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Title: Acoustic Emission Source Location Using Finite Element Generated Delta-T Mapping
Authors: Yang, H
Wang, B
Grigg, S
Zhu, L
Liu, D
Marks, R
Keywords: acoustic emission;non-destructive evaluation;structural health monitoring;delta-T mapping;finite element;Hsu-Nielsen sources;source location;complex plate
Issue Date: 24-Mar-2022
Publisher: MDPI
Citation: Yang, H., Wang, B., Grigg, S., Zhu, L., Liu, D. and Marks, R. (2022) 'Acoustic Emission Source Location Using Finite Element Generated Delta-T Mapping', Sensors, 22 (7), 2493, pp. 1-17. doi: 10.3390/s22072493.
Abstract: Copyright: © 2021 by the authors. One of the most significant benefits of Acoustic Emission (AE) testing over other Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) techniques lies in its damage location capability over a wide area. The delta-T mapping technique developed by researchers has been shown to enable AE source location to a high level of accuracy in complex structures. However, the time-consuming and laborious data training process of the delta-T mapping technique has prevented this technique from large-scale application on large complex structures. In order to solve this problem, a Finite Element (FE) method was applied to model training data for localization of experimental AE events on a complex plate. Firstly, the FE model was validated through demonstrating consistency between simulated data and the experimental data in the study of Hsu-Nielsen (H-N) sources on a simple plate. Then, the FE model with the same parameters was applied to a planar location problem on a complex plate. It has been demonstrated that FE generated delta-T mapping data can achieve a reasonable degree of source location accuracy with an average error of 3.88 mm whilst decreasing the time and effort required for manually collecting and processing the training data.
Description: Supplementary Materials: The following are available online at, Figure S1: 505 title, Table S1: title, Video S1: title.
Other Identifiers: 2493
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