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Title: Ultrasonic Technique for Measuring the Mean Flow Velocity behind a Throttle: A Metrological Analysis
Authors: Alsaqoor, S
Alahmer, A
Andruszkiewicz, A
Piechota, P
Synowiec, P
Beithu, N
Wędrychowicz, W
Wróblewska, E
Jouhara, H
Keywords: ultrasonic flowmeter;turbulent flow;measurement error;throttle (butterfly valve);accuracy
Issue Date: 4-Jul-2022
Publisher: Thermal Science and Engineering Progress
Citation: Alsaqoor. S., Alahmer. A., Andruszkiewicz. A., Piechota. P., Synowiec. P., Beithu. N., Wędrychowicz. W., Wróblewska. E., Jouhara. H. (2022) 'Ultrasonic Technique for Measuring the Mean Flow Velocity behind a Throttle: A Metrological Analysis', Thermal Science and Engineering Progress, 0, pp. 1 - 21. doi:
Abstract: This article discusses an ultrasonic technique for monitoring liquid flow. The mean velocity of the flow behind an obstruction in the throttle type was measured using an ultrasonic flow meter. Furthermore, the equations used to analyze the velocity distribution in a distorted turbulent flow are presented. The measurement findings were compared with those of separate velocity distribution models to select the best equation for characterizing the measured flow. Measurements were taken for two distinct throttle settings by varying the distance from the throttle and angle of the flowmeter head position. The measurements were performed to determine the order of measurement errors if the ultrasonic flowmeter was installed behind the obstruction, without retaining the appropriate distances. The results of , experiments conducted behind a throttle allowed us to conclude that the distance between the measurement location and the barrier affected the accuracy of the acquired results.
ISSN: 2451-9049
Other Identifiers: 101402
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