A; Kilbride, C; Lavelle, G; Hendrie, W; DeSouza, L; Abdul, M; Brewin, D; David, L; Anokye, N; Victor, C; Norris, M
16-Oct-2019Working hard to belong: a qualitative study exploring students from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds experiences of pre-registration physiotherapy educationHammond, JA; Williams, A; Walker, S; Norris, M
14-Jun-2019Neural effects of transcranial magnetic stimulation at the single-cell levelRomero, MC; Davare, M; Armendariz, M; Janssen, P
1-Oct-2019Increasing CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) leads to increasing transpulmonary pressure with increased activity of the abdominal wall muscles to aid expirationApps, M; Pavitt, M; Lewis, A; Orton, C; Sadaka, A; Garner, J; Hind, M; Hopkinson, N; Polkey, M; Hull, J
1-Apr-2019Visual delay affects force scaling and weight perception during object lifting in virtual realityvan Polanen, V; Tibold, R; Nuruki, A; Davare, M
6-Sep-2019Tai Chi Movements for Wellbeing – evaluation of a British Lung Foundation pilotLewis, A; Hopkinson, NS
1-Dec-2016Singing for Lung Health—a systematic review of the literature and consensus statementLewis, A; Cave, P; Stern, M; Welch, L; Taylor, K; Russell, J; Doyle, A-M; Russell, A-M; McKee, H; Clift, S; Bott, J; Hopkinson, NS
14-May-2018Singing for Lung Health: service evaluation of the British Lung Foundation programmeLewis, A; Cave, P; Hopkinson, NS
29-Jul-2017Singing for Lung Health: a qualitative assessment of a British Lung Foundation programme for group leadersLewis, A; Cave, P; Hopkinson, NS
25-Mar-2019Sensorimotor uncertainty modulates corticospinal excitability during skilled object manipulationDavare, M; Parikh, PJ; Santello, M
Sep-2017Rhythm and song: Breath management in Idiopathic Interstitial Pneumonias (IIP's). Pilot studyRussell, A-M; Cave, P; Taylor, K; Lewis, A; Hopkinson, NS; Wells, AU
19-Jun-2018Recruitment of patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) from the Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD) for researchQuint, JK; Moore, E; Lewis, A; Hashmi, M; Sultana, K; Wright, M; Smeeth, L; Chatzidiakou, L; Jones, R; Beevers, S; Kolozali, S; Kelly, F; Barratt, B
20-Feb-2019Protocol for a systematic literature review and network meta-analysis of the clinical benefit of inhaled maintenance therapies in chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseLewis, A; Axson, EL; Potts, J; Tarnowska, R; Vioix, H; Quint, JK
1-Jun-2019Music and dance in chronic lung diseasePhilip, K; Lewis, A; Hopkinson, NS
1-Jul-2017Patient experience of lung volume reduction procedures for emphysema: a qualitative service improvement projectButtery, S; Lewis, A; Oey, I; Hargrave, J; Waller, D; Steiner, M; Shah, PL; Kemp, SV; Jordan, S; Hopkinson, NS
26-Sep-2019Cross-cultural adaptation and inter-rater reliability of the Swedish version of the Chelsea Critical Care Assessment Tool (CPAX-Swe) in critically ill patientsHoldar, U; Eriksson, F; Siesage, K; Corner, E; Ledström, V; Svensson-Raskh, A; Kierkegaard, M
7-Sep-2018COPD and Singing for Lung Health: A Patient and Clinician PerspectiveLewis, A; Thomas, J
28-Aug-2019Non-communicable disease among adults with cerebral palsy: A matched cohort study.Ryan, JM; Peterson, MD; Matthews, A; Ryan, N; Smith, KJ; O'Connell, NE; Liverani, S; Anokye, N; Victor, C; Allen, E
22-Aug-2019Validity of the International Physical Activity Questionnaire Short Form (IPAQ-SF) as a measure of physical activity (PA) in young people with cerebral palsyLavelle, G; Noorkoiv, M; Theis, N; Korff, T; Kilbride, C; Baltzopoulos, V; Shortland, A; Levin, W; Ryan, JM
2019Children and Young People’s Perspectives and Experiences of a Community Wheelchair Basketball Club and its Impact on Daily LifeMoss, P; Lim, KH; Prunty, M; Norris, M
23-Aug-2019Cost-effectiveness of offering an area-level financial incentive on breast feeding: a within-cluster randomised controlled trial analysisAnokye, N; Coyle, K; Relton, C; Walters, S; Strong, M; Fox-Rushby, J
7-Jun-2019Factors associated with smoking initiation among Saudi male adolescents: A longitudinal studyMohammed, M; Cheung, KL; Winkens, B; De Vries, N; De Vries, H
2019Participant retention in follow-up studies of prematurely born childrenMacBean, V; Drysdale, SB; Zivanovic, S; Peacock, JL; Greenough, A
8-Sep-2017Best-worst scaling to assess the most important barriers and facilitators for the use of health technology assessment in AustriaFeig, C; Cheung, KL; Hiligsmann, M; Evers, SMAA; Simon, J; Mayer, S
23-Aug-2019Hope and despair: a qualitative exploration of the expereinces and impact of trial processes in a rehabilitation trialNorris, M; Calitri, R; Dean, S; Anthony, S; Poltawski, L
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 846