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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Single - phase flow and flow boiling of water in rectangular metallic microchannelsÖzdemir, Mehmed Rafet
2016Investigation of two-phase flow structures in the pipework of wet central heating systemsShefik, Ali
2016Integration of lean six sigma with multi agent systems in the food distribution industry in small to medium enterprisesAlgassem, Fahed Suliman
2016Electrochemical machining - new machining targets and adaptations with suitability for micromanufacturingLeese, Rebecca Jane
2015Vision-augmented molecular dynamics simulation of nanoindentationAl-Sayegh, R; Makatsoris, C
2016Development of self-cured geopolymer cementSuwan, Teewara
2015Decentralized power and heat derived from an eco-innovative integrated gasification fuel cell combined cycle fuelled by wasteDoyle, T S; Dehouche, Z; Stankovic, S
2015Microstructure and mechanical properties of ductile die-cast al-mg-si-mn alloysWatson, Douglas
2016Modelling of the thermal behaviour of a two-phase closed thermosyphonFadhl, Bandar
2015Solar thermal heating of a glasshouse using phase change material (pcm) thermal storage techniquesBoampong, James, Kwadwo
2016An investigation into red emitting phosphors for display and lightingsGhazli, Mohd Fathullah bin
2016Telemedicine systems deployment in the Kenyan healthcare system: a study of the role of organisation collaborationNyamu, Janerose
2016Optimisation oriented lean six sigma development for maintenance management in service sectorAlsubaie, Barrak Hamdan
2016Fabrication and characterisation of electrospun polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) nanocomposites for energy harvesting applicationsSong, Hang
2016A multi-physics-based approach to design of the smart cutting tool and its implementation and application perspectivesChen, Xun
2013The use of macro fiber composite transducers for ultrasonic guided wave based inspectionHaig, Alexander George
2016Experimental and computational study of a solar powered hydrogen production system for domestic cooking applications in developing economiesTopriska, Evangelia Vasiliki
2016Issues of particulate matter emission from diesel engine and its controlAlozie, Nehemiah Sabinus Iheadindueme
2010Bonding and debonding mechanism of pressure sensitive adhesivesAkogyeram, Samuel
2014Ultrasonic guided wave propagation in pipes coated with viscoelastic materialsZlatev, Zahari
2016Investigation on integration of sustainable manufacturing and mathematical programming for technology selection and capacity planningNejadi, Fahimeh
2016Fabrication and optimisation of SERS substrates for medical diagnostics and monitoringWijesuriya, Shavini
2016A cloud manufacturing based approach to suppliers selection and its implementation and application perspectivesHassanzadeh, Soheil
2016Experimental and computational investigations for the development of intro-aortic balloon pump therapyBruti, Gianpaolo
2015The multiscale wavelet finite element method for structural dynamicsMusuva, Mutinda
2016The analytical modelling of collective capability of human networksHosseini, Ehsan
2012Investigation of engine design parameters on the efficiency and performance of the high specific power downsized SI engineCoates, Barnaby Paul
2016Experimental and numerical study of a two-stroke poppet valve engine fuelled with gasoline and ethanolDalla Nora, Macklini
2015Experimental investigation of DME assisted gasoline CAI combustion with re-breathing valve strategySeo, Kangwoo
2015Optimisation gas coolers for CO2 refrigeration applicationSantosa, I Dewe
2016Modelling cancellous bone screw performance using finite element modelsPiper, Antony T.
2015Investigation on micro-cutting mechanics with application to micro-millingJiao, Feifei
2014Investigation and development of a framework for medical waste managementAlhadlaq, Abdullah, Abdulaziz
2015Biomechanical study of foot with hallux valgus deformityEshraghi, Saba
2015Development of vacuum insulation panel with low cost core materialAlam, Mahmood
2015A novel knowledge discovery based approach for supplier risk scoring with application in the HVAC industryChuddher, Bilal Akbar
2015The development and characterisation of enhanced hybrid solar photovoltaic thermal systemsAllan, James
2015Reduction of broadband trailing edge noise by serrationsVathylakis, Alexandros
2014A finite element modelling strategy for suture anchor devicesHughes, Christopher
2015Renewable energies management strategy challenges in the Arabian Gulf countriesAloughani, Muhammad
2013Non-linear finite element analysis of flexible pipes for deep-water applicationsEdmans, Ben
2015Development of performance measurement model for oil operations: A study of Libyan oil companiesNouara, Adel
2014Regulation and optimization methodology for smart grid in Chinese electric grid operators using quality function deployment, equilibrium theory, fractal theory and mathematical programmingWang, Chen
2015Flow cell separation in fluctuating g-fieldHan, Tian
2015Critical evaluation of competitiveness of SMEs in Chinese Yangtze river deltaChen, Wenlong
2014Determination of the thermal characteristic of the ground in Cyprus and their effect on ground heat exchangersPouloupatis, Panayiotis
2015Study of Z production in PbPb and pp collisions at (Formula presented.) TeV in the dimuon and dielectron decay channelsThe, CMSC; Chatrchyan, S; Khachatryan, V; Sirunyan, AM; Adam, W; Bergauer, T; Dragicevic, M; Erö, J; Fabjan, C; Friedl, M; Frühwirth, R; Zaganidis, N; Oreshkin, V; Smirnov, I; Sulimov, V; Uvarov, L; Vavilov, S; Vorobyev, A; Vorobyev, A; Andreev, Y; Dermenev, A; Gninenko, S; Basegmez, S; Golubev, N; Kirsanov, M; Krasnikov, N; Pashenkov, A; Tlisov, D; Toropin, A; Epshteyn, V; Gavrilov, V; Lychkovskaya, N; Popov, V; Beluffi, C; Safronov, G; Semenov, S; Spiridonov, A; Stolin, V; Vlasov, E; Zhokin, A; Andreev, V; Azarkin, M; Dremin, I; Kirakosyan, M; Bruno, G; Leonidov, A; Mesyats, G; Rusakov, SV; Vinogradov, A; Belyaev, A; Boos, E; Ershov, A; Gribushin, A; Kaminskiy, A; Kodolova, O; Castello, R; Korotkikh, V; Lokhtin, I; Obraztsov, S; Petrushanko, S; Savrin, V; Snigirev, A; Vardanyan, I; Azhgirey, I; Bayshev, I; Bitioukov, S; Caudron, A; Kachanov, V; Kalinin, A; Konstantinov, D; Krychkine, V; Petrov, V; Ryutin, R; Sobol, A; Tourtchanovitch, L; Troshin, S; Tyurin, N; Ceard, L; Uzunian, A; Volkov, A; Adzic, P; Ekmedzic, M; Milosevic, J; Rekovic, V; Alcaraz Maestre, J; Battilana, C; Calvo, E; Cerrada, M; Da Silveira, GG; Chamizo Llatas, M; Colino, N; De La Cruz, B; Delgado Peris, A; Domínguez Vázquez, D; Escalante Del Valle, A; Fernandez Bedoya, C; Fernández Ramos, JP; Flix, J; Fouz, MC; Delaere, C; Garcia-Abia, P; Gonzalez Lopez, O; Goy Lopez, S; Hernandez, JM; Josa, MI; Merino, G; Navarro De Martino, E; Pérez-Calero Yzquierdo, A; Puerta Pelayo, J; Quintario Olmeda, A; du Pree, T; Redondo, I; Romero, L; Soares, MS; Albajar, C; de Trocóniz, JF; Missiroli, M; Moran, D; Brun, H; Cuevas, J; Fernandez Menendez, J; Ghete, VM; Favart, D; Folgueras, S; Gonzalez Caballero, I; Lloret Iglesias, L; Brochero Cifuentes, JA; Cabrillo, IJ; Calderon, A; Duarte Campderros, J; Fernandez, M; Gomez, G; Graziano, A; Forthomme, L; Lopez Virto, A; Marco, J; Marco, R; Martinez Rivero, C; Matorras, F; Munoz Sanchez, FJ; Piedra Gomez, J; Rodrigo, T; Rodríguez-Marrero, AY; Ruiz-Jimeno, A; Giammanco, A; Scodellaro, L; Vila, I; Vilar Cortabitarte, R; Abbaneo, D; Auffray, E; Auzinger, G; Bachtis, M; Baillon, P; Ball, AH; Barney, D; Hollar, J; Benaglia, A; Bendavid, J; Benhabib, L; Benitez, JF; Bernet, C; Bianchi, G; Bloch, P; Bocci, A; Bonato, A; Bondu, O; Jez, P; Botta, C; Breuker, H; Camporesi, T; Cerminara, G; Colafranceschi, S; D Alfonso, M; d Enterria, D; Dabrowski, A; David, A; De Guio, F; Komm, M; De Roeck, A; De Visscher, S; Dobson, M; Dordevic, M; Dupont-Sagorin, N; Elliott-Peisert, A; Eugster, J; Franzoni, G; Funk, W; Gigi, D; Lemaitre, V; Gill, K; Giordano, D; Girone, M; Glege, F; Guida, R; Gundacker, S; Guthoff, M; Hammer, J; Hansen, M; Harris, P; Nuttens, C; Hegeman, J; Innocente, V; Janot, P; Kousouris, K; Krajczar, K; Lecoq, P; Lourenço, C; Magini, N; Malgeri, L; Mannelli, M; Pagano, D; Marrouche, J; Masetti, L; Meijers, F; Mersi, S; Meschi, E; Moortgat, F; Morovic, S; Mulders, M; Musella, P; Orsini, L; Perrini, L; Pape, L; Perez, E; Perrozzi, L; Petrilli, A; Petrucciani, G; Pfeiffer, A; Pierini, M; Pimiä, M; Piparo, D; Plagge, M; Hartl, C; Pin, A; Racz, A; Rolandi, G; Rovere, M; Sakulin, H; Schäfer, C; Schwick, C; Sharma, A; Siegrist, P; Silva, P; Simon, M; Piotrzkowski, K; Sphicas, P; Spiga, D; Steggemann, J; Stieger, B; Stoye, M; Treille, D; Tsirou, A; Veres, GI; Vlimant, JR; Wardle, N; Popov, A; Wöhri, HK; Wollny, H; Zeuner, WD; Bertl, W; Deiters, K; Erdmann, W; Horisberger, R; Ingram, Q; Kaestli, HC; König, S; Quertenmont, L; Kotlinski, D; Langenegger, U; Renker, D; Rohe, T; Bachmair, F; Bäni, L; Bianchini, L; Bortignon, P; Buchmann, MA; Casal, B; Selvaggi, M; Chanon, N; Deisher, A; Dissertori, G; Dittmar, M; Donegà, M; Dünser, M; Eller, P; Grab, C; Hits, D; Lustermann, W; Vidal Marono, M; Mangano, B; Marini, AC; Martinez Ruiz del Arbol, P; Meister, D; Mohr, N; Nägeli, C; Nessi-Tedaldi, F; Pandolfi, F; Pauss, F; Peruzzi, M; Vizan Garcia, JM; Quittnat, M; Rebane, L; Rossini, M; Starodumov, A; Takahashi, M; Theofilatos, K; Wallny, R; Weber, HA; Amsler, C; Canelli, MF; Beliy, N; Chiochia, V; De Cosa, A; Hinzmann, A; Hreus, T; Kilminster, B; Millan Mejias, B; Ngadiuba, J; Robmann, P; Ronga, FJ; Taroni, S; Caebergs, T; Verzetti, M; Yang, Y; Cardaci, M; Chen, KH; Ferro, C; Kuo, CM; Lin, W; Lu, YJ; Volpe, R; Yu, SS; Daubie, E; Chang, P; Chang, YH; Chang, YW; Chao, Y; Chen, KF; Chen, PH; Dietz, C; Grundler, U; Hou, W-S; Kao, KY; Hörmann, N; Hammad, GH; Lei, YJ; Liu, YF; Lu, R-S; Majumder, D; Petrakou, E; Tzeng, YM; Wilken, R; Asavapibhop, B; Srimanobhas, N; Suwonjandee, N; Aldá Júnior, WL; Adiguzel, A; Bakirci, MN; Cerci, S; Dozen, C; Dumanoglu, I; Eskut, E; Girgis, S; Gokbulut, G; Gurpinar, E; Hos, I; Alves, GA; Kangal, EE; Kayis Topaksu, A; Onengut, G; Ozdemir, K; Ozturk, S; Polatoz, A; Sogut, K; Sunar Cerci, D; Tali, B; Topakli, H; Brito, L; Vergili, M; Akin, IV; Bilin, B; Bilmis, S; Gamsizkan, H; Karapinar, G; Ocalan, K; Sekmen, S; Surat, UE; Yalvac, M; Correa Martins Junior, M; Zeyrek, M; Gülmez, E; Isildak, B; Kaya, M; Kaya, O; Bahtiyar, H; Barlas, E; Cankocak, K; Vardarlı, FI; Yücel, M; Pol, ME; Levchuk, L; Sorokin, P; Brooke, JJ; Clement, E; Cussans, D; Flacher, H; Frazier, R; Goldstein, J; Grimes, M; Heath, GP; Carvalho, W; Heath, HF; Jacob, J; Kreczko, L; Lucas, C; Meng, Z; Newbold, DM; Paramesvaran, S; Poll, A; Senkin, S; Smith, VJ; Chinellato, J; Williams, T; Belyaev, A; Brew, C; Brown, RM; Cockerill, DJA; Coughlan, JA; Harder, K; Harper, S; Olaiya, E; Petyt, D; Custódio, A; Shepherd-Themistocleous, CH; Thea, A; Tomalin, IR; Womersley, WJ; Worm, SD; Baber, M; Bainbridge, R; Buchmuller, O; Burton, D; Colling, D; Da Costa, EM; Cripps, N; Cutajar, M; Dauncey, P; Davies, G; Della Negra, M; Dunne, P; Ferguson, W; Fulcher, J; Futyan, D; Gilbert, A; Hrubec, J; De Jesus Damiao, D; Hall, G; Iles, G; Jarvis, M; Karapostoli, G; Kenzie, M; Lane, R; Lucas, R; Lyons, L; Magnan, A-M; Malik, S; De Oliveira Martins, C; Mathias, B; Nash, J; Nikitenko, A; Pela, J; Pesaresi, M; Petridis, K; Raymond, DM; Rogerson, S; Rose, A; Seez, C; Fonseca De Souza, S; Sharp, P; Tapper, A; Vazquez Acosta, M; Virdee, T; Cole, JE; Hobson, PR; Khan, A; Kyberd, P; Leggat, D; Leslie, D; Malbouisson, H; Martin, W; Reid, ID; Symonds, P; Teodorescu, L; Turner, M; Dittmann, J; Hatakeyama, K; Kasmi, A; Liu, H; Scarborough, T; Matos Figueiredo, D; Charaf, O; Cooper, SI; Henderson, C; Rumerio, P; Avetisyan, A; Bose, T; Fantasia, C; Heister, A; Lawson, P; Richardson, C; Mundim, L; Rohlf, J; Sperka, D; St John, J; Sulak, L; Alimena, J; Berry, E; Bhattacharya, S; Christopher, G; Cutts, D; Demiragli, Z; Nogima, H; Ferapontov, A; Garabedian, A; Heintz, U; Kukartsev, G; Laird, E; Landsberg, G; Luk, M; Narain, M; Segala, M; Sinthuprasith, T; Prado Da Silva, WL; Speer, T; Swanson, J; Breedon, R; Breto, G; Calderon De La Barca Sanchez, M; Chauhan, S; Chertok, M; Conway, J; Conway, R; Cox, PT; Santaolalla, J; Erbacher, R; Gardner, M; Ko, W; Lander, R; Miceli, T; Mulhearn, M; Pellett, D; Pilot, J; Ricci-Tam, F; Searle, M; Santoro, A; Shalhout, S; Smith, J; Squires, M; Stolp, D; Tripathi, M; Wilbur, S; Yohay, R; Cousins, R; Everaerts, P; Farrell, C; Jeitler, M; Sznajder, A; Hauser, J; Ignatenko, M; Rakness, G; Takasugi, E; Valuev, V; Weber, M; Babb, J; Burt, K; Clare, R; Ellison, J; Tonelli Manganote, EJ; Gary, JW; Hanson, G; Heilman, J; Ivova Rikova, M; Jandir, P; Kennedy, E; Lacroix, F; Liu, H; Long, OR; Luthra, A; Vilela Pereira, A; Malberti, M; Nguyen, H; Olmedo Negrete, M; Shrinivas, A; Sumowidagdo, S; Wimpenny, S; Andrews, W; Branson, JG; Cerati, GB; Cittolin, S; Bernardes, CA; D Agnolo, RT; Evans, D; Holzner, A; Kelley, R; Klein, D; Lebourgeois, M; Letts, J; Macneill, I; Olivito, D; Padhi, S; Fernandez Perez Tomei, TR; Palmer, C; Pieri, M; Sani, M; Sharma, V; Simon, S; Sudano, E; Tadel, M; Tu, Y; Vartak, A; Welke, C; Gregores, EM; Würthwein, F; Yagil, A; Yoo, J; Barge, D; Bradmiller-Feld, J; Campagnari, C; Danielson, T; Dishaw, A; Flowers, K; Franco Sevilla, M; Mercadante, PG; Geffert, P; George, C; Golf, F; Gouskos, L; Incandela, J; Justus, C; Mccoll, N; Richman, J; Stuart, D; To, W; Novaes, SF; West, C; Apresyan, A; Bornheim, A; Bunn, J; Chen, Y; Di Marco, E; Duarte, J; Mott, A; Newman, HB; Pena, C; Padula, SS; Rogan, C; Spiropulu, M; Timciuc, V; Wilkinson, R; Xie, S; Zhu, RY; Azzolini, V; Calamba, A; Ferguson, T; Iiyama, Y; Aleksandrov, A; Paulini, M; Russ, J; Vogel, H; Vorobiev, I; Cumalat, JP; Ford, WT; Gaz, A; Luiggi Lopez, E; Nauenberg, U; Smith, JG; Kiesenhofer, W; Genchev, V; Stenson, K; Ulmer, KA; Wagner, SR; Alexander, J; Chatterjee, A; Chu, J; Dittmer, S; Eggert, N; Mirman, N; Nicolas Kaufman, G; Iaydjiev, P; Patterson, JR; Ryd, A; Salvati, E; Skinnari, L; Sun, W; Teo, WD; Thom, J; Thompson, J; Tucker, J; Weng, Y; Marinov, A; Winstrom, L; Wittich, P; Winn, D; Abdullin, S; Albrow, M; Anderson, J; Apollinari, G; Bauerdick, LAT; Beretvas, A; Berryhill, J; Piperov, S; Bhat, PC; Burkett, K; Butler, JN; Cheung, HWK; Chlebana, F; Cihangir, S; Elvira, VD; Fisk, I; Freeman, J; Gao, Y; Rodozov, M; Gottschalk, E; Gray, L; Green, D; Grünendahl, S; Gutsche, O; Hanlon, J; Hare, D; Harris, RM; Hirschauer, J; Hooberman, B; Sultanov, G; Jindariani, S; Johnson, M; Joshi, U; Kaadze, K; Klima, B; Kreis, B; Kwan, S; Linacre, J; Lincoln, D; Lipton, R; Vutova, M; Liu, T; Lykken, J; Maeshima, K; Marraffino, JM; Martinez Outschoorn, VI; Maruyama, S; Mason, D; McBride, P; Mishra, K; Mrenna, S; Dimitrov, A; Musienko, Y; Nahn, S; Newman-Holmes, C; O Dell, V; Prokofyev, O; Sexton-Kennedy, E; Sharma, S; Soha, A; Spalding, WJ; Spiegel, L; Glushkov, I; Taylor, L; Tkaczyk, S; Tran, NV; Uplegger, L; Vaandering, EW; Vidal, R; Whitbeck, A; Whitmore, J; Yang, F; Acosta, D; Hadjiiska, R; Avery, P; Bourilkov, D; Carver, M; Cheng, T; Curry, D; Das, S; De Gruttola, M; Di Giovanni, GP; Field, RD; Fisher, M; Knünz, V; Kozhuharov, V; Furic, IK; Hugon, J; Konigsberg, J; Korytov, A; Kypreos, T; Low, JF; Matchev, K; Milenovic, P; Mitselmakher, G; Muniz, L; Litov, L; Rinkevicius, A; Shchutska, L; Skhirtladze, N; Snowball, M; Yelton, J; Zakaria, M; Hewamanage, S; Linn, S; Markowitz, P; Martinez, G; Pavlov, B; Rodriguez, JL; Adams, T; Askew, A; Bochenek, J; Diamond, B; Haas, J; Hagopian, S; Hagopian, V; Johnson, KF; Prosper, H; Petkov, P; Veeraraghavan, V; Weinberg, M; Baarmand, MM; Hohlmann, M; Kalakhety, H; Yumiceva, F; Adams, MR; Apanasevich, L; Bazterra, VE; Berry, D; Bian, JG; Betts, RR; Bucinskaite, I; Cavanaugh, R; Evdokimov, O; Gauthier, L; Gerber, CE; Hofman, DJ; Khalatyan, S; Kurt, P; Moon, DH; Chen, GM; O Brien, C; Silkworth, C; Turner, P; Varelas, N; Albayrak, EA; Bilki, B; Clarida, W; Dilsiz, K; Duru, F; Haytmyradov, M; Chen, HS; Merlo, J-P; Mermerkaya, H; Mestvirishvili, A; Moeller, A; Nachtman, J; Ogul, H; Onel, Y; Ozok, F; Penzo, A; Rahmat, R; Chen, M; Sen, S; Tan, P; Tiras, E; Wetzel, J; Yetkin, T; Yi, K; Barnett, BA; Blumenfeld, B; Bolognesi, S; Fehling, D; Du, R; Gritsan, AV; Maksimovic, P; Martin, C; Swartz, M; Baringer, P; Bean, A; Benelli, G; Bruner, C; Gray, J; Kenny, RP; Jiang, CH; Malek, M; Murray, M; Noonan, D; Sanders, S; Sekaric, J; Stringer, R; Wang, Q; Wood, JS; Barfuss, AF; Chakaberia, I; Krammer, M; Liang, D; Ivanov, A; Khalil, S; Makouski, M; Maravin, Y; Saini, LK; Shrestha, S; Svintradze, I; Gronberg, J; Lange, D; Rebassoo, F; Liang, S; Wright, D; Baden, A; Belloni, A; Calvert, B; Eno, SC; Gomez, JA; Hadley, NJ; Kellogg, RG; Kolberg, T; Lu, Y; Plestina, R; Marionneau, M; Mignerey, AC; Pedro, K; Skuja, A; Tonjes, MB; Tonwar, SC; Apyan, A; Barbieri, R; Bauer, G; Busza, W; Tao, J; Cali, IA; Chan, M; Di Matteo, L; Dutta, V; Gomez Ceballos, G; Goncharov, M; Gulhan, D; Klute, M; Lai, YS; Lee, Y-J; Wang, X; Levin, A; Luckey, PD; Ma, T; Paus, C; Ralph, D; Roland, C; Roland, G; Stephans, GSF; Stöckli, F; Sumorok, K; Wang, Z; Velicanu, D; Veverka, J; Wyslouch, B; Yang, M; Zanetti, M; Zhukova, V; Dahmes, B; Gude, A; Kao, SC; Klapoetke, K; Asawatangtrakuldee, C; Kubota, Y; Mans, J; Pastika, N; Rusack, R; Singovsky, A; Tambe, N; Turkewitz, J; Acosta, JG; Oliveros, S; Avdeeva, E; 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2015Numerical and experimental studies of a nonlinear vibration systemKhaled, Alhaifi
2014The aeroplane spin motion and an investigation into factors affecting the aeroplane spinHoff, Rein
2015Experimental investigation of CAI combustion in a two-stroke poppet valve DI engineZhang, Yan
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