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Title: STAMINA: Bioinformatics Platform for Monitoring and Mitigating Pandemic Outbreaks
Authors: Bakalos, N
Kaselimi, M
Doulamis, N
Doulamis, A
Kalogeras, D
Bimpas, M
Davradou, A
Vlachostergiou, A
Fotopoulos, A
Plakia, M
Karalis, A
Tsekeridou, S
Anagnostopoulos, T
Despotopoulou, AM
Bonavita, I
Petersen, K
Pelepes, L
Voumvourakis, L
Anagnostou, A
Groen, D
Mintram, K
Saha, A
Taylor, SJE
Ham, CVD
Kaleta, P
Ignjatović, D
Rossi, L
Keywords: healthcare informatics;pandemic outbreak mitigation;informatics platform
Issue Date: 17-May-2022
Publisher: MDPI AG
Citation: Bakalos. N., Kaselimi. M., Doulamis. N., Doulamis. A., Kalogeras. D., Bimpas. M., Davradou. A., Vlachostergiou. A., Fotopoulos. A., Plakia. M., Karalis. A., Tsekeridou. S., Anagnostopoulos. T., Despotopoulou. A.M., Bonavita. I., Petersen. K., Pelepes. L., Voumvourakis. L., Anagnostou. A., Groen. D., Mintram. K., Saha. A., Taylor. S.J.E., Ham. C.v.d., Kaleta. P., Ignjatović. D. and Rossi. L. (2022) 'STAMINA: Bioinformatics Platform for Monitoring and Mitigating Pandemic Outbreaks', Technologies, 10 (3), pp. 1 - 18. doi: 10.3390/technologies10030063.
Abstract: Copyright © 2022 by the authors. This paper presents the components and integrated outcome of a system that aims to achieve early detection, monitoring and mitigation of pandemic outbreaks. The architecture of the platform aims at providing a number of pandemic-response-related services, on a modular basis, that allows for the easy customization of the platform to address user’s needs per case. This customization is achieved through its ability to deploy only the necessary, loosely coupled services and tools for each case, and by providing a common authentication, data storage and data exchange infrastructure. This way, the platform can provide the necessary services without the burden of additional services that are not of use in the current deployment (e.g., predictive models for pathogens that are not endemic to the deployment area). All the decisions taken for the communication and integration of the tools that compose the platform adhere to this basic principle. The tools presented here as well as their integration is part of the project STAMINA.
Description: Data Availability Statement: All data driven applications used the our world in data COVID-19 datasets, complimented by proprietary datasets share by the STAMINA consortium.
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