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Title: Dynamically polarizable force fields for surface simulations via multi-output classification neural networks
Authors: Di Pasquale, N
Elliott, JD
Hadjidoukas, P
Carbone, P
Issue Date: 1-Jul-2021
Citation: Di Pasquale, N., Elliott, J.D., Hadjidoukas, P., Carbone, P. (2021) 'Dynamically polarizable force fields for surface simulations via multi-output classification neural networks', Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, 17(7), pp. 4477 - 4485. doi:
Abstract: We present a general procedure to introduce electronic polarization into classical Molecular Dynamics (MD) force fields using a Neural Network (NN) model. We apply this framework to the simulation of a solid-liquid interface where the polarization of the surface is essential to correctly capture the main features of the system. By introducing a multi-input, multi-output NN and treating the surface polarization as a discrete classification problem, we are able to obtain very good accuracy in terms of quality of predictions. Through the definition of a custom loss function we are able to impose a physically motivated constraint within the NN itself making this model extremely versatile, especially in the modeling of different surface charge states. The NN is validated considering the redistribution of electronic charge density within a graphene based electrode in contact with an aqueous electrolyte solution, a system highly relevant to the development of next generation low-cost supercapacitors. We compare the performances of our NN/MD model against Quantum Mechanics/Molecular Dynamics simulations where we obtain a most satisfactory agreement.
Description: Arxiv version submitted.
ISSN: 1549-9618
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